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    • Computational Linguistic Analysis of Earthquake Collections 

      Bialousz, Kenneth; Kokal, Kevin; Orleans-Pobee, Kwamina; Wakeley, Chris (2014-12)
      CS4984 is a newly-offered class at Virginia Tech with a unit based, project-problem based learning curriculum. This class style is based on NSF-funded work on curriculum for the field of digital libraries and related topics, ...
    • Methods of Determining the Number of Clusters in a Data Set and a New Clustering Criterion 

      Yan, Mingjin (Virginia Tech, 2005-11-28)
      In cluster analysis, a fundamental problem is to determine the best estimate of the number of clusters, which has a deterministic effect on the clustering results. However, a limitation in current applications is that no ...
    • Naturalistic Drive Cycles Analysis and Synthesis for Pick-up Trucks 

      Liu, Z.; Ivanco, A.; Filipi, Z. (2014-08-25)
      Future pick-up trucks are meeting much stricter fuel economy and exhaust emission standards. Design tradeoffs will have to be carefully evaluated to satisfy consumer expectations within the regulatory and cost constraints. ...