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  • Near-Native Sociolinguistic Competence in French: Evidence from Variable Future-Time Expression 

    Gudmestad, Aarnes; Edmonds, Amanda; Donaldson, Bryan; Carmichael, Katie (Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics, 2020)
    This study aims to advance the understanding of sociolinguistic competence among nearnative speakers and to further knowledge about the acquisition of variable structures. We conduct a quantitative analysis of variable ...
  • On the role of the present indicative in variable future-time reference in Hexagonal French 

    Gudmestad, Aarnes; Edmonds, Amanda; Donaldson, Bryan; Carmichael, Katie (University of Toronto Press, 2018)
    This study investigates variable future-time expression among native speakers of Hexagonal French who participated in informal conversations. The quantitative analysis is the first to examine the inflectional future, ...
  • From postcard to book cover: illustrating connections between medical history and digital humanities 

    Ewing, E. Thomas; Randall, Katherine; Reznick, Jeffrey S. (2019-10)
    This article illustrates the value and impact of collaboration among scholars, archivists, and librarians working across universities and government institutions, and how changes in medium-from a born-physical photograph ...
  • Representing Diversity in Digital Research: Digital Feminist Ethics and Resisting Dominant Normatives 

    Baniya, Sweta; Hutchinson, Les; Kumari, Ashanka; Larson, Kyle; Lindgren, Chris (The WAC Clearinghouse, 2019)
    In this paper, the authors consider how their engaged practices of feminist ethics have come up against specific dominant normatives. Privileging the experiences of women of color, they question the embodied relationship ...
  • Tackling a Fundamental Problem: Using Digital Labs to Build Smarter Computing Cultures 

    Brooks, Kevin; Lindgren, Chris; Warner, Matthew (University of Chicago Press, 2015-01-19)
    This timely edited collection will do much to promote and strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations in the digital humanities.
  • Responding to the Coding Crisis: From Code Year to Computational Literacy 

    Brooks, Kevin; Lindgren, Chris (Computers and Composition Digital Press, 2015)
    This innovative book project considers the ways in which literacy crisis discourses have reinvented themselves in the twenty-first century through a richly textured view of these varied discourses.
  • Review: Name That Twitter Community! 

    Walsh, Melanie (PubPub, 2020-01-30)
    This Python 3.x module bundles a set of useful code functions for humanistic inquiry of social networks. The module assumes that researchers have a set of network subgraphs created through community-detection, and they ...
  • Abstract social categories facilitate access to socially skewed words 

    Hay, Jennifer; Walker, Abby; Sanchez, Kauyumari; Thompson, Kirsty (PLOS, 2019-02-04)
    Recent work has shown that listeners process words faster if said by a member of the group that typically uses the word. This paper further explores how the social distributions of words affect lexical access by exploring ...
  • Digging in the Crates Vol. 3: Gender & Hip Hop with Nikki Giovanni 

    Giovanni, Nikki; Williams, Kimberly; Miles, Corey J.
    An evening with poet, activist, educator, and University Distinguished Professor Nikki Giovanni, hosted by Kimberly Williams (Assistant Director, Black Cultural Center) and Corey Miles (Ph.D. Student, Sociology/Africana ...
  • Repeat what after whom? Exploring variable selectivity in a cross-dialectal shadowing task 

    Walker, Abby; Campbell-Kibler, Kathryn (Frontiers Media, 2015-05-12)
    Twenty women from Christchurch, New Zealand and 16 from Columbus Ohio (dialect region U.S. Midland) participated in a bimodal lexical naming task where they repeated monosyllabic words after four speakers from four regional ...
  • Stephen Crane: A life of fire 

    Sorrentino, Paul M. (2014-09-23)
    With the exception of Poe, no American writer has proven as challenging to biographers as the author of The Red Badge of Courage. Stephen Crane's short, compact life—"a life of fire," he called it—continues to be surrounded ...
  • What students don't say - an approach to the student text 

    Shaw, M. L. (National Council of Teachers of English, 1991-02)
  • Rhetorics of Displacement: Constructing Identities in Forced Relocations 

    Powell, Katrina M. (National Council of Teachers of English, 2012-03)
    Forced displacement has often involved the use of rhetoric, both by government institutions and by people who struggle not only to survive displacement, but also to resist it. The author analyzes such discourses through ...
  • Two comments on "Neurodiversity" 

    Lewiecki-Wilson, C.; Dolmage, J.; Heilker, Paul V.; Jurecic, A. (National Council of Teachers of English, 2008-01)
  • Autism and Rhetoric 

    Heilker, Paul V.; Yergeau, M. (National Council of Teachers of English, 2011-05)
    By understanding the verbal and nonverbal manifestations of autism as a rhetorical imperative, a perspective that involves applying Krista Ratcliffe's concept of rhetorical listening, scholars can do much to dissolve the ...
  • Twenty years in: An essay in two parts 

    Heilker, Paul V. (National Council of Teachers of English, 2006-12)
    Part I of this essay traces the evolution of my understanding of the exploratory essay as a discursive form and a genre for teaching writing. Part II explores my motivations for advocating a polarized definition of the ...
  • Holy Cards/Immaginette: The Extraordinary Literacy of Vernacular Religion 

    George, D.; Salvatori, M. R. (National Council of Teachers of English, 2008-12)
    Like other seemingly ordinary materials (cookbooks, street art, scrapbooks, etc.) the subject of our investigation-holy cards or (in Italian) immaginette-often function as rich repositories of personal and cultural memory ...
  • Not Going It Alone: Public Writing, Independent Media, and the Circulation of Homeless Advocacy 

    Mathieu, P.; George, D. (National Council of Teachers of English, 2009-09)
    This article argues that the teaching of public writing should not neglect issues of circulation and local need. In a series of case studies involving small press papers and homeless advocacy, the authors seek to extend ...
  • Research Centers as Change Agents: Reshaping Work in Rhetoric and Writing 

    Gogan, Brian; Belanger, Kelly R.; Patriarca, Ashley; O'Neill, Megan (National Council of Teachers of English, 2010-12)
    This article defines research centers as associative enterprises for solving scholarly and societal problems that cannot be adequately addressed by individuals. We identify more than fifty research centers in rhetoric and ...
  • Histories of the Dustheap 

    Mazzolini, Elizabeth (2014-02-18)
    Visiting professor Elizabeth Mazzolini discusses her co-edited book "Histories of the Dustheap: Waste, Material Cultures, Social Justice" (MIT Press). Introduced by Lesley Moyo, University Libraries, and Tom Ewing, ...

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