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    • Liver macrophages inhibit the endogenous antioxidant response in obesity-associated insulin resistance 

      Azzimato, Valerio; Jager, Jennifer; Chen, Ping; Morgantini, Cecilia; Levi, Laura; Barreby, Emelie; Sulen, Andre; Oses, Carolina; Willerbrords, Joost; Xu, Connie; Li, Xidan; Shen, Joanne X.; Akbar, Naveed; Haag, Lars; Ellis, Ewa; Wålhen, Kerstin; Näslund, Erik; Thorell, Anders; Choudhury, Robin P.; Lauschke, Volker M.; Rydén, Mikael; Craige, Siobhan M.; Aouadi, Myriam (2020-02-26)
      Obesity and insulin resistance are risk factors for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), the most common chronic liver disease worldwide. Because no approved medication nor an accurate and noninvasive diagnosis is ...