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    • Oblique Corrections to the W Width 

      ROSNER, J. L.; WORAH, M. P.; TAKEUCHI, T. (American Physical Soc, 1994-02-01)
    • Observation of Electron-Antineutrino Disappearance at Daya Bay 

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      The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment has measured a nonzero value for the neutrino mixing angle 0(13) with a significance of 5.2 standard deviations. Antineutrinos from six 2.9 GW(th) reactors were detected in six ...
    • On the C-n/Z(m) fractional branes 

      Karp, Robert L. (AIP Publishing, 2009-02)
      We construct several geometric representatives for the C-n/Z(m) fractional branes on either a partially or the completely resolved orbifold. In the process we use large radius and conifold-type monodromies and provide a ...
    • On the Minimal Length Uncertainty Relation and the Foundations of String Theory 

      Chang, Lay Nam; Lewis, Zachary; Minic, Djordje; Takeuchi, Tatsu (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2011)
      We review our work on the minimal length uncertainty relation as suggested by perturbative string theory. We discuss simple phenomenological implications of the minimal length uncertainty relation and then argue that the ...
    • On the Minimal Length Uncertainty Relation and the Foundations of String Theory 

      Chang, L. N.; Lewis, Z.; Minic, D.; Takeuchi, T. (Hindawi Publishing Corp, 2011-01-01)
    • On the possible correlation between dark conductivity, photoconductivity, and photorefractivity in dye-doped nematic liquid crystals 

      Klysubun, Prapong; Indebetouw, Guy J. (American Institute of Physics, 2002-09-01)
      The dc conductivity of dye-doped nematic liquid crystal cells exhibits a characteristic transition from a cubic current-voltage relationship at applied voltages smaller than about 1 V to a linear one at voltages larger ...
    • On the solution of nonlinear matrix integral equations in transport theory 

      Bowden, Robert L.; Zweifel, P. F.; Menikoff, R. (AIP Publishing, 1976-09)
      The coupled nonlinear matrix integral equations for the matrices X (z) and Y (z) which factor the dispersion matrix Λ (z) of multigroup transport theory are studied in a Banach space X. By utilizing fixed‐point theorems ...
    • On the solutions to a class of nonlinear integral equations arising in transport theory 

      Spiga, G.; Bowden, Robert L.; Boffi, V. C. (AIP Publishing, 1984-12)
      Existence and uniqueness for the solutions to a class of nonlinear equations arising in transport theory are investigated in terms of a real parameter _ which can take on positive and negative values. On the basis of ...
    • On the spectrum of linear transport operator 

      Larsen, E. W.; Zweifel, P. F. (AIP Publishing, 1974-11)
      In this paper, spectral properties of the time_independent linear transport operator A are studied. This operator is defined in its natural Banach space L 1(D _ V), where D is the bounded space domain and V is the velocity ...
    • On the zeros of the dispersion function in particle transport theory 

      Bowden, Robert L. (AIP Publishing, 1986-06)
      The zeros of the dispersion function that arise in particle transport with anisotropicscattering are studied. An algebraic test for the number of zeros is presented.
    • Online Gambling of Pure Chance: Wager Distribution, Risk Attitude, and Anomalous Diffusion 

      Wang, Xiangwen; Pleimling, Michel (Springer Nature, 2019-10-11)
      Online gambling sites offer many different gambling games. In this work we analyse the gambling logs of numerous solely probability-based gambling games and extract the wager and odds distributions. We find that the ...
    • Opinion dynamics on an adaptive random network 

      Benczik, I. J.; Benczik, S. Z.; Schmittmann, B.; Zia, R. K. P. (American Physical Society, 2009-04)
      We revisit the classical model for voter dynamics in a two-party system with two basic modifications. In contrast to the original voter model studied in regular lattices, we implement the opinion formation process in a ...
    • Optical excitations in Bi2Sr2CuO6 and Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8: Evidence for localized (excitonic) and delocalized charge-transfer gaps 

      Wang, Y. Y.; Ritter, A. L. (American Physical Society, 1991-01)
      The optical properties of Bi2Sr2CuO6 (2:2:0:1) and Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 (2:2:1:2) have been investigated by transmission electron-energy-loss spectroscopy. At low energy, E(loss) less-than-or-equal-to 10.0 eV, common features are ...
    • Optical Fourier-transform characterization of fish scale age 

      Almeida, S. P.; Wygant, R. W.; Jearld, A.; Penttila, J. A. (Optical Society of America, 1987-04)
      Optical Fourier transforms of haddock fish scales were made for fish taken from two different bodies of water. The scales in each group varied in age from 2 to 10 yr. A comparison of the image processed digitized Fourier ...
    • Optical properties of ion-implanted GaAs: The observation of finite-size effects in GaAs microcrystals 

      Feng, G. F.; Zallen, Richard H. (American Physical Society, 1989-07)
      We have carried out reflectivity measurements, for photon energies from 2.0 to 5.6 eV in the electronic interband regime, for a series of unannealed ion-implanted GaAs samples which had been exposed to 45-keV Be+ ions at ...
    • Optoperforation of single, intact Arabidopsis cells for uptake of extracellular dye-conjugated dextran 

      LeBlanc, Megan L.; Merritt, Travis R.; McMillan, Jameel; Westwood, James H.; Khodaparast, Giti A. (Optical Society of America, 2013-06-01)
      A plant science research goal is to manipulate single cells in an intact organism in order to study their interactions with neighboring cells. Based on a technique previously demonstrated in isolated plant cells, mammalian ...
    • Origin of scintillation in cerium_doped oxide crystals 

      Korzhik, M. V.; Trower, W. P. (AIP Publishing, 1995-05)
      We propose here a model of the scintillation from complex oxide single crystalsdoped with Ce3+ ions to explain the correlation observed between scintillation light yield and intrinsic luminescence of the matrix.
    • Pair contact process with diffusion: Failure of master equation field theory 

      Janssen, H. K.; van Wijland, F.; Deloubriere, O.; Täuber, Uwe C. (American Physical Society, 2004-11)
      We demonstrate that the "microscopic" field theory representation, directly derived from the corresponding master equation, fails to adequately capture the continuous nonequilibrium phase transition of the pair contact ...
    • Pair contact process with diffusion: Failure of master equation field theory 

      Janssen, H. K.; van Wijland, F.; Deloubriere, O.; Täuber, Uwe C. (Amer Physical Soc, 2004-11-01)