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    • Emergency Informatics and Digital Libraries: Workshop for JCDL 2012 

      Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A. (2012-06-01)
      There is growing global awareness of the need for information in connection with emergencies, crises, tragedies, disasters, and related recovery activities. Yet, there is little integration of the diverse types of related ...
    • Enforcing Interoperability with the Open Archives Initiative Repository Explorer 

      Suleman, Hussein (2001-06-24)
      This presentation gives an overview of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), protocol validation procedures, interactive browsing, and the OAI repository explorer tool.
    • Ensemble PDP-8: Eight Principles for Distributed Portals 

      Fox, Edward A.; Chen, Yinlin; Akbar, Monika; Shaffer, Clifford A.; Edwards, Stephen H.; Brusilovsky, Peter; Garcia, Daniel D.; Delcambre, Lois M. L.; Decker, Felicia; Archer, David W.; Furuta, Richard; Shipman, Frank M., III; Carpenter, B. Stephen, II; Cassel, Lillian N. (2010)
      Ensemble, the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Pathways project for Computing, builds upon a diverse group of prior NSDL, DL-I, and other projects. Ensemble has shaped its activities according to principles related ...
    • Evaluation in Information Retrieval 

      Peddi, Bhanu; Xiong, Huijun; ElSherbiny, Noha (2010-10-26)
      This module addresses the methods used to evaluate an Information Retrieval system. We focus on evaluating a system using relevance and apply the knowledge by using TREC_EVAL.
    • Evaluation of a Curriculum for Digital Libraries 

      Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Oh, Sanghee; Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A. (2008)
      This poster discusses the purpose and mission of the Digital Libraries Curriculum Development project. The project aims to evaluate digital library curricula, develop course instruction modules for digital library programs, ...
    • Extending Interoperability of Digital Libraries: Building on the Open Archives Initiative 

      ACM Conference on Digital Libraries (2000-06-03)
      This document describes the proceedings of the 2000 ACM DL OAI Workshop. Workshop topics include technical issues, Virginia Tech's report on open archives work, and highlights of the Santa Fe Convention.
    • Extending Retrieval with Stepping Stones and Pathways 

      Fox, Edward A. (2003-08-01)
      This project researches an alternative interpretation of user queries and presentation of the results. Instead of returning a ranked list of documents, the result of a query is a connected network of chains of evidence. ...
    • Extending the 5S Digital Library Framework: From a Minimal DL Towards a DL Reference Model 

      Murthy, Uma; Gorton, Douglas; Torres, Ricardo da Silva; Goncalves, Marcos A.; Fox, Edward A.; Delcambre, Lois M. L. (2007-06-23)
      In this paper, we describe ongoing research in three DL projects that build upon a common foundation: the 5S DL framework. In each project, we extend the 5S framework to provide specifications for a particular type of DL ...
    • File Formats, Transformation, and Migration 

      Leidig, Jonathan; Alon, AJ; Chigani, Amine; Gopalakrishnan, Mahima; Park, Sung Hee (2009-10-09)
      This module covers the principles and applications of the transformation and migration processes for the preservation of digital content, as well as key issues surrounding digital preservation strategies.
    • A Framework for Building Open Digital Libraries 

      Suleman, Hussein; Fox, Edward A. (Corporation for National Research Initiatives, 2001-12-01)
      Digital libraries (DLs) have traditionally been positioned at the intersection of library science, computer science, and networked information systems. The different underlying philosophies of these three fields has had ...
    • Further Development of a Digital Library Curriculum: Evaluation Approaches and New Tools 

      Yang, Seungwon; Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Kim, Seonho; Murthy, Uma; Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Oh, Sanghee; Fox, Edward A. (2007)
      This presentation is a follow-up to our ICADL 2006 paper and discusses our progress over the past year in developing a digital library curriculum. It presents and describes the current curriculum framework, which now ...
    • Hadoop Map-reduce 

      Shu, Xiaokui; Cohen, Ron (2010-12-10)
      Hadoop Map-Reduce is a software framework for writing applications for processing large amounts of data in parallel on commodity hardware.
    • Half-Day Tutorial: Collecting, Analyzing, and Visualizing Tweets Using Open Source Tools 

      Yang, Seungwon; Kavanaugh, Andrea L. (2011-06-01)
      This tutorial introduces various open source tools and methods to archive tweets on a user's local machine and convert them into topic clouds for quick content analysis. For more in-depth techniques such as n-grams and ...
    • High Performance Interoperable Digital Libraries in the Open Archives Initiative 

      Fox, Edward A.; Sanchez, J. Alfredo; Garza-Salazar, David (2004-01-31)
      The scope of this project is high performance mechanisms for interoperable distributed digital repositories. We apply Open Archives Initiative ideas and concepts to the storage and retrieval of electronic theses and ...
    • History of Digital Libraries and Library Automation 

      Pomerantz, Jeffrey P. (2008-08-27)
      This module covers the origin of the digital library research agenda, DLI, DLI-2, NSDL, and the origin of other long-term digital library projects. Students will be able to name areas of research and development that fed ...
    • I-Schools as a Natural Home for Digital Libraries Education 

      Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Oh, Sanghee; Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A. (2009-01-19)
      Given that digital libraries (DLs) bring together technology, information, and people who use information, it can easily be argued that i-schools should play a central role in educating DL professionals. This study examines ...
    • Image Retrieval 

      Kuppuswami, Nagarajan; Fox, Edward A. (2009-12-09)
      The module covers basic explanation of Image Retrieval, various techniques used, and its working in existing systems.
    • Improving Education and Understanding of NDLTD 

      Yang, Seungwon; Oh, Sanghee; Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Fox, Edward A. (2007-06-01)
      To understand ETDs, what NDLTD is, how it works, and the benefits of NDLTD, it is necessary to educate those involved, such as students who will create and submit their ETDs, as well as the library staff members who will ...
    • In Brief: Digital Libraries Curriculum Development 

      Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Oh, Sanghee; Fox, Edward A.; Yang, Seungwon (Corporation for National Research Initiatives, 2006)
      Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in digital library (DL) research. Much of this research has investigated how DLs can aid education, but there has been no parallel investment in supporting teaching and ...
    • Indexing and Searching 

      Arondekar, Aniket (2009-10-16)
      This module covers the general principles of information retrieval (IR) models, indexing methods, and the working of search engines applicable to digital libraries.