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    • Center for Making Material and Craftsmanship: A dialog between the crafted and the fabricated 

      Petersen, Jr., William G. (Virginia Tech, 2007-11-29)
      This thesis is a personal exploration about the making of architecture, not just through the exploration of a particular idea, but as a synthesis of many ideas within the imagination of the architect. Beyond the investigations ...
    • Contented Architecture - In Search of Delight for All Senses 

      Angjeli, Anila (Virginia Tech, 2003-09-26)
      ABSTRACT Contented Architecture : In search of delight for all senses is an attempt to discover and capture the delightful sensory experiences of the users in the architectural space. Architectural space is seen as an ...
    • Contented Architecture - In Search of Delight for All Senses 

      Angjeli, Anila (Virginia Tech, 2003-09-26)
      Can we create an architecture that is to be savored and experienced as beautiful and meaningful over and over again? Yes! I call it contented Architecture. This Architecture is not just about a space, but the art of ...
    • An Inquiry of Caring in the Classroom: A Teacher Story 

      Lahman, Maria (Virginia Tech, 2001-02-27)
      The purpose of the study was to conduct a qualitative inquiry into the teacher-child caring relationship in order to portray a picture of caring possibilities by describing interactions in one public school classroom. ...
    • Reading Skins: A Braille Learning Facility in Old Town Alexandria 

      Perez-Betancourt, Laura Josefina (Virginia Tech, 2002-02-24)
      The resonance of a knock on a door uncovers its density. The smell of a wall describes its materiality. The texture of a floor may invite us to sit or lay down. The smoothness of a handrail comforts our ascent. Human ...