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    • Diet shifts provoke complex and variable changes in the metabolic networks of the ruminal microbiome 

      Wolff, Sara M.; Ellison, Melinda J.; Hao, Yue; Cockrum, Rebecca R.; Austin, Kathy J.; Baraboo, Michael; Burch, Katherine; Lee, Hyuk Jin; Maurer, Taylor; Patil, Rocky; Ravelo, Andrea; Taxis, Tasia M.; Truong, Huan; Lamberson, William R.; Cammack, Kristi M.; Conant, Gavin C. (2017-06-08)
      Background: Grazing mammals rely on their ruminal microbial symbionts to convert plant structural biomass into metabolites they can assimilate. To explore how this complex metabolic system adapts to the host animal's diet, ...