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  • Cabbage Looper 

    Day, Eric R. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2011-04-25)
    Describes life cycle of Cabbage Looper, its damage to crops, and methods of control.
  • Calcium : build strong bones 

    Serrano, Elena Lidia; Sablik, Anna (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2003)
  • Calcium Checklist - Food Guide Pyramid 

    Hertzler, Ann A. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, 1998)
  • Calcium, vitamin D and your health 

    Cox, Ruby Hurley; Nickols-Richardson, Sharon Michelle, 1965- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2002)
  • Calcium, vitamin D and your health 

    Cox, Ruby Hurley; Nickols-Richardson, Sharon Michelle, 1965- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005)
  • Calcium: Build Strong Bones 

    Serrano, Elena Lidia; Sablik, Anna (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Tips for ways to choose foods higher in calcium for maintaining and building stronger bones.
  • The Calf Hutch 

    Hartman, D. A. (Dennis A.); Murley, W. Ray; Collins, W. H. (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1979-03)
  • Calibrating Forage Seeding Equipment 

    Teutsch, Christopher David, 1968- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)
    Variations in seed size, weight, purity, and coatings and performance of seeding equipment can cause large discrepancies between chart settings and actual seeding rates.
  • Calibrating Hand-held and Backpack Sprayers for Applying Pesticides 

    Zedaker, Sheperd Morrison (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Hand-held and backpack sprayers are inexpensive tools used to apply pesticides on small acreages. Effective pest control depends on applying the proper amount of pesticide. This can only be done if the spray equipment is ...
  • Calibrating hand-held and backpack sprayers for applying pesticides 

    Zedaker, Sheperd Morrison (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2000)
  • Calibrating Your Lawn Spreader 

    Hall, John Raymond, 1941-; Relf, Diane; Carry, Patricia; May, Jim, 1951- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    There are two basic types of fertilizer spreaders for use on the home lawn: the drop and the broadcast. This publication gives the reader tips on the best spreader to use in which situations and the proper formula and ...
  • Calving Difficulty: Can you select against it? 

    McGilliard, M. L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1979-07)
  • Calving Emergencies in Beef Cattle: Identification and Prevention 

    Whittier, W. Dee; Currin, Nancy; Currin, John F.; Hall, John Burton, 1960- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Calving difficulty, technically called dystocia, is a major cause of death loss in cow-calf herds. Studies indicate that dystocia is responsible for 33 percent of all calf losses and 15.4 percent of beef cattle breeding losses.
  • Can a guy say no? a 4-H/CRD video discussion guide 

    Chandler, Robert Michael, 1948- (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1989)
    A discussion guide on a program about teenage sexuality
  • Can It Safely 

    Boyer, Renee Raiden (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2013-08-28)
    This publication outlines how to safely preserve low and high-acid foods through pressure canning at home.
  • Can't you see me : rape prevention 

    McAlister, J. Douglas (James Douglas), 1944- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1990)
    A discussion guide for a program on rape prevention.
  • Canadian Hemlock, Tsuga canadensis 

    Niemiera, Alexander Xavier, 1951- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2010-11-03)
    This publication covers the physical and main features, plant needs, functions, care, and additional information for the Canadian Hemlock, Tsuga canadensis.
  • Cannibalism: Prevention and Treatment 

    Clauer, Phillip J. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)
    Cannibalism in fowl is a costly and vicious habit that poultry producers can not afford to ignore. It may occur at any age among all breeds, strains and sexes of fowl.
  • Canning 

    Barton, Jo Anne (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1990)
    Discusses various methods of canning foods.
  • Care and maintenance of boilers in food processing plants 

    Huang, Frank, 1941-; Mashburn, William H., 1928-; Riggins, J. Kenneth (Sea Grant, Extension Division, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1979)