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  • Fiber-optic Seismology 

    Lindsey, Nathaniel J.; Martin, Eileen R.
    Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is an emerging technology that repurposes a fiber-optic cable as a dense array of strain sensors. This technology repeatedly pings a fiber with laser pulses, measuring optical phase ...
  • Mathematical model of broadly reactive plasma cell production 

    Erwin, Samantha; Childs, Lauren M.; Ciupe, Stanca M. (Nature Research, 2020)
    Strain-specific plasma cells are capable of producing neutralizing antibodies that are essential for clearance of challenging pathogens. These neutralizing antibodies also function as a main defense against disease ...
  • Long-time Reynolds averaging of reduced order models for fluid flows: Preliminary results 

    Berselli, Luigi C.; Iliescu, Traian; Koc, Birgul; Lewandowski, Roger (2019-10-22)
    We perform a preliminary theoretical and numerical investigation of the time-average of energy exchange among modes of Reduced Order Models (ROMs) of fluid flows. We are interested in the statistical equilibrium problem, ...
  • Evolutionary consequences of feedbacks between within-host competition and and disease control 

    Greischar, Megan A.; Alexander, Helen K.; Bashey, Farrah; Bento, Ana, I; Bhattacharya, Amrita; Bushman, Mary; Childs, Lauren M.; Daversa, David; Day, Troy; Faust, Christina L.; Gallagher, Molly E.; Gandon, Sylvain; Glidden, Caroline; Halliday, Fletcher; Hanley, Kathryn A.; Kamiya, Tsukushi; Read, Andrew F.; Schwabl, Philipp; Sweeny, Amy R.; Tate, Ann T.; Thompson, Robin N.; Wale, Nina; Wearing, Helen J.; Yeh, Pamela J.; Mideo, Nicole (2020-02-04)
  • Closure Learning for Nonlinear Model Reduction Using Deep Residual Neural Network 

    Xie, Xuping; Webster, Clayton; Iliescu, Traian (MDPI, 2020-03-23)
    Developing accurate, efficient, and robust closure models is essential in the construction of reduced order models (ROMs) for realistic nonlinear systems, which generally require drastic ROM mode truncations. We propose a ...
  • Editorial for Special Issue “Drop, Bubble and Particle Dynamics in Complex Fluids” 

    Afkhami, Shahriar; Yue, Pengtao (MDPI, 2020-01-02)
    The presence of drops, bubbles, and particles affects the behavior and response of complex multiphase fluids [...]
  • A Linear Algorithm for Ambient Seismic Noise Double Beamforming Without Crosscorrelations 

    Martin, Eileen (2020-01-02)
    Geoscientists and engineers are increasingly using denser arrays for continuous seismic monitoring, and often turning to ambient seismic noise interferometry for low-cost near-surface imaging. While ambient noise interferometry ...
  • Modelling Allee effects in a transgenic mosquito population during range expansion 

    Walker, Melody; Blackwood, Julie C.; Brown, Vicki; Childs, Lauren M. (Taylor & Francis, 2018-04-27)
    Mosquitoes are vectors for many diseases that cause significant mortality and morbidity. As mosquito populations expand their range, they may undergo mate-finding Allee effects such that their ability to successfully ...
  • On the diagonal subalgebra of an Ext algebra 

    Green, E. L.; Snashall, N.; Solberg, O.; Zacharia, D. (2017-04)
    Let R be a Koszul algebra over a field k and M be a linear R-module. We study a graded subalgebra Delta(M) of the Ext-algebra Ext(R)*(M, M) called the diagonal subalgebra and its properties. Applications to the Hochschild ...
  • The emergence of fast oscillations in a reduced primitive equation model and its implications for closure theories 

    Chekroun, Mickael D.; Liu, Honghu; McWilliams, James C. (2017-06-27)
    The problem of emergence of fast gravity-wave oscillations in rotating, stratified flow is reconsidered. Fast inertia-gravity oscillations have long been considered an impediment to initialization of weather forecasts, and ...
  • Examining Mathematics Anxiety of Undergraduates Using a Brain-Based Measurement, EEG 

    Norton, Anderson; Seok, Youngmin; Choi-Koh, Sangsook (Scientific Research Publishing, 2019-05-27)
    This paper reports on an investigation of mathematics anxiety (MA) among 40 Korean undergraduate students, using cognitive neuroscience. In Spring 2015, we collected data on correct response rates and reaction times from ...
  • How soap bubbles freeze 

    Ahmadi, S. Farzad; Nath, Saurabh; Kingett, Christian M.; Yue, Pengtao; Boreyko, Jonathan B. (Springer Nature, 2019-06-18)
    Droplets or puddles tend to freeze from the propagation of a single freeze front. In contrast, videographers have shown that as soap bubbles freeze, a plethora of growing ice crystals can swirl around in a beautiful effect ...
  • Linked within-host and between-host models and data for infectious diseases: a systematic review 

    Childs, Lauren M.; El Moustaid, Fadoua; Gajewski, Zachary; Kadelka, Sarah; Nikin-Beers, Ryan; Smith, John W., Jr.; Walker, Melody; Johnson, Leah R. (PeerJ, 2019-06-19)
    The observed dynamics of infectious diseases are driven by processes across multiple scales. Here we focus on two: within-host, that is, how an infection progresses inside a single individual (for instance viral and immune ...
  • Individual and situational factors related to undergraduate mathematics instruction 

    Johnson, Estrella; Keller, Rachel; Peterson, Valerie; Fukawa-Connelly, Timothy (2019-06-28)
    Abstract Background In the US, there is significant interest from policy boards and funding agencies to change students’ experiences in undergraduate mathematics classes. Even ...
  • Bridging Frameworks for Understanding Numerical Cognition 

    Norton, Anderson; Nurnberger-Haag, Julie (Leibniz-Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID), 2018-06-07)
  • A note on best approximation and invertibility of operators on uniformly convex Banach spaces 

    Holub, James R. (Hindawi Publishing Corp, 1991-01-01)
    It is shown that if X is a uniformly convex Banach space and S a bounded linear operator onX for which ?I-S?=1, then S is invertible if and only if ?I-12S? <1. From this it follows thatif S is invertible on X then either ...
  • Editorial: Integrative Computational Systems Biology Approaches in Immunology and Medicine 

    Kaderali, Lars; Theis, Fabian; Ganusov, Vitaly V.; Ciupe, Mihaela Stanca; Mehr, Ramit; Ribeiro, Ruy M.; Hernandez-Vargas, Esteban A. (Frontiers, 2019-01-23)
    New technologies provide the ability to generate massive amounts of immunological data in health and disease. However, this “Big data” trend is becoming more challenging and unfeasible by the steep increase in the number ...
  • Disrupting Mosquito Reproduction and Parasite Development for Malaria Control 

    Childs, Lauren M.; Cai, Francisco Y.; Kakani, Evdoxia G.; Mitchell, Sara N.; Paton, Doug; Gabrieli, Paolo; Buckee, Caroline O.; Catteruccia, Flaminia (PLOS, 2016-12-15)
    The control of mosquito populations with insecticide treated bed nets and indoor residual sprays remains the cornerstone of malaria reduction and elimination programs. In light of widespread insecticide resistance in ...
  • Antibody Responses during Hepatitis B Viral Infection 

    Ciupe, Mihaela Stanca; Ribeiro, Ruy M.; Perelson, Alan S. (PLOS, 2014-07)
    Hepatitis B is a DNA virus that infects liver cells and can cause both acute and chronic disease. It is believed that both viral and host factors are responsible for determining whether the infection is cleared or becomes ...
  • Mathematical Models of E-Antigen Mediated Immune Tolerance and Activation following Prenatal HBV Infection 

    Ciupe, Mihaela Stanca; Hews, Sarah (PLOS, 2012-07-02)
    We develop mathematical models for the role of hepatitis B e-antigen in creating immunological tolerance during hepatitis B virus infection and propose mechanisms for hepatitis B e-antigen clearance, subsequent emergence ...

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