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  • The Game of Cash and Stuff. Money Management Unit II 

    Dailey, Hilda (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1974-06)
  • GAPs: Common Sense for Fresh Produce Growers 

    Bratsch, Tony (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)
    Advises growers of fresh produce on requirements of GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) program.
  • Garden Sumacs, Rhus spp. 

    Niemiera, Alexander Xavier, 1951- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    This publication covers the physical and main features, plant needs, functions, care, and additional information for the Garden Sumacs, Rhus spp.
  • Gardening and Your Health. Arthritis 

    Predny, Mary Lorraine (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    For individuals suffering from arthritis, gardening can be a great exercise and stress reducer when done correctly. In fact, gardening is an excellent activity for maintaining joint flexibility, range of motion, and quality ...
  • Gardening and Your Health. Carpal Tunnel 

    Appleton, Bonnie Lee, 1948-2012; Predny, Mary Lorraine (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Gardening with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can be very difficult, especially when a long day of shoveling, raking, or weed pulling leaves you with a painful or "tingling" hand or wrist. This publication reviews the aches ...
  • Gardening and Your Health. Plant Allergies 

    Predny, Mary Lorraine (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Allergic reactions are caused by an overactive immune system response to a foreign substance such as pollen, dust, or molds. This publication goes over the common plants that cause allergies and ways to prevent allergies ...
  • Gardening and Your Health. Power Tool Safety 

    Hetzel, Glen Hayward; Relf, Diane; Predny, Mary Lorraine (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Many homeowners use power tools to shape and maintain their landscape, including lawn mowers, chain saws, string trimmers, leaf blowers, and chipper/shredders. Accidents and injuries that occur while gardening with power ...
  • Gardening and Your Health. Protecting Your Hands and Feet 

    Appleton, Bonnie Lee, 1948-2012; Predny, Mary Lorraine (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    The skin on hands and feet is like most ornamental plants. Neither likes the extremes of being dried out or kept too wet. Treat skin as tenderly as the most sensitive plants and safeguard your horticultural health.
  • Gardening and Your Health. Protecting Your Knees and Back 

    Predny, Mary Lorraine (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Many gardening tasks require knee and back strength and stability. The best way to protect knees and backs from the stress and strain is to condition them with strengthening exercises and stretching.
  • Gardening and Your Health. Summer Heat 

    Appleton, Bonnie Lee, 1948-2012; Predny, Mary Lorraine (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    To understand how to reduce or minimize heat stress or heat-related illnesses, one must first understand what causes heat stress and when it is most likely to occur. The following are just some of the signs, symptoms, ...
  • Gardening and Your Health. Sunburn & Skin Cancer 

    Appleton, Bonnie Lee, 1948-2012; Predny, Mary Lorraine (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Most people have suffered from at least one bad sunburn. Even if damage is not visible, skin cells mutate with each sun exposure. Over a lifetime these mutations may add up to cancer, a problem seen on gardeners who work ...
  • Gardening equipment 

    Relf, Diane (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2000)
  • The Garmin eTrex Legend: An Introductory Handbook for Natural Resource Professionals and Educators 

    McGee, John; Clifford, Michael (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    This handbook is intended to provide users with a basic understanding of how your Garmin Legend GPS receiver can help to support your day-to-day business needs.
  • Gear up and throttle down-- saving fuel 

    Grisso, Robert D. (Robert Dwight), 1956-; Pitman, Robert Melvin, 1948- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2001)
  • General Horse Information Agents Need To Know 

    Crisman, Celeste C.; Siegle, Laura; Tillotson, Bonnie; Estep, Cornelia; Agnew, Debbie; Williamson, Julie (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2014-06-27)
    This publication reviews the general horse information that Virginia Cooperative Extension Agents need to know.
  • General Permit Requirements for Confined Animal Feeding Operations in Virginia 

    Kenyon, David E. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    The purpose of this publication is to help producers understand who must have a permit to manage animal waste, how to apply for a permit, and the basic requirements contained in the general permit.
  • Genetic Improvement Using Young Sires With Genomic Evaluations 

    Cassell, Bennet G. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2010-04-21)
    Reviews studies of the impact of genomic information on the accuracy of genetic evaluations and includes suggestions for the use of genome-tested young bulls for genetic improvement.
  • A Geographic Analysis of Agritourism in Virginia 

    Lucha, Chris; Ferreira, Gustavo; Walker, Martha L.; Groover, Gordon Eugene, 1956- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2014-05-02)
    This paper contributes to the body of literature on agritourism by providing insight into the geographical factors that influence the number of agritourism operations in a region.
  • Germ Squirm Kids and Safe Food Handling 

    Hertzler, Ann A.; DeBord, Karen (Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, 1993)
  • Get moving-- for the health and fun of it! : dietary guidelines for Americans 

    Unknown author (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2004)