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    • Nanoscale Bacteria‐Enabled Autonomous Drug Delivery System (NanoBEADS) Enhances Intratumoral Transport of Nanomedicine 

      Suh, SeungBeum; Jo, Ami; Traore, Mahama A.; Zhan, Ying; Coutermarsh-Ott, Sheryl L.; Ringel-Scaia, Veronica M.; Allen, Irving C.; Davis, Richey M.; Behkam, Bahareh (Wiley, 2018-12-05)
      Cancer drug delivery remains a formidable challenge due to systemic toxicity and inadequate extravascular transport of nanotherapeutics to cells distal from blood vessels. It is hypothesized that, in absence of an external ...
    • Near-flat self-biased magnetoelectric response in geometry gradient composite 

      Zhou, Yuan; Priya, Shashank (American Institute of Physics, 2014-03-14)
      We demonstrate a near-flat self-biased magnetoelectric (ME) effect in geometry gradient magnetostrictive-piezoelectric laminates. The near-flat behavior was characterized by a stable ME response over a wide range of magnetic ...
    • The Need and Provision of Health and Community Services for Older Adults in Montgomery County, Virginia 

      Liu, Yujun; Hwang, Eunju (Virginia Tech, 2014-11-05)
      The purpose of this study is to explore the availability of health and community services for rural older adults by examining the spatial distribution of older population and service organizations in Montgomery County, VA.
    • Neighborhood Walkability Assessment for Seniors: Using Geographic Information Systems 

      Gao, Na; Wei, Rongrong; Hwang, Eunju (Virginia Tech, 2014-11-05)
      Purpose: To examine walkability for seniors living in a low-income neighborhood (Ward 8). The neighborhood walkability in the DC area was assessed via geographic information systems (GIS) using ArcGIS 10.1 data using the ...
    • A new method for achieving enhanced dielectric response over a wide temperature range 

      Maurya, Deepam; Sun, Fu-Chang; Alpay, S. Pamir; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2015-10-19)
      We report a novel approach for achieving high dielectric response over a wide temperature range. In this approach, multilayer ceramic heterostructures with constituent compositions having strategically tuned Curie points ...
    • A new wavelet family based on second-order LTI-systems 

      Abuhamdia, Tariq; Taheri, Saied; Burns, John A. (Sage Publications, 2016)
      In this paper, a new family of wavelets derived from the underdamped response of second-order Linear-Time-Invariant (LTI) systems is introduced. The most important criteria for a function or signal to be a wavelet is the ...
    • “Nobody Likes to Admit What’s Going On”: Avoidance Behaviors of Families Coping with MCI 

      Brossoie, Nancy; Roberto, Karen A.; Blieszner, Rosemary (Virginia Tech, 2009)
      Managing stress using avoidance coping strategies allows family members to manage their emotional responses as well as cope with changes in their relative’s memory, behavior, and sociability that manifest with mild cognitive ...
    • North American Cross-Border Electricity Trade 

      Loomis, Ian M. (Virginia Tech. Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research., 1998-03)
      The extensive trade of goods and services between the United States and Canada includes electricity. In general, this trade involves the shipment of power in both directions across the national border. In recent years the ...
    • Novel Electrospun Pullulan Fibers Incorporating Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin: Morphology and Relation with Rheological Properties 

      Poudel, Deepak; Swilley-Sanchez, Sarah; O’Keefe, Sean F.; Matson, John; Long, Timothy; Fernández-Fraguas, Cristina (MDPI, 2020-10-31)
      Fibers produced by electrospinning from biocompatible, biodegradable and naturally occurring polymers have potential advantages in drug delivery and biomedical applications because of their unique functionalities. Here, ...
    • Nucleobase-functionalized acrylic ABA triblock copolymers and supramolecular blends 

      Zhang, Keren; Aiba, Motohiro; Fahs, Gregory B.; Hudson, Amanda G.; Chiang, William D.; Moore, Robert B.; Ueda, Mitsuru; Long, Timothy E. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-01-30)
      Reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization afforded the unprecedented synthesis of well-defined acrylic ABA triblock copolymers with nucleobase-functionalized external blocks and a central ...
    • Nursing Home Diversion Programs: Challenges, Successes, and Next Steps 

      Brossoie, Nancy; Roberto, Karen A. (Virginia Tech, 2011)
      In 2009-2010, Virginia participated in a pilot project of the Administration on Aging. The Nursing Home Diversion Modernization Program, now known as the Community Living Program (CLP), was designed to assist individuals ...
    • Nursing Home Employees: Community Ecology and Retention 

      Roberto, Karen A.; Manicini, J. (National Institutes of Health, 2003)
    • Office desk 

      Gottlieb, Lois Davidson (Virginia Tech. Digital Library and Archives; Virginia Tech. University Libraries. Special Collections Department, 2005-01-06)
    • Oil-Impregnated Hydrocarbon-Based Polymer Films 

      Mukherjee, Ranit; Habibi, Mohammad; Rashed, Ziad T.; Berbert, Otacilio; Shi, Xiangke; Boreyko, Jonathan B. (Springer Nature, 2018-08-03)
      Porous surfaces impregnated with a liquid lubricant exhibit minimal contact angle hysteresis with immiscible test liquids, rendering them ideal as self-cleaning materials. Rather than roughening a solid substrate, an ...
    • Older Families in Rural Communities: Personal and Social Influences on Service Use 

      Roberto, Karen A.; Blieszner, Rosemary (U. S. Department of Agriculture, 2002)
      The overall goal of this research project was to gather data from older adults and their family caregivers living in rural southwest Virginia to learn how health and community-based services programs can win greater ...
    • Olefin cross-metathesis, a mild, modular approach to functionalized cellulose esters 

      Meng, Xiangtao; Matson, John B.; Edgar, Kevin J. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014-09-02)
      Olefin cross-metathesis has been demonstrated to be a modular pathway for synthesis of a series of functionalized cellulose esters. As a proof of concept, cellulose acetate was acylated with two terminally olefinic acid ...
    • On efficient solutions to the continuous sensitivity equation using automatic differentiation 

      Borggaard, Jeffrey T.; Verma, A. (Siam Publications, 2000-06)
      Shape sensitivity analysis is a tool that provides quantitative information about the influence of shape parameter changes on the solution of a partial differential equation (PDE). These shape sensitivities are described ...
    • On the Lawrence-Doniach and Anisotropic Ginzburg-Landau models for layered superconductors 

      Chapman, S. J.; Du, Q.; Gunzburger, M. D. (Siam Publications, 1995-02)
      The authors consider two models, the Lawrence-Doniach and the anisotropic Ginzburg-Landau models for layered superconductors such as the recently discovered high-temperature superconductors. A mathematical description of ...
    • Optimal trajectory control for LLC resonant converter for LED PWM dimming 

      Electrical and Computer Engineering; Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES); Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Lee, Fred C.; Ji, Shu; Feng, Weiyi (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2016-03-01)
      Pulse width modulation is provided for controlling a resonant power converter, particularly for dimming of light emitting diode arrays without loss of efficiency. Dynamic oscillation due to the beginning of a pulse width ...
    • Optimal trajectory control for LLC resonant converter for soft start-up 

      Electrical and Computer Engineering; Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES); Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.; Lee, Fred C.; Feng, Weiyi (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2016-04-19)
      By setting switching instants of a switching circuit of a resonant power converter based on current in a resonant circuit reaching a current limit of a current limitation band, soft start-up of the power converter can be ...