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    • Automatic Summarization of News Articles about Hurricane Florence 

      Wanye, Frank; Ganguli, Samit; Tuckman, Matt; Zhang, Joy; Zhang, Fangzheng (Virginia Tech, 2018-12-07)
      We present our approach for generating automatic summaries from a collection of news articles acquired from the World Wide Web relating to Hurricane Florence. Our approach consists of 10 distinct steps, at the end of which ...
    • Big Data Text Summarization - Hurricane Harvey 

      Geissinger, Jack; Long, Theo; Jung, James; Parent, Jordan; Rizzo, Robert (Virginia Tech, 2018-12-12)
      Natural language processing (NLP) has advanced in recent years. Accordingly, we present progressively more complex generated text summaries on the topic Hurricane Harvey. We utilized TextRank, which is an unsupervised ...
    • Generating Text Summaries for the Facebook Data Breach with Prototyping on the 2017 Solar Eclipse 

      Hamilton, Leah; Robb, Esther; Fitzpatrick, April; Goel, Akshay; Nandigam, Ramya (Virginia Tech, 2018-12-13)
      Summarization is often a time-consuming task for humans. Automated methods can summarize a larger volume of source material in a shorter amount of time, but creating a good summary with these methods remains challenging. ...