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    • Analyzing and Visualizing Disaster Phases from Social Media Streams 

      Lin, Xiao; Chen, Lianghze; Wood, Andrew (2012-12-11)
      Working under the direction of CTRNet, we developed a procedure for classifying Twitter data related to natural/man-made disasters into one of the Four Phases of Emergency Management (response, recovery, mitigation, and ...
    • Arabic News Article Summarization 

      Ayoub, Souleiman; Freeman, Julia (2015-05-14)
      This project involves taking Arabic PDF news articles to produce results from our new program that indexes, categorizes, and summarizes them. We fill out a template to summarize news articles with predetermined attributes. ...
    • Classification Project in CS5604, Spring 2016 

      Bock, Matthew; Cantrell, Michael; Shahin, Hossameldin (2016-05-04)
      In the grand scheme of a large Information Retrieval project, the work of our team was that of performing text classification on both tweet collections and their associated webpages. In order to accomplish this task, we ...
    • Classification Team Project for IDEAL in CS5604, Spring 2015 

      Cui, Xuewen; Tao, Rongrong; Zhang, Ruide (2015-05-10)
      Given the tweets from the instructor and cleaned webpages from the Reducing Noise team, the planned tasks for our group were to find the best: (1) way to extract information that will be used for document representation; ...
    • Qatar content classification 

      Handosa, Mohamed (2014-05-09)
      This reports on a term project for the CS660 Digital libraries course (Spring 2014). The project has been conducted under the supervision of Prof. Edward Fox and Mr. Tarek Kanan. The goal is to develop an Arabic newspaper ...