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  • 12th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy Proceedings 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2020)
    The conference showcases the best pedagogical practice and research in higher education today. Sessions address disciplinary and interdisciplinary instructional strategies, outcomes, and research. Each year we welcome over ...
  • Novel Electrospun Pullulan Fibers Incorporating Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin: Morphology and Relation with Rheological Properties 

    Poudel, Deepak; Swilley-Sanchez, Sarah; O’Keefe, Sean F.; Matson, John; Long, Timothy; Fernández-Fraguas, Cristina (MDPI, 2020-10-31)
    Fibers produced by electrospinning from biocompatible, biodegradable and naturally occurring polymers have potential advantages in drug delivery and biomedical applications because of their unique functionalities. Here, ...
  • Analysis of environmental and economic impacts of hydropower imports for New York City through 2050 

    Calder, Ryan; Borsuk, Mark; Robinson, Celine (Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, 2020-10-13)
  • Risk tradeoffs associated with traditional food advisories for Labrador Inuit 

    Calder, Ryan; Bromage, Sabri; Sunderland, Elsie M. (Elsevier, 2019-01-01)
    The traditional Inuit diet includes wild birds, fish and marine mammals, which can contain high concentrations of the neurotoxicant methylmercury (MeHg). Hydroelectric development may increase MeHg concentrations in ...
  • Aligning evidence generation and use across health, development, and environment 

    Tallis, Heather; Kreis, Katharine; Olander, Lydia; Ringler, Claudia; Ameyaw, David; Borsuk, Mark E.; Fletschner, Diana; Game, Edward; Gilligan, Daniel O.; Jeuland, Marc; Kennedy, Gina; Masuda, Yuta J.; Mehta, Sumi; Miller, Nicholas; Parker, Megan; Pollino, Carmel; Rajaratnam, Julie; Wilkie, David; Zhang, Wei; Ahmed, Selena; Ajayi, Oluyede C.; Alderman, Harold; Arhonditsis, George; Azevedo, Ines; Badola, Ruchi; Bailis, Rob; Balvanera, Patricia; Barbour, Emily; Bardini, Mark; Barton, David N.; Baumgartner, Jill; Benton, Tim G.; Bobrow, Emily; Bossio, Deborah; Bostrom, Ann; Braimoh, Ademola; Brondizio, Eduardo; Brown, Joe; Bryant, Benjamin P.; Calder, Ryan; Chaplin-Kramer, Becky; Cullen, Alison; DeMello, Nicole; Dickinson, Katherine L.; Ebi, Kristie L.; Eves, Heather E.; Fanzo, Jessica; Ferraro, Paul J.; Fisher, Brendan; Frongillo, Edward A.; Galford, Gillian; Garrity, Dennis; Gatere, Lydiah; Grieshop, Andrew P.; Grigg, Nicola J.; Groves, Craig; Gugerty, Mary Kay; Hamm, Michael; Hou, Xiaoyue; Huang, Cindy; Imhoff, Marc; Jack, Darby; Jones, Andrew D.; Kelsey, Rodd; Kothari, Monica; Kumar, Ritesh; Lachat, Carl; Larsen, Ashley; Lawrence, Mark; DeClerck, Fabrice; Levin, Phillip S.; Mabaya, Edward; Gibson, Jacqueline MacDonald; McDonald, Robert; Mace, Georgina; Maertens, Ricardo; Mangale, Dorothy; Martino, Robin; Mason, Sara; Mehta, Lyla; Meinzen-Dick, Ruth; Merz, Barbara; Msangi, Siwa; Murray, Grant; Murray, Kris A.; Naude, Celeste E.; Newlands, Nathaniel K.; Nkonya, Ephraim; Peterman, Amber; Petruney, Tricia; Possingham, Hugh; Puri, Jyotsna; Remans, Roseline; Remlinger, Lisa; Ricketts, Taylor H.; Reta, Bedilu; Robinson, Brian E.; Roe, Dilys; Rosenthal, Joshua; Shen, Guofeng; Shindell, Drew; Stewart-Koster, Ben; Sunderland, Terry; Sutherland, William J.; Tewksbury, Josh; Wasser, Heather; Wear, Stephanie; Webb, Chris; Whittington, Dale; Wilkerson, Marit; Wittmer, Heidi; Wood, Benjamin DK K.; Wood, Stephen; Wu, Joyce; Yadama, Gautam; Zobrist, Stephanie (Elsevier, 2019-08-01)
    Although health, development, and environment challenges are interconnected, evidence remains fractured across sectors due to methodological and conceptual differences in research and practice. Aligned methods are needed ...
  • Forecasting ecosystem services to guide coastal wetland rehabilitation decisions 

    Calder, Ryan; Shi, Congjie; Mason, Sara A.; Olander, Lydia P.; Borsuk, Mark E. (Elsevier, 2019-10-01)
    Coastal wetlands provide diverse ecosystem services such as flood protection and recreational value. However, predicting changes in ecosystem service value fr0k from restoration or management is challenging because ...
  • Graphical models and the challenge of evidence-based practice in development and sustainability 

    Calder, Ryan; Alatorre, Andrea; Marx, Rebecca S.; Mallampalli, Varun; Mason, Sara A.; Olander, Lydia P.; Jeuland, Marc; Borsuk, Mark E. (Elsevier, 2020-08-01)
    Governments and social benefit organizations are expected to consider evidence in decision-making. In development and sustainability, evidence spans disciplines and methodological traditions and is often inconclusive. ...
  • Antibacterial efficacy of core-shell nanostructures encapsulating gentamicin against an in vivo intracellular Salmonella model 

    Ranjan, Ashish; Pothayee, Nikorn; Seleem, Mohammed N.; Tyler, Ronald D.; Brenseke, Bonnie; Sriranganathan, Nammalwar; Riffle, Judy S.; Kasimanickam, Ramanathan (Dove Medical Press, 2009-01-01)
    Pluronic based core-shell nanostructures encapsulating gentamicin were designed in this study. Block copolymers of (PAA(+/-)Na-b-(PEO-b-PPO-b-PEO)-b-PAA(+/-)Na) were blended with PAA(-) Na(+) and complexed with the ...
  • A Long and Winding Road: Dementia Caregiving With Grit and Grace 

    Roberto, Karen A.; McCann, Brandy Renee; Blieszner, Rosemary; Savla, Jyoti S. (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    Background and Objectives: Many dementia caregivers provide care for numerous years. Exhibiting grit, or commitment and persistence in the face of adversity, may bolster their ability to manage caregiving challenges. We ...
  • Development of Recyclable and High-Performance In Situ Hybrid TLCP/Glass Fiber Composites 

    Chen, Tianran; Kazerooni, Dana; Ju, Lin; Okonski, David A.; Baird, Donald G. (MDPI, 2020-08-24)
    By combining the concepts of in situ thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer (TLCP) composites and conventional fiber composites, a recyclable and high-performance in situ hybrid polypropylene-based composite was successfully ...
  • A Practical Guide for Managing Interdisciplinary Teams: Lessons Learned from Coupled Natural and Human Systems Research 

    Henson, V. Reilly; Cobourn, Kelly M.; Weathers, Kathleen C.; Carey, Cayelan C.; Farrell, Kaitlin J.; Klug, Jennifer L.; Sorice, Michael G.; Ward, Nicole K.; Weng, Weizhe (MDPI, 2020-07-09)
    Interdisciplinary team science is essential to address complex socio-environmental questions, but it also presents unique challenges. The scientific literature identifies best practices for high-level processes in team ...
  • Isocyanate- and solvent-free synthesis of melt processible polyurea elastomers derived from urea as a monomer 

    White, B. Tyler; Migliore, John M.; Mapesa, Emmanuel U.; Wolfgang, Josh D.; Sangoro, Joshua; Long, Timothy E. (2020-05-18)
    Polyurea elastomers are utilized for a myriad of applications ranging from coatings and foams to dielectric materials for capacitors and actuators. However, current synthetic methods for polyureas rely on highly reactive ...
  • Teaching Intellectual Skills 

    Gagne, Robert (Florida State University, 1970?)
  • A Conversation with S. N. Postlethwait 

    Postlethwait, Samuel; Terrell, W. R.; Roper, L. David; Braden, Roberts A. (Virginia Tech. Learning Resources Center, 1978-08-08)
  • Who Needs Behavioral Objectives? An Interview with Dr. Samuel Postlethwait 

    Postlethwait, Samuel (Virginia Tech. Learning Resources Center, 1978-08)
  • Fred Keller at 80: A Great Teacher Repents 

    Keller, Fred S. (Virginia Tech. Learning Resources Center, 1979-05)
  • A Panel Discussion with Fred S. Keller 

    Keller, Fred S.; Sherman, Thomas M.; Roper, L. David; Braden, Roberts A. (Virginia Tech. Learning Resources Center, 1979-05)
  • GCC Weekly, May 19, 2020 

    Unknown author (Global Change Center at Virginia Tech, 2020-05-19)
    This is the weekly newsletter for the Global Change Center at Virginia Tech.
  • GCC Weekly, May 12, 2020 

    Unknown author (Global Change Center at Virginia Tech, 2020-05-12)
    This is the weekly newsletter for the Global Change Center at Virginia Tech.

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