2010 memorial display of victims' pictures and books of interest in the Commons, Newman Library, the third year of commemorating 4/16/2007

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dc.creator Tatum, Steven E (Photographer) en
dc.date.accessioned 2012-03-12T15:16:29Z
dc.date.available 2012-03-12T15:16:29Z
dc.date.created 2010-04-16 en
dc.date.issued 2012-03-12
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum819.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum820.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum821.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum822.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum823.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum824.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum825.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum826.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum827.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum828.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum829.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum830.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum831.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum832.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum833.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum834.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum835.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum836.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum837.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum838.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum839.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum840.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum841.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum842.tif en
dc.identifier.other VTA04162007setatum843.tif en
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10919/18360
dc.format.mimetype image/tiff en
dc.publisher Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech en
dc.rights Unless otherwise noted this resource is available to the public. en
dc.rights Unless otherwise noted, Virginia Tech owns the materials in the Virginia Tech April 16, 2007, Archives of the University Libraries, and retains copyright for the physical and digital materials that comprise the Archives. For further information see http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/prevail/copyright416.html en
dc.subject Newman Library en
dc.subject Virginia Tech en
dc.subject Virginia -- Blacksburg en
dc.subject Photographs en
dc.subject Books en
dc.title 2010 memorial display of victims' pictures and books of interest in the Commons, Newman Library, the third year of commemorating 4/16/2007 en
dc.type Digital photographs en
dc.type Image en
dc.description.notes VTA04162007setatum819.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum820.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum821.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum822.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum823.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum824.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum825.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum826.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum827.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum828.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum829.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum830.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum831.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum832.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum833.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum834.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum835.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum836.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum837.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum838.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum839.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum840.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum841.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum842.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>VTA04162007setatum843.tif - Photograph taken on 2010-04-16;<br>Compound Object en

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