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    • An Algorithm for Influence Maximization and Target Set Selection for the Deterministic Linear Threshold Model 

      Swaminathan, Anand (Virginia Tech, 2014-07-03)
      The problem of influence maximization has been studied extensively with applications that include viral marketing, recommendations, and feed ranking. The optimization problem, first formulated by Kempe, Kleinberg and Tardos, ...
    • Information Retrieval System Evaluation 

      Wei, Shiyi; Suwardiman, Victoria; Swaminathan, Anand (2012-10-03)
      The module introduces the evaluation in information retrieval. It focuses on the standard measurement of system effectiveness through relevance judgments.
    • ProjOpenDSA - OpenDSA Log Support 

      Wei, Shiyi; Suwardiman, Victoria; Swaminathan, Anand (2012-12-11)
      The OpenDSA project is an online eTextbook project that includes not only literature but other dynamic content to be used in Data Structures and Algorithms courses. OpenDSA contains exercises of various types to go along ...