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    • Automated Mapping of Typical Cropland Strips in the North China Plain Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Photogrammetry 

      Zhang, Jianyong; Zhao, Yanling; Abbott, A. Lynn; Wynne, Randolph H.; Hu, Zhenqi; Zou, Yuzhu; Tian, Shuaishuai (MDPI, 2019-10-10)
      Accurate mapping of agricultural fields is needed for many purposes, including irrigation decisions and cadastral management. This paper is concerned with the automated mapping of cropland strips that are common in the ...
    • Beyond Finding Change: multitemporal Landsat for forest monitoring and management 

      Wynne, Randolph H.; Thomas, Valerie A.; Brooks, Evan B.; Coulston, J. O.; Derwin, J. M.; Liknes, G. C.; Yang, Z.; Fox, Thomas R.; Ghannam, S.; Abbott, A. Lynn; House, M. N.; Saxena, R.; Watson, Layne T.; Gopalakrishnan, R. (2017-07)
      Take homes
      • Tobler’s Law still in effect with time series – spatial autocorrelation in temporal coherence can help in both preprocessing and estimation
      • Continual process improvement in extant algorithms ...
    • ICESat-2 Early Adopter Summary Results 

      Abbott, A. Lynn; Wynne, Randolph H.; Thomas, Valerie A. (2019-05-02)
      Estimating forest canopy height
    • Multi-temporal Multi-sensor Data Fusion 

      Ghannam, Sherin; Abbott, A. Lynn (2014)
      Landsat data offered a great help in mapping a lot of vegetation parameters at 30 m spatial resolution but unfortunately does not provide daily coverage (it has a 16 day revisit cycle). This is a major obstacle for monitoring ...
    • Optimization of Color Conversion for Face Recognition 

      Jones, Creed F. III; Abbott, A. Lynn (2004-04-21)
      This paper concerns the conversion of color images to monochromatic form for the purpose of human face recognition. Many face recognition systems operate using monochromatic information alone even when color images are ...