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    • Editorial for Special Issue “Drop, Bubble and Particle Dynamics in Complex Fluids” 

      Afkhami, Shahriar; Yue, Pengtao (MDPI, 2020-01-02)
      The presence of drops, bubbles, and particles affects the behavior and response of complex multiphase fluids [...]
    • How soap bubbles freeze 

      Ahmadi, S. Farzad; Nath, Saurabh; Kingett, Christian M.; Yue, Pengtao; Boreyko, Jonathan B. (Springer Nature, 2019-06-18)
      Droplets or puddles tend to freeze from the propagation of a single freeze front. In contrast, videographers have shown that as soap bubbles freeze, a plethora of growing ice crystals can swirl around in a beautiful effect ...
    • Modeling Superparamagnetic Particles in Blood Flow for Applications in Magnetic Drug Targeting 

      Rukshin, Iris; Mohrenweiser, Josef; Yue, Pengtao; Afkhami, Shahriar (MDPI, 2017-06-04)
      Magnetic drug targeting is a technique that involves the binding of medicine to magnetizable particles to allow for more specific transport to the target location. This has recently come to light as a method of drug delivery ...