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    • Daisies arranged in 'VT' on Drillfield near Burruss Hall 

      Kletnieks, Carolyn (Photographer) (Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 2012-03-12)
    • Daisies on grass formed into VT insignia with a red rose 

      Williams (Photographer) (Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 2012-03-12)
    • Daisy chain in the shape of "VT" on Drillfield 

      Gupta, Roger K. (Photographer) (Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 2012-03-12)
    • Dale Belcher on a wood-vise 

      Palmer, Earl (Virginia Tech. Digital Library and Archives; Virginia Tech. University Libraries. Special Collections Department, 2005-05-17)
    • Dalitz plot analysis of the D+ -> K-pi(+)pi(+) decay in the FOCUS experiment 

      Link, Jonathan Marion; Yager, P. M.; Anjos, J. C.; Bediaga, I.; Castromonte, C.; Machado, A. A.; Magnin, J.; Massafferri, A.; de Miranda, J. M.; Pepe, I. M.; Polycarpo, E.; Dos Reis, A. C.; Carrillo, S.; Casimiro, E.; Cuautle, E.; Sanchez-Hernandez, A.; Uribe, C.; Vazquez, F.; Agostino, L.; Cinquini, L.; Cumalat, J. P.; Frisullo, V.; O'Reilly, B.; Segoni, I.; Stenson, K.; Butler, J. N.; Cheung, H. W. K.; Chiodini, G.; Gaines, I.; Garbincius, P. H.; Garren, L. A.; Gottschalk, E.; Kasper, P. H.; Kreymer, A. E.; Kutschke, R.; Wang, M.; Benussi, L.; Bianco, S.; Fabbri, F. L.; Zallo, A.; Reyes, M.; Cawlfield, C.; Kim, D. Y.; Rahimi, A.; Wiss, J.; Gardner, R.; Kryemadhi, A.; Chung, Y. S.; Kang, J. S.; Ko, B. R.; Kwak, J. W.; Lee, K. B.; Cho, K.; Park, H.; Alimonti, G.; Barberis, S.; Boschini, M.; Cerutti, A.; D'Angelo, P.; DiCorato, M.; Dini, P.; Edera, L.; Erba, S.; Inzani, P.; Leveraro, E.; Malvezzi, S.; Menasce, D.; Mezzadri, M.; Moroni, L.; Pedrini, D.; Pontoglio, C.; Prelz, F.; Rovere, M.; Sala, S.; Davenport, T. F. III; Arena, V.; Boca, G.; Bonomi, G.; Gianini, G.; Liguori, G.; Pegna, D. L.; Merlo, M. M.; Pantea, D.; Ratti, S. P.; Riccardi, C.; Vitulo, P.; Goebel, C.; Otalora, J.; Hemandez, H.; Lopez, A. M.; Mendez, H.; Paris, A.; Quinones, J.; Ramirez, J. E.; Zhang, Y.; Wilson, J. R.; Handler, T.; Mitchell, R.; Engh, D.; Hosack, M.; Johns, W. E.; Luiggi, E.; Nehring, M.; Sheldon, P. D.; Vaandering, E. W.; Webster, M.; Sheaff, M.; Pennington, M. R. (2007-09-13)
      Using data collected by the high energy photoproduction experiment FOCUS at Fermilab we performed a Dalitz plot analysis of the Cabibbo favored decay D+ ! K−π+π+. This study uses 53653 Dalitz-plot events with a signal ...
    • Damping optimization of parameter dependent mechanical systems by rational interpolation 

      Tomljanović, Z.; Beattie, C.; Gugercin, S.
      We consider an optimization problem related to semi-active damping of vibrating systems. The main problem is to determine the best damping matrix able to minimize influence of the input on the output of the system. We use ...
    • Dan Marmion, University Libraries of Notre Dame, sends support on Hokie Hope Day 

      Marmion, Dan (Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 2012-03-12)
    • Dan River Queen Riverboat 

      Palmer, Earl (Virginia Tech. Digital Library and Archives; Virginia Tech. University Libraries. Special Collections Department, 2005-05-17)
    • Dan River Queen Riverboat 

      Palmer, Earl (Virginia Tech. Digital Library and Archives; Virginia Tech. University Libraries. Special Collections Department, 2005-05-17)
    • Daniel Boone Monument 

      Palmer, Earl (Virginia Tech. Digital Library and Archives; Virginia Tech. University Libraries. Special Collections Department, 2005-05-18)
      Daniel Boone Monument on the Kentucky River on Kentucky Highway 227 between Richmond and Winchester, Kentucky.
    • Dante, VA: Community Design Charrette 

      Proctor, Nicholaus; Gilboy, Elizabeth Truex; Clements, Terry L.; Williams, Daphne; Shi, Xiaofei; Bohannon, Cermetrius Lynell; Bork, Dean R.; Jacobson, Wendy R.; Johnson, Ben; Katen, Brian F.; Kim, Mintai; McGill, David; Miller, Patrick A. (Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center, 2017-02-01)
      The Virginia Tech Landscape Architecture (LAR) Program held the first Richard G. Gibbons Public Landscapes Planning and Design Vertical Charrette at the beginning of the spring semester 2017. All landscape architecture ...
    • Dante, VA: Conceptual Downtown Master Plan and Park Design 

      Proctor, Nicholaus; Gilboy, Elizabeth Truex; Kim, Boram (Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center, 2017-08)
      This project was part two of a two-part project for the Dante community toward developing a conceptual downtown master plan that featured public open space. For part one, in January 2017 the Virginia Tech Landscape ...
    • Dante, VA: Conceptual Redevelopment of the Arty Lee School Property 

      Proctor, Nicholaus; Gilboy, Elizabeth; Tobias, Meredith; Roebuck, Kontessa (2018-09)
      The Arty Lee School is an important part of the Dante community’s African American history. This final concept proposes an adaptive reuse of the eastern most footprint of the original building. The design turns this ...
    • Dante, VA: Conceptual Redevelopment of the Dante Depot 

      Proctor, Nicholaus; Gilboy, Elizabeth; Tucker, Lisa M.; Roebuck, Kontessa; Tobias, Meredith; Piotrowski, Samantha; Smith, Victoria (2018-07)
      This project was the third community planning project organized as Dante works to revitalize its community and downtown region. This third phase of work focused on the redevelopment of the Dante Depot. Using community ...
    • Dante, VA: Conceptual Redevelopment Plan for the Former Steam Building and Contura Properties 

      Proctor, Nicholaus; Gilboy, Elizabeth; Tucker, Lisa; Bolander, Madi; Diioia, Katelynn; Rosa, Anthony
      The design provides an overarching vision for the former steam building and Contura properties that connects to surrounding community assets such as the historic African American church. It creates a space that welcomes ...
    • Dante, VA: Conceptual Residential Housing Design Guidelines and Infill Prototypes 

      Proctor, Nicholaus; Gilboy, Elizabeth; Jones, Kevin; Pickering, Sean; Wirth, Jessica (2020-07-06)
      CDAC assisted Dante with its revitalization efforts with this portion of work focused on residential housing design guidelines and infill prototypes. As revitalization efforts continue, it is important to document the coal ...
    • Dante, VA: Where There's A Vision, There's Opportunity 

      Gilboy, Elizabeth; Proctor, Nicholaus; Morici, Joe; Wallace, Lou (2019-03-19)
      From coal depot to a coffee cafe, the economic future of Dante, VA is bright. Dante's creative approach to utilizing grants opportuntities has brought new life into this former coal camp, deep in the hills of southwest ...
    • The DarkSide Multiton Detector for the Direct Dark Matter Search 

      Aalseth, C. E.; Agnes, P.; Alton, A. K.; Arisaka, K.; Asner, D. M.; Back, H. O.; Baldin, B.; Biery, K.; Bonfini, G.; Bossa, M.; Brigatti, A.; Brodsky, J.; Budano, F.; Cadonati, L.; Cadoni, M.; Calaprice, F.; Canci, N.; Candela, A.; Cao, H.; Cariello, M.; Cavalcante, P.; Chepurnov, A.; Cocco, A. G.; Condon, C.; Crippa, L.; D’Angelo, D.; D’Incecco, M.; Davini, S.; De Deo, M.; Derbin, A.; Devoto, A.; Di Eusanio, F.; Edkins, E.; Empl, A.; Fan, A.; Fiorillo, G.; Fomenko, K.; Forster, G.; Foxe, M.; Franco, D.; Gabriele, F.; Galbiati, C.; Goretti, A.; Grandi, L.; Gromov, M.; Guan, M. Y.; Guardincerri, Y.; Hackett, B.; Herner, K.; Hime, A.; Humble, P.; Hungerford, E.; Ianni, Al.; Ianni, An.; Jaffe, D. E.; Jollet, C.; Keeter, K.; Kendziora, C.; Kidner, S.; Kobychev, V.; Koh, G.; Korablev, D.; Korga, G.; Kurlej, A.; Li, P. X.; Lissia, M.; Lombardi, P.; Ludhova, L.; Luitz, S.; Lukyachenko, G.; Ma, Y. Q.; Machulin, I.; Mandarano, A.; Mari, S. M.; Maricic, J.; Marini, L.; Markov, D.; Martoff, J.; Meregaglia, A.; Meroni, E.; Meyers, P. D.; Miletic, T.; Milincic, R.; Montuschi, M.; Monzani, M. E.; Mosteiro, P.; Mount, B.; Muratova, V.; Musico, P.; Montanari, D.; Nelson, A.; Odrowski, S.; Odrzywolek, A.; Orrell, J. L.; Orsini, M.; Ortica, F.; Pagani, L.; Pallavicini, M.; Pantic, E.; Parmeggiano, S.; Parsells, B.; Pelczar, K.; Pelliccia, N.; Perasso, S.; Perasso, L.; Pocar, A.; Pordes, S.; Pugachev, D.; Qian, H.; Randle, K.; Ranucci, G.; Razeto, A.; Recine, K.; Reinhold, B.; Renshaw, A.; Romani, A.; Rossi, N.; Rossi, B.; Rountree, S. D.; Sablone, D.; Saggese, P.; Saldanha, R.; Sands, W.; Sangiorgio, S.; Segreto, E.; Semenov, D.; Shields, E.; Skorokhvatov, M.; Smallcomb, M.; Smirnov, O.; Sotnikov, A.; Suvurov, Y.; Tartaglia, R.; Tatarowicz, J.; Testera, G.; Tonazzo, A.; Unzhakov, E.; Vogelaar, R. B.; Wada, M.; Walker, S. E.; Wang, H.; Wang, Y.; Watson, A. W.; Westerdale, S.; Williams, R.; Wojcik, M.; Xu, J.; Yang, C. G.; Yoo, J.; Yu, B.; Zavatarelli, S.; Zhong, W. L.; Zuzel, G. (Hindawi, 2015-01-20)
      Although the existence of dark matter is supported by many evidences, based on astrophysical measurements, its nature is still completely unknown. One major candidate is represented by weakly interacting massive particles ...
    • Data Management Bootcamp 2016: Andi Ogier 

      Ogier, Andrea
      In this brief talk, Andi Ogier, Virginia Tech Libraries' Associate Director of Data Services, discusses services offered by the VT Libraries to help researchers manage, publish, and curate their data.
    • Data Management Bootcamp 2016: Ginny Pannabecker 

      Pannabecker, Virginia
      Following a session on "Writing for Data Management," presentation attendees applied what they learned while playing a Data Management Bingo game to identify good and bad data management practices from sample data management ...