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  • Open Exit: Reaching the End of the Data Lifecycle 

    Ogier, AL; Nicholls, N; Speer, R
  • Behind the Scenes of the Fair Use Week Exhibit - How We Made Our Copyright Decisions 

    Pannabecker, Virginia; Sebek, Robert; Walz, Anita; Fralin, Scott; Gilbertson, Keith (2016-02)
    This workshop was created for a general audience, with an expectation of most being students, staff, or faculty in a higher education environment. *This workshop was developed with United States copyright law in mind. ...
  • Is It a Fair Use? A Hands-On Discussion 

    Pannabecker, Virginia; Walz, Anita (2016-02)
    This workshop was provided for instructors, researchers, and library employees; in-person and online, as well as being open to the general public (in-person and online) during Fair Use Week 2016. In each workshop session, ...
  • Imagine a National Digital Library: I Wonder If We Can 

    French, AL (2011-03-01)
    Keynote talk about the National Digital Public Library planning initiative given at the Electronic Resources and Libraries Annual Meeting in Austin, TX. The paper discusses the history of Carnegie libraries in establishing ...
  • Library Support for Liberal Arts Data 

    French, AL (2015-10-20)
    A presentation given at an Open Access Week panel titled "Data and digitization for the liberal arts and human sciences" on the subject of collecting, curating, preserving, and publishing liberal arts "data," despite the ...
  • Celebrate Fair Use Week - Event Toolkit 

    Pannabecker, Virginia; Walz, Anita; Sebek, Robert; Fralin, Scott; Gilbertson, Keith (2016-02)
    In Fall 2015, the Open Knowledge Committee of Virginia Tech’s University Libraries decided to participate in Fair Use Week 2016. This was our first time participating. We put a call out and gathered a planning group. Our ...
  • Communicating Research to the Public through ETDs 

    McMillan, Gail (2016-04-26)
    This was a presentation for the CAUS Construction Engineering Research Methods course, CNST-5084, taught by Dr. Annie Pearce. The focus of the April 26, 2016, class was "Communicating Research to the Public." It was organized ...
  • ETDs and the Landscape of Open Access Publishing 

    McMillan, Gail (2016-04-01)
    Countering anecdotal evidence and calming fears about publicly accessible ETDs—electronic theses and dissertations, McMillan will present a variety of perspectives based on current data. She has led international surveys ...
  • Open Access Discussion Session - Psychology Graduate Course 

    Pannabecker, Virginia (2016)
    This OER Package includes a description, lesson plan, and materials for a discussion session addressing: Why are open research practices, open access, and author rights important to Psychology graduate students? How might ...
  • Linking Health and Nature: Implications for the Physical Therapy Field 

    Ichoku, Chioma (2015-12-15)
    Nature is often overlooked in the health field, and more specifically the physical therapy field. There is evidence that contact with nature has healing effects both psychologically and physically. When it comes to physical ...
  • Between the Scylla of hidebound conservatism and the Charybdis of mindless speculation 

    Bauer, Henry H. (Inter-Research, 2004)
    The ‘quality’ of a scientific publication is not an absolute but must be assessed in relation to a journal’s mission. It should be judged primarily by its disciplined intellectual rigor, bearing in mind what course the ...
  • The Changing Publication Landscape 

    McMillan, Gail (2016-02-26)
    The landscape of scholarly publishing is in flux and has evolved considerably over the last decade. This program addressed the current state of scholarly communication and provided an opportunity to discuss issues, ...
  • My Scandalous Future in Libraries 

    French, Amanda (Council on Library and Information Resources, 2015-07-07)
    A short blog post on recent high-profile events at the Boston Public Library and the Library of Congress that led to the departure of library directors Amy Ryan and James Billington.
  • Video Playback Modifications for a DSpace Repository 

    Gilbertson, Keith; McVoy, Liz (Code4Lib Journal, 2016-01-28)
    This paper focuses on modifications to an institutional repository system using the open source DSpace software to support playback of digital videos embedded within item pages. The changes were made in response to the ...
  • Preconference: Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) for Libraries 

    Walz, Anita; DeLaurenti, Kathleen; Cassidy, Tara; Fair, Stephanie; McCulley, Lucretia; Yeager, Joy; Pannabecker, Virginia (Virginia Tech, 2015-10-21)
    This presentation was given as a preconference session at the Virginia Library Association Annual Conference 2015. Librarians of all types can benefit from learning about the Open Educational Resources movement: what ...
  • PLN Members and the ARL Digital Preservation Survey Preliminary Findings 

    McMillan, Gail (2011-10-24)
    Because there is relatively little information gathered or reported about digital preservation practices and policies, we proposed and conducted the 1st Association of Research Libraries (ARL) SPEC survey on digital ...
  • Distributed Digital Preservation Workshop for ETDs 

    McMillan, Gail; Halbert, Martin; Donovan, Bill (2009-06-10)
    The goal of the second ETD Preservation Workshop is to share with you the information necessary to establish a sound preservation program and describe how the MetaArchive Cooperative can meet your institution’s needs. We ...
  • Collaborative Preservation of ETDs: The MetaArchive Cooperative and LOCKSS 

    McMillan, Gail (2010-05-11)
    While few would argue about the importance of digital preservation, it often gets a low priority when institutions are planning and implementing their ETD initiatives. However, the NDLTD has joined forces with the MetaArchive ...

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