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    • A new method for measuring the neutron lifetime using an in situ neutron detector 

      Morris, C. L.; Adamek, E. R.; Broussard, L. J.; Callahan, N. B.; Clayton, S. M.; Cude-Woods, C.; Currie, S. A.; Ding, X.; Fox, W.; Hickerson, K. P.; Hoffbauer, M. A.; Holley, A. T.; Komives, A.; Liu, C. -Y.; Makela, M.; Pattie, R. W., Jr.; Ramsey, J.; Salvat, D. J.; Saunders, A.; Seestrom, S. J.; Sharapov, E. I.; Sjue, S. K.; Tang, Z.; Vanderwerp, J.; Vogelaar, R. Bruce; Walstrom, P. L.; Wang, Z.; Wei, Wanchun; Wexler, J. W.; Womack, T. L.; Young, A. R.; Zeck, B. A. (2017-05)
      In this paper, we describe a new method for measuring surviving neutrons in neutron lifetime measurements using bottled ultracold neutrons (UCN), which provides better characterization of systematic uncertainties and enables ...