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  • Assessing Ecosystem Service Benefits from Military Installations 

    Kagan, James; Borsuk, Mark; Calder, Ryan; Creutzburg, Megan; Mason, Sara; Olander, Lydia; Plantinga, Andrew; Robinson, Celine (2019-07-26)
  • A pilot randomized controlled trial of a tailored smoking cessation program for people living with HIV in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area 

    Kierstead, Elexis C.; Harvey, Emily; Sanchez, Denisse; Horn, Kimberly; Abroms, Lorien C.; Spielberg, Freya; Stanton, Cassandra A.; Debnam, Charles; Cohn, Amy M.; Gray, Tiffany; Magnus, Manya; Patel, Minal; Niaura, Raymond; Elf, Jessica L. (2021-01-06)
    Abstract Objective Morbidity and mortality from smoking-related diseases among people living with HIV (PLWH) in the U.S. surpasses that due to HIV itself. Conventional smoking ...
  • Assessing the impact of coordinated COVID-19 exit strategies across Europe 

    Ruktanonchai, N. W.; Floyd, J. R.; Lai, S.; Ruktanonchai, C. W.; Sadilek, A.; Rente-Lourenco, P.; Ben, X.; Carioli, A.; Gwinn, J.; Steele, J. E.; Prosper, O.; Schneider, A.; Oplinger, A.; Eastham, P.; Tatem, A. J. (2020-09-18)
    As rates of new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases decline across Europe owing to nonpharmaceutical interventions such as social distancing policies and lockdown measures, countries require guidance on how to ease ...
  • Challenges to a Sustainable Energy Future 

    Valerino, Michael; Viere, Erin; Calder, Ryan; Chen, Junqin; Deng, Simeng; Hansen, Asger; Hiltbrand, Galen; Maddex, Sean; Lecaros, Santiago (Duke University, 2020-10-31)
  • A survey of quality of life indicators in the Romanian Roma population following the ‘Decade of Roma Inclusion’ 

    Doherty, Rebecca Powell; Telionis, Pyrros A.; Müller-Demary, Daniel; Hosszu, Alexandra; Duminica, Ana; Bertke, Andrea; Lewis, Bryan L.; Eubank, Stephen (F1000Research, 2019-09-18)
    Background: This study explores how the Roma in Romania, the EU’s most concentrated population, are faring in terms of a number of quality of life indicators, including poverty levels, healthcare, education, water, sanitation, ...
  • A Sustainable Engineering Solution for Paediatric Dehydration in Low-Resource Clinical Environments 

    Taylor, Ashley R.; Turovskiy, Jeffrey; Drew, Benjamin; Muelenaer, Andre; Redican, Kerry J.; Kochersberger, Kevin; Bickford, Lissett (Engineers Without Borders Australia, 2016)
    Engineering efforts in low resource environments pose a unique set of challenges, requiring an in-depth understanding of local needs, comprehensive mapping of community resources, and extensive collaboration with local ...
  • Effect of an Additional 30 Minutes Spent Outdoors during Summer on Daily Steps and Individually Experienced Heat Index 

    Wang, Suwei; Richardson, Molly B.; Wu, Connor Y.H.; Zaitchik, Benjamin F.; Gohlke, Julia (MDPI, 2020-10-17)
    Spending time outdoors is associated with increased physical activity; however, high ambient temperature/humidity, together with built environment features in urban versus rural environments, may influence physical activity. ...
  • Analysis of environmental and economic impacts of hydropower imports for New York City through 2050 

    Calder, Ryan; Borsuk, Mark; Robinson, Celine (Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, 2020-10-13)
  • Risk tradeoffs associated with traditional food advisories for Labrador Inuit 

    Calder, Ryan; Bromage, Sabri; Sunderland, Elsie M. (Elsevier, 2019-01-01)
    The traditional Inuit diet includes wild birds, fish and marine mammals, which can contain high concentrations of the neurotoxicant methylmercury (MeHg). Hydroelectric development may increase MeHg concentrations in ...
  • Aligning evidence generation and use across health, development, and environment 

    Tallis, Heather; Kreis, Katharine; Olander, Lydia; Ringler, Claudia; Ameyaw, David; Borsuk, Mark E.; Fletschner, Diana; Game, Edward; Gilligan, Daniel O.; Jeuland, Marc; Kennedy, Gina; Masuda, Yuta J.; Mehta, Sumi; Miller, Nicholas; Parker, Megan; Pollino, Carmel; Rajaratnam, Julie; Wilkie, David; Zhang, Wei; Ahmed, Selena; Ajayi, Oluyede C.; Alderman, Harold; Arhonditsis, George; Azevedo, Ines; Badola, Ruchi; Bailis, Rob; Balvanera, Patricia; Barbour, Emily; Bardini, Mark; Barton, David N.; Baumgartner, Jill; Benton, Tim G.; Bobrow, Emily; Bossio, Deborah; Bostrom, Ann; Braimoh, Ademola; Brondizio, Eduardo; Brown, Joe; Bryant, Benjamin P.; Calder, Ryan; Chaplin-Kramer, Becky; Cullen, Alison; DeMello, Nicole; Dickinson, Katherine L.; Ebi, Kristie L.; Eves, Heather E.; Fanzo, Jessica; Ferraro, Paul J.; Fisher, Brendan; Frongillo, Edward A.; Galford, Gillian; Garrity, Dennis; Gatere, Lydiah; Grieshop, Andrew P.; Grigg, Nicola J.; Groves, Craig; Gugerty, Mary Kay; Hamm, Michael; Hou, Xiaoyue; Huang, Cindy; Imhoff, Marc; Jack, Darby; Jones, Andrew D.; Kelsey, Rodd; Kothari, Monica; Kumar, Ritesh; Lachat, Carl; Larsen, Ashley; Lawrence, Mark; DeClerck, Fabrice; Levin, Phillip S.; Mabaya, Edward; Gibson, Jacqueline MacDonald; McDonald, Robert; Mace, Georgina; Maertens, Ricardo; Mangale, Dorothy; Martino, Robin; Mason, Sara; Mehta, Lyla; Meinzen-Dick, Ruth; Merz, Barbara; Msangi, Siwa; Murray, Grant; Murray, Kris A.; Naude, Celeste E.; Newlands, Nathaniel K.; Nkonya, Ephraim; Peterman, Amber; Petruney, Tricia; Possingham, Hugh; Puri, Jyotsna; Remans, Roseline; Remlinger, Lisa; Ricketts, Taylor H.; Reta, Bedilu; Robinson, Brian E.; Roe, Dilys; Rosenthal, Joshua; Shen, Guofeng; Shindell, Drew; Stewart-Koster, Ben; Sunderland, Terry; Sutherland, William J.; Tewksbury, Josh; Wasser, Heather; Wear, Stephanie; Webb, Chris; Whittington, Dale; Wilkerson, Marit; Wittmer, Heidi; Wood, Benjamin DK K.; Wood, Stephen; Wu, Joyce; Yadama, Gautam; Zobrist, Stephanie (Elsevier, 2019-08-01)
    Although health, development, and environment challenges are interconnected, evidence remains fractured across sectors due to methodological and conceptual differences in research and practice. Aligned methods are needed ...
  • Forecasting ecosystem services to guide coastal wetland rehabilitation decisions 

    Calder, Ryan; Shi, Congjie; Mason, Sara A.; Olander, Lydia P.; Borsuk, Mark E. (Elsevier, 2019-10-01)
    Coastal wetlands provide diverse ecosystem services such as flood protection and recreational value. However, predicting changes in ecosystem service value fr0k from restoration or management is challenging because ...
  • Graphical models and the challenge of evidence-based practice in development and sustainability 

    Calder, Ryan; Alatorre, Andrea; Marx, Rebecca S.; Mallampalli, Varun; Mason, Sara A.; Olander, Lydia P.; Jeuland, Marc; Borsuk, Mark E. (Elsevier, 2020-08-01)
    Governments and social benefit organizations are expected to consider evidence in decision-making. In development and sustainability, evidence spans disciplines and methodological traditions and is often inconclusive. ...
  • Comparison between Gradual Reduced Nicotine Content and Usual Nicotine Content Groups on Subjective Cigarette Ratings in a Randomized Double-Blind Trial 

    Lin, Wenxue; Krebs, Nicolle M.; Zhu, Junjia; Foulds, Jonathan; Horn, Kimberly; Muscat, Joshua E. (MDPI, 2020-09-26)
    In 2018, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking to reduce nicotine in tobacco products to produce a minimally addictive or nonaddictive effect, but there was ...
  • Sphaerostilbellins, New Antimicrobial Aminolipopeptide Peptaibiotics from Sphaerostilbella toxica 

    Perlatti, Bruno; Nichols, Connie B.; Alspaugh, J. Andrew; Gloer, James B.; Bills, Gerald F. (MDPI, 2020-09-26)
    Sphaerostilbella toxica is a mycoparasitic fungus that can be found parasitizing wood-decay basidiomycetes in the southern USA. Organic solvent extracts of fermented strains of S. toxica exhibited potent ...
  • Nutritional status impacts dengue virus infection in mice 

    Chuong, Christina; Bates, Tyler A.; Akter, Shamima; Werre, Stephen R.; LeRoith, Tanya; Weger-Lucarelli, James (2020-08-27)
    Background Dengue virus (DENV) is estimated to infect 390 million people annually. However, few host factors that alter disease severity are known. Malnutrition, defined as both over- and undernutrition, is a growing problem ...
  • Methods for Estimating Wet Bulb Globe Temperature From Remote and Low-Cost Data: A Comparative Study in Central Alabama 

    Carter, Anabel W.; Zaitchik, Benjamin F.; Gohlke, Julia; Wang, Suwei; Richardson, Molly B. (2020-05)
    Heat stress is a significant health concern that can lead to illness, injury, and mortality. The wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) index is one method for monitoring environmental heat risk. Generally, WBGT is estimated ...
  • Low-dose 17α-ethinyl estradiol (EE) exposure exacerbates lupus renal disease and modulates immune responses to TLR7/9 agonists in genetically autoimmune-prone mice 

    Edwards, Michael R.; Dai, Rujuan; Heid, Bettina; Cowan, Catharine; Werre, Stephen R.; Cecere, Thomas E.; Ahmed, S. Ansar (Springer Nature, 2020)
    Estrogens have been shown to regulate the immune system and modulate multiple autoimmune diseases. 17α-ethinyl estradiol (EE), a synthetic analog of 17β-estradiol, is prescribed commonly and found in oral contraceptives ...
  • Conocimientos de la hipertension: Health beliefs about hypertension in an under-resourced community in the Dominican Republic 

    Abrams, Jasmine A.; Castro, Bryan; Gordhandas, Sushmita; Grzegorczyk, Anna; Maxwell, Morgan; Brawner, Bridgette; Conserve, Donaldson F.; Ryan, Mark (2020-06-23)
    Understanding health beliefs is important to facilitate health promotion and disease prevention as they influence health behaviors, outcomes, and disease management. Given the rise of hypertension-related diseases in the ...
  • Water & Health in Rural China & Appalachia 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2019-10-04)
    The goal of this conference was to connect VT faculty and students with researchers and officials from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and UC Berkeley in order to share past/present/planned research ...

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