The University Libraries at Virginia Tech began sponsoring events for the globally celebrated Open Access Week in 2012. Find information about open access and this year's schedule at the library's open access guide,

Recent Submissions

  • Open Access Forum 2019: Connecting the Opens: Open Access, Open Education & More 

    DePauw, Karen P.; Carey, Cayelan C.; Mueller, Derek; Potter, Peter J.; Walz, Anita R.; Young, Philip (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-10-21)
    Join faculty presenters from around the university, University Library faculty, and the Future Professoriate Graduate class in a robust discussion about nuances, similarities and differences in the "opens." Learn about ...
  • What's the Big Deal? Global Trends and Movements Shaping Higher Ed 

    Butler, Brandon (Virginia Tech, 2019-10-23)
    For the last two decades, research institutions have been buying research the same way consumers have been buying television: in big bundles. And like big cable packages, these bundles have become bloated with content ...
  • Open Access Week 2019 flier 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech University Libraries, 2019-10)
    A flier announcing the Open Access Week 2019 events sponsored by the University Libraries, including a panel discussion and a keynote presentation by Brandon Butler with the University of Virginia Library.
  • Open Access Forum 2018 

    Potter, Peter J.; Walz, Anita R.; DePauw, Karen P.; Paretti, Marie C.; Maczka, Darren; Drozdova, Katya; Mueller, Derek (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2018-10-22)
    The Open Access Week kickoff event will feature a brief introduction to open access by Peter Potter and an introduction to open education by Anita Walz, followed by a discussion with panelists Katya Drozdova, Karen DePauw, ...
  • Destination Areas Global Speaker Series, October 26-27, 2017 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2017-10)
    A flier for the 2017 Destination Areas Global Speaker Series, featuring guest speaker Lorena Barba.
  • What Savvy Open Scholars Know and Do 

    Barba, Lorena (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2017-12-05)
    An open scholar’s work can be accessed and read earlier, and by more people. It can be quickly cited and built upon, and is more likely to have impact. Open access doesn’t require paying hefty author fees: savvy scholars ...
  • Open Access Forum 2017 

    DePauw, Karen P.; Hole, Brian; Johnson, Sylvester; Paretti, Marie C.; Potter, Peter J.; Young, Philip (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2017-12-05)
    The Open Access Week kickoff event will feature a brief introduction to open access and its benefits and controversies by Peter Potter and Philip Young, followed by a discussion with diverse panelists and the audience. ...
  • For the Public Good: Research Impact and the Promise of Open Access 

    DePauw, Karen P.; Seyam, Mohammed; Roy, Siddhartha; Abbas, Montasir M.; Hole, Brian; Potter, Peter J.
    As a land-grant institution, Virginia Tech is committed to research that meaningfully engages with the vital concerns of our day such as feeding, building, and empowering a healthy world. How does Virginia Tech’s commitment ...
  • Open Access: Faculty and graduate student panel discussion 

    Haas, Carola A.; King, Scott D.; Burke, Alison K.; Engel, Sascha; Obilade, Titilola; Ernst, Jeremy V. (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2015-10-19)
    The Open Access Week panel discussion includes Virginia Tech graduate students, faculty, and alumni who have been involved in open access publishing from the author and editor perspectives. Each will relate their experience ...
  • 2015 Open Access Week Keynote Address: Victoria Stodden 

    Stodden, Victoria (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2015-11-03)
    Victoria Stodden gave the keynote address for Open Access Week 2015. "Scholarly communication in the era of big data and big computation" was sponsored by the University Libraries, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics, ...
  • Open Archives Initiative 

    McMillan, Gail (2000-06-01)
    This presentation, which was given at the annual meeting of the Society of Scholarly Publishing on June 1, 2000, describes the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), a protocol for exchanging content between digital repositories. ...
  • 2014 OA Week Panel 

    Panelist Group (2014-10-31)
  • Center for Open Science; Reproducible Research Lecture/Workshop 

    Soderberg, Courtney (2014-10-31)
    Courtney Soderberg, from the Center for Open Science, gives a lecture/workshop reproducible research.
  • Optimize Access to Your Published Research: Author Rights for Life & Health Sciences 

    Pannabecker, Virginia (2014-10-27)
    As VT Life Sciences & Health Sciences faculty, researchers, and graduate students, your work is geared towards addressing questions, problems, and discoveries that are important to Virginia communities, and to our global ...
  • Receive $1500 for Publishing Your Next Article: VT’s OPEN ACCESS SUBVENTION FUND 

    McMillan, Gail (2014-10-24)
    This Networked Learning Initiatives (NLI) hosted session on Oct. 22, 2014, was presented during Open Access Week to draw the Virginia Tech community’s attention to library initiatives that promote the need to change the ...
  • Scientific Utopia: Improving the Openness and Reproducibility of Research 

    Nosek, Brian (2014-10-22)
    Scientific Utopia: Improving the Openness and Reproducibility of Research An academic scientist’s professional success depends on publishing. Publishing norms emphasize novel, positive results. As such, disciplinary ...
  • Open Access Graduate Student Panel 2013 

    Georgakis, Stephanie; Lawrence, Jennifer; Nicholson, Josh (2014-02-18)
    For Open Access Week 2013, a panel of graduate students featuring Stephanie Georgakis, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Nicholson discussed issues of openness and publishing. Moderated by Purdom Lindblad, University Libraries.
  • Open Access Faculty Panel 2013 

    Panel Presentation
  • Open Access Altmetrics 

    Panel Presentation (2014-02-18)

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