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    • CINETGraphCrawl - Constructing graphs from blogs 

      Kaw, Rushi; Subbiah, Rajesh; Makkapati, Hemanth (2012-12-11)
      Internet forums, weblogs, social networks, and photo and video sharing websites are some forms of social media that are at the forefront of enabling communication among individuals. The rich information captured in ...
    • LucidWorks: Advanced Searching cURL 

      Makkapati, Hemanth; Subbiah, Rajesh; Kaw, Rushi (2012-10-07)
      This module focuses on advanced search techniques using Apache Solr through cURL. Successful completion of this module will enable students to employ advanced search techniques based on multi-values, multi-fields, phrase ...
    • A Middleware for Large-scale Simulation Systems & Resource Management 

      Makkapati, Hemanth (Virginia Tech, 2013-05-26)
      Socially coupled systems are comprised of inter-dependent social, organizational, economic, infrastructure and physical networks. Today\'s urban regions serve as an excellent example of such systems. People and institutions ...