From pervasive computing, to smart power systems, Virginia Tech ECE faculty and students delve into all major areas of electrical and computer engineering. The main campus is in Blacksburg, and the department has additional research and teaching facilities in Arlington, Falls Church, and Hampton, Virginia.

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  • Endothelial cell sensing, restructuring, and invasion in collagen hydrogel structures 

    Hosseini, Yahya; Agah, Masoud; Verbridge, Scott S. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-09-03)
    Experimental tools to model cell-tissue interactions will likely lead to new ways to both understand and treat cancer. While the mechanical properties and regulation of invasion have been recently studied for tumor cells, ...
  • The impact of sphingosine kinase inhibitor-loaded nanoparticles on bioelectrical and biomechanical properties of cancer cells 

    Babahosseini, Hesam; Srinivasaraghavan, Vaishnavi; Zhao, Zongmin; Gillam, Frank; Childress, Elizabeth; Strobl, Jeannine S.; Santos, Webster L.; Zhang, Chenming; Agah, Masoud (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-11-19)
    Cancer progression and physiological changes within the cells are accompanied by alterations in the biophysical properties. Therefore, the cell biophysical properties can serve as promising markers for cancer detection and ...
  • GC-on-chip: integrated column and photoionization detector 

    Akbar, Muhammad; Shakeel, Hamza; Agah, Masoud (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-02-04)
    This paper reports a unique GC-on-chip module comprising a monolithically integrated semi-packed micro separation column (μSC) and a highly sensitive micro helium discharge photoionization detector (μDPID). While semi-packed ...
  • A transport-theoretic analysis of pulse propagation through ocean sediments 

    Besieris, Ioannis M.; Kohler, Werner E.; Freese, Herbert (Acoustical Society of America, 1982-09)
    The reflection of pulsed acoustic plane waves from ocean sedimentary layers is studied using a stochastic transport theory originally introduced by Barabanenkov et. al. [Izv. Vyssh. Uchebn. Zaved., Radiofiz 15, 1852 (1972)]. ...
  • Aperture synthesis of time-limited X waves and analysis of their propagation characteristics 

    Chatzipetros, Argyrios A.; Shaarawi, Amr M.; Besieris, Ioannis M.; Abdel-Rahman, Mohamed A. (Acoustical Society of America, 1998-05)
    The feasibility of exciting a localized X-wave pulse from a finite aperture is addressed. Also, the possibility of using a finite-time excitation of a dynamic aperture to generate a finite-energy approximation to an X-wave ...
  • Active suppression of acoustic radiation from impulsively excited structures 

    Baumann, William T.; Saunders, William R.; Robertshaw, Harry H. (Acoustical Society of America, 1991-12)
    The objective is to use active control to suppress the acoustic energy that is radiated to the far field from a structure that has been excited by a short-duration pulse. The problem is constrained by the assumption that ...
  • Acoustic X-wave reflection and transmission at a planar interface: Spectral analysis 

    Shaarawi, Amr M.; Besieris, Ioannis M.; Attiya, Ahmed M.; El-Diwany, Essam (Acoustical Society of America, 2000-01)
    The spectral structure of a three-dimensional X-wave pulse incident on a planar surface of discontinuity is examined. Introducing a novel superposition of azimuthally dependent pulsed plane waves, it is shown for oblique ...
  • A Markov process model of ocean sediments 

    Sockell, Michael; Besieris, Ioannis M.; Kohler, Werner E.; Freese, Herbert (Acoustical Society of America, 1985-01)
    Monochromatic plane-wave illumination of a randomly stratified, laterally homogeneous sediment layer is considered. The deposition process creating the stochastic layering is assumed to be a continuous parameter, finite ...
  • Characterization of a nonrigid sphere using the backscattered fields of acoustic X waves 

    Moawad, Maged F.; Shaarawi, Amr M.; Besieris, Ioannis M. (Acoustical Society of America, 2004-06)
    The scattering of acoustic ultra-wideband X-wave pulses by a nonrigid sphere is simulated for purposes of material identification and characterization. Using the backscattered spectrum of the X-wave pulses, a procedure is ...
  • Microbend loss fiber optic direction and amplitude sensors for underwater applications 

    Vengsarkar, Ashish M.; Murphy, Kent A.; Tran, Tuan A.; Claus, Richard O. (Acoustical Society of America, 1990-07)
    Dual purpose fiber optic microbend loss sensors have been developed for measurement of underwater acousticwave amplitudes and for detection of the direction of wave propagation. Three different construction schemes for ...
  • Gaussian decomposition of beams and other functions 

    Dewolf, David A. (American Institute of Physics, 1989-06-15)
    The Gabor expansion of a function f_(x) decomposes it into a double sum over integers m and n of a product of basis functions g(x_m X) and Fourier_series exponentials exp(2πi n/X) for given spacing X. The choice of basis ...
  • Computer simulation of electron beams. II. Low cost beam current reconstruction 

    Dewolf, David A. (American Institute of Physics, 1985)
    Reconstruction of current density in electron beams is complicated by distortion of phase space which can require very fine discretization of the beam into trajectories. An efficient discretization of phase space is ...
  • Computer simulation of electron beams. I. Space charge algorithm for asymmetric beams 

    Dewolf, David A. (American Institute of Physics, 1985)
    Longitudinal space_charge forces can be neglected in computer simulations of slowly curving quasilaminar electron beams. A particle mesh type algorithm for transverse space charge forces is developed, and great simplification ...
  • Single-thermal-source formation of Zn x Cd1-x S thin films 

    Burton, Larry C.; Hench, T. L.; Meakin, J. D. (American Institute of Physics, 1979)
    Thermal sublimation of atomically homogeneous Zn x Cd1_x S powders from a single source results in films that are nonuniform in a direction normal to the substrate. This is attributed to initial preferential sublimation ...
  • On the uniqueness of solution of magnetostatic vector_potential problems by three_dimensional finite_element methods 

    Mohammed, O. A.; Davis, William A.; Popovic, Branko D.; Nehl, Thomas W.; Demerdash, Nabeel A. (American Institute of Physics, 1982)
    In this paper, particular attention is paid to the impact of finite_element approximation on uniqueness and to approximations implicit in finite element formulations from the uniqueness requirements standpoint. It is also ...
  • Cross diffusion of Cd and Zn in Cu2S formed on Zn x Cd1_x S thin films 

    Burton, Larry C.; Uppal, P. N.; Dwight, D. W. (American Institute of Physics, 1982)
    Cadmium and zinc compositions in Cu 2S formed on Zn x Cd1_x S films (0
  • Localized energy pulse trains launched from an open, semi_infinite, circular waveguide 

    Shaarawi, Amr M.; Besieris, Ioannis M.; Ziolkowski, R. W. (American Institute of Physics, 1989-01-15)
    A new decomposition of exact solutions to the scalar wave equation into bidirectional, backward and forward traveling plane waves is described. These elementary blocks constitute a natural basis for synthesizing Brittinghamlike ...
  • Compositional depth profiles of chemiplated Cu2S/(Zn,Cd)S heterojunction solar cells 

    Uppal, P. N.; Burton, Larry C.; Rivaud, L.; Greene, J. E. (American Institute of Physics, 1983)
    Atomic absorption spectroscopy combined with controlled chemical etching and Auger electron spectroscopy profiling with ion beametching have been used to obtain composition versus depth analyses of Cu2S/(Zn,Cd)S ...
  • Adhesive bondline interrogation using Stoneley wave methods 

    Claus, Richard O.; Kline, R. A. (American Institute of Physics, 1979)
    In this work, a new technique for analyzing interfacial conditions in completed adhesive bonds is discussed. This method is based on the sensitivity of Stoneley waves, which propagate along the boundary between dissimilar ...
  • Design, fabrication, and analysis of p-channel arsenide/antimonide hetero-junction tunnel transistors 

    Rajamohanan, Bijesh; Mohata, Dheeraj K.; Zhu, Yan; Hudait, Mantu K.; Jiang, Zhengping; Hollander, Matthew; Klimeck, Gerhard; Datta, Suman (American Institute of Physics, 2014-01-23)
    In this paper, we demonstrate InAs/GaSb hetero-junction (hetJ) and GaSb homo-junction (homJ) p-channel tunneling field effect transistors (pTFET) employing a low temperature atomic layer deposited high-kappa gate dielectric. ...

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