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    • Facilitate Cross-Repository Big Data Discovery and Reuse 

      Xie, Zhiwu (Virginia Tech, 2013-03-13)
      Researchers have accumulated large amount of observational, experimental, and simulation data. Much effort has been made to collect, curate, preserve, and provide open access to them, but putting the data online is only ...
    • FishTraits version 2: integrating ecological, biogeographic and bibliographic information 

      Xie, Zhiwu; Frimpong, Emmanual A.; Lee, Sunshin (ACM, 2013-07-22)
      In this paper we describe the new development of FishTraits. Originating from an ecological database that documents and consolidates more than 100 traits for 809 fish species, the new version focuses on the integration of ...
    • Improving scalability by self-archiving 

      Xie, Zhiwu; Liu, Jinyang; Van de Sompel, Herbert; van Reenen, Johann; Jordan, Ramiro (ACM, 2011-06-13)
      The newer generation of web browsers supports the client-side database, making it possible to run the full web application stacks entirely in the web clients. Still, the server side database is indispensable as the central ...
    • The Insitutional Repository's Role in Preserving Research Data 

      Xie, Zhiwu; McMillan, Gail; Walter, Tyler (Virginia Tech, 2012-07-25)
      In recent years, many funding agencies have started to require long-term preservation and open access to research data. While most research universities have already run their own institutional repositories (IR), it's not ...
    • Newman Library Pecha Kucha: Digital Library and Archives 

      Hall, Nathan; Lawrence, Anne; Xie, Zhiwu (2012-05-24)
    • Poor Man's Social Network: Consistently Trade Freshness For Scalability 

      Xie, Zhiwu; Liu, Jinyang; Van de Sompel, Herbert; van Reenen, Johann; Jordan, Ramiro (USENIX Association, 2012-06)
      Typical social networking functionalities such as feed following are known to be hard to scale. Different from the popular approach that sacrifices consistency for scalability, in this paper we describe, implement, and ...
    • Towards Use And Reuse Driven Big Data Management 

      Xie, Zhiwu; Chen, Yinlin; Speer, Julie; Walters, Tyler; Tarazaga, Pablo A; Kasarda, Mary (2015-06-03)
      We propose a use and reuse driven big data management approach that fuses the data repository and data processing capabilities in a co-located, public cloud. It answers to the urgent data management needs from the growing ...
    • Using Transactional Web Archives To Handle Server Errors 

      Xie, Zhiwu; Chandrasekar, Prashant; Fox, Edward A. (2015-06)
      We describe a web archiving application that handles server errors using the most recently archived representation of the requested web resource. The application is developed as an Apache module. It leverages the transactional ...