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    • Carilion Case Simulator Project 

      Rajasekaran, Vikram; Goldberg, Aaron; Murphy, Ryan (2012-05-03)
    • Catawba Multimedia Website 

      White, Aleksi; Dancy, Zac (2012-05-07)
      The website for the Catawba Sustainability Center (CSC) was in its infancy, and it needed to be expanded with descriptions for onsite land demonstrations, showcases for student and faculty projects, and spotlights of the ...
    • Collegiate Times Grades Database 

      O'Hara, James; Lin, Hang (2014-05-09)
      The Collegiate Times grades database project is the public dissemination of the Virginia Tech grades database amassed by the Collegiate Times, the student newspaper of Virginia Tech, on their new website. The Collegiate ...
    • Contemplative Campus at Virginia Tech 

      Kindel, David; Nalls, Brandon; Thompson, Amanda; Katz, Andrew; Anderson, Ryan (2014-05-10)
      A website and a video has been created for the Contemplative Campus group at Virginia Tech. This is a hub for students and community members to seek knowledge of what these practices are about and how they can get involved. ...
    • Contemplative Practices Interviews 

      Brunner, Kevin; Spillane, Evan (2015-05-14)
      This technical document covers the contemplative practices interview project. This project is a part of the CS 4624 Multimedia, Hypertext, and Information Access capstone course at Virginia Tech. This report aims to ...
    • Contemplative Video 

      Stevens, Kyle; Zhou, Yin; Komarov, Val (2013-05-15)
      Contemplative practices are a collection of various techniques that are focused on the betterment of the individual through various self-improvement techniques. There are various forms of contemplative practices such as ...
    • CS 4624 Simplysent Final Report 

      Golman, Daniel (2015-05-14)
      SimplySent is an easy way for busy professionals to strengthen their business relationships by sending thoughtful gifts in less time and with less hassle. We connect to various contact managers (salesforce, sugarcrm, ...
    • CS Seminar Videos 

      Ong, Derek; Tona, Glen; Gibb, Kyle; Parbadia, Sivani (2013-05-15)
      Computer Science seminars are a very educational and interesting aspect that the CS department offers to the students attending the university. There are numerous occasions in which many students are not able to attend the ...
    • CS4624 IDEAL Spreadsheet 

      Burnett, Austin; Neuman, Shawn; Ardura, Anthony; Lacy, Rex (2014-05-09)
      The IDEAL proposal encompasses an incredibly vast infrastructure of technology intended to be used by people of varying backgrounds. The analysts and researchers who will be familiar with the data presented through many ...
    • CS4624: Environment - Virginia Water Resources Research Center (VWRRC) PDF Documents to VTechWorks 

      Katz, Ben; Hotinger, Eric (2013-06-30)
      Virginia Tech has many groups engaged in work related to the environment. In an effort to alleviate server strain for the Virginia Water Resources Research Center (VWRRC), we have begun to archive over 300 PDF documents ...
    • CTRimages 

      Hakimov, Kurban; Hartwell, Andrew; Ulmet, Robert (2013-05-18)
      CTRnet (Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery network) is an NSF funded project that focuses on crawling/scanning the Internet regarding tragic events and creating digital libraries of information on those crises. CTRnet downloads ...
    • Database Creation and Information Extraction from ETDs for CRA-E 

      Unknown author (2013-05-18)
      This project was in support of the educational activities of the Computing Research Association (CRA-E). The main point of the project was to collect data associated with electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) to allow ...
    • Developing an improved focused crawler for the IDEAL project 

      Bonnefond, Ward; Menzel, Chris; Morris, Zack; Patel, Suhas; Ritchie, Tyler; Tedesco, Marcus; Zheng, Franklin (2014-05-09)
      The IDEAL (Integrated Digital Event Archive and Library) project currently has a general purpose web crawler to find articles relevant to a set of URLs the user can provide. The resulting articles are return based on ...
    • Disaster Video Gallery Project 

      Fesseha, ZeleAlem (2012-05-10)
      The goal of this project was to collect YouTube videos for carefully selected events. The videos were manually collected and verified to be relevant to the specific events. The collection together with short description ...
    • DLRL Cluster 

      Lech, Adam; Pontani, Joseph; Bollinger, Matthew (2014-05-09)
      The Digital Library Research Laboratory is a group focused on researching and implementing a full stack Hadoop cluster for data storage and analysis. The DLRL Cluster project is focused on learning and teaching the ...
    • Dynamic Optimizations of Irregular Applications on Many-core Architectures (CS Seminar Lecture Series) 

      Parton, Eric; Zehr, David; Wellington, Jake; Zhang, Zheng (2012-03-02)
      Abstract: Enhancing the match between software executions and hardware features is key to computing efficiency in terms of both performance and energy consumption. The match is constantly complicated by emerging architecture ...
    • Electronic Theses and Dissertations Database Errors 

      Schmader, Luke; Mestre, Ryan (2014-05-09)
      Detecting and correcting coding errors in the Electronic Thesis and Dissertations Database, or ETDdbErrors for short, is a Java based application created primarily for XML file editing and debugging. ETDdbErrors was inspired ...
    • Feeding America Southwest Virginia 

      Bailey, Bradley; Dotson, Sarah; Feng, Susan; Han, Lance; Kelly, Sean; Shepherd, Hunter (2013-05-18)
      As a result of our course work we have made a fully functional website that is ready to be moved over to FASWVA’s host and made live. Additionally, we have completed a Virtual Food Drive. A Virtual Food Drive is a way for ...
    • FFMPEG on the IBM Cloud 

      Ishairzay, Rishi; De, Puloma; Hwang, Andrew (2012-05-06)
      This module aims to introduce FFMPEG to students in a linux environment (IBM Cloud)
    • FlickrIDR: A web-based multimodal search interface based on SuperIDR 

      Kaplan, Jim; Overstrom, Martin; Fields, E. Kaslin (2013-09-28)
      In many educational fields, it is important to be able to recognize by sight, such as identifying a fish’s species in wildlife sciences. To develop these types of skills, it is important to be able to look at databases ...