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    • A Comprehensive Method and System for the Design and Deployment of Wireless Data Networks 

      Skidmore, Roger Ray (Virginia Tech, 2003-04-25)
      Increasingly, wireless subscribers are demanding reliable data capabilities from wireless networks. The ability of wireless network engineers and Information Technology (IT) professionals to rapidly design, deploy, and ...
    • Essays in Educational Economics and Industry Structure 

      McLeod, Mark Alexander (Virginia Tech, 2003-07-14)
      My dissertation contains two separate components. One part is a theoretical examination of the effect of ownership structure on format choice in the radio industry. I use a Hotelling type location model to study the ...
    • Herschel-ATLAS: A binary HyLirg pinpointing a cluster of starbursting protoellipticals 

      Ivison, R. J.; Swinbank, A. M.; Smail, I.; Harris, A. I.; Bussmann, R. S.; Cooray, A.; Cox, P.; Fu, H.; Kovacs, A.; Krips, M.; Narayanan, D.; Negrello, M.; Neri, R.; Penarrubia, J.; Richard, J.; Riechers, D. A.; Rowlands, K.; Staguhn, J. G.; Targett, T. A.; Amber, S.; Baker, A. J.; Bourne, N.; Bertoldi, F.; Bremer, M.; Calanog, J. A.; Clements, D. L.; Dannerbauer, H.; Dariush, A.; De Zotti, G.; Dunne, L.; Eales, S. A.; Farrah, D.; Fleuren, S.; Franceschini, A.; Geach, J. E.; George, R. D.; Helly, J. C.; Hopwood, R.; Ibar, E.; Jarvis, M. J.; Kneib, J. P.; Maddox, S.; Omont, A.; Scott, D.; Serjeant, S.; Smith, M. W. L.; Thompson, M. A.; Valiante, E.; Valtchanov, I.; Vieira, J.; van der Werf, P. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2013-08)
      Panchromatic observations of the best candidate hyperluminous infrared galaxies from the widest Herschel extragalactic imaging survey have led to the discovery of at least four intrinsically luminous z = 2.41 galaxies ...
    • Living the Electronics Revolution: 60 Years of Fun with Radio 

      Bostian, Charles W. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2012-04-13)
      This presentation is an autobiographical history of the career of Professor Charles W. Bostian, whose tenure at Virginia Tech coincided with the electronics revolution of the latter half of the twentieth century, and the ...
    • Parametric Estimation of Stochastic Fading Channels and Their Role in Adaptive Radios 

      Gaeddert, Joseph D (Virginia Tech, 2005-02-07)
      The detrimental effects rapid power fluctuation has on wireless narrowband communication channels has long been a concern of the mobile radio community as appropriate channel models seek to gauge link quality. Furthermore, ...
    • R Aquarii: First Detection of Circumstellar SiO Maser Proper Motions 

      Boboltz, D. A.; Diamond, P. J.; Kemball, A. J. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 1997-10)
      We have made the first detection of circumstellar SiO maser proper motions in the envelope of a late-type star. Using the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), we have obtained observations at four epochs of the 43 GHz, upsilon ...
    • Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Radio/Public Address 

      Jamison, Kathleen; Lafon, Katie; Daniel, Kaci; Mallory, Kelly; Eigel, Bethany; Brockway, Celia; Simons, Mandy; Morrison, Robbie; Alstat, Kathy; Howland, Cathy; Swain, Stacey (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2015-04-08)
      This publication is the scoring guide used for evaluating radio and public address contests and contains the points judges should consider in scoring presenters.