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    • Agri-ProFocus Website 

      This website provides an overview of Agri-ProFocus, a network of organizations and companies that supports farmer entrepreneurship in developing countries. This networks promotes access to national and international markets ...
    • mAgri Programme Website 

      The GSMA Development Fund
      This website provides information on GSMA Development Fund's mAgri and mFarmer programs. mAgri, initiated in 2009, currently supports mobile information programs in India and Kenya. The mFarmer program began in 2011 and ...
    • Mitiiation of Blackout in Kigali Using a Microgrid with Advanced Energy Storage and Solar Photovoltaics 

      Karugarama, Marvin Kiiza (Virginia Tech, 2016-01-19)
      A blackout is defined as the loss of electric power for a given period in a particular area. With increasing dependence on reliable electric power, the social and economic ramifications of blackouts are dire, negatively ...
    • USAID's enduring legacy in natural forests: Landscapes, livelihoods, and governance. Volume 1: Study Summary 

      Clausen, R.; Hube, A.
      Study summary of USAID involvement over the past 25 years in forest conservation and management in the countries of Burundi, the Gambia, Guinea, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, and Guatemala. ...