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    • Spectroscopy of Rashba spin splitting in InSb quantum wells 

      Khodaparast, Giti A.; Doezema, R. E.; Chung, S. J.; Goldammer, K. J.; Santos, M. B. (American Physical Society, 2004-10-22)
      We use electron spin resonance in the far infrared to probe the Landau-level spin splitting in symmetric and asymmetric InSb quantum wells. The asymmetric wells exhibit a strong deviation in behavior from the symmetric ...
    • Spin and phase coherence lengths in n-InSb quasi-one-dimensional wires 

      Kallaher, R. L.; Heremans, J. J.; Goel, N.; Chung, S. J.; Santos, M. B. (American Physical Society, 2010-01-15)
      We present measurements of the magnetoconductance of quasi-one-dimensional wires fabricated on a two-dimensional electron system in an InSb/InAlSb heterostructure. The width and temperature dependence of the spin and phase ...