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  • Observations from the Crows Nest : Notes on Winter Protection of Strawberry Crowns 

    O'Dell, Charles R. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)
    Discusses how snow and other material can help protect strawberry plants from frost and freeze damage.
  • Observing non-verbal behavior and active listening : two basic skills for financial counselors 

    Myhre, David C., 1944-; Harrison, Betty C.; Harris, Ruth D.; Garman, E. Thomas (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1977)
    Modules designed to fill the need for learning materials in the field of family financial counseling.
  • Off-season Management Tasks and Considerations for Selected Small Fruit Crops 

    Bratsch, Tony (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)
    Discusses off-season management of small fruits such as strawberries, brambles, blueberries, currants and gooseberries, including use of pre-emergent herbicides, pesticides, mulching, pruning and trimming, frost and freeze ...
  • Old Fashioned Weigela 

    Niemiera, Alexander Xavier, 1951- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    This publication covers the physical and main features, plant needs, functions, care, and additional information for Old Fashioned Weigela, Weigela florida.
  • On Farm Mortality Disposal Options for Livestock Producers 

    Carter, Jason; Clark, Bobby; Evanylo, Gregory K.; Ketchum, Alicia; Peer, Bob; Saunders, Doug; Simmerman, Graham; Smith, Crystal; Wahlberg, Mark L. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2013-07-31)
    All livestock producers at some point are faced with decisions regarding how to dispose of livestock mortality from their farm. Each option has its own benefits and limitations.
  • On-farm Tests for Drug Residues in Milk 

    Jones, G. M. (Gerald Murray), 1941- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Dairy farmers should use a drug residue test regularly. Farmers should know which drugs have been used on the farm and discuss with their veterinarians which drug residue test(s) are appropriate.
  • On-farm tests for drug residues in milk 

    Jones, G. M. (Gerald Murray), 1941- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1999)
  • On-Site Sewage Treatment Alternatives 

    Zipper, Carl E., 1948-; Reneau, Raymond B., 1941-; Jantrania, Anish R. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-07-01)
    The purpose of this publication is to describe on-site technologies for treating domestic sewage where conventional means (public sewer or septic tank with drainfield) are not available.
  • On-site Treatment and Disposal of Residential Wastewaters on Mined Lands 

    Zipper, Carl E., 1948-; Reneau, Raymond B., 1941-; Saluta, Michael A. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-12-03)
    This publication is written for homeowners, homebuilders, land developers, public officials, and others who may have an interest in building residential housing or other types of development on mined lands that are not ...
  • On-site treatment and disposal of residential wastewaters on mined lands 

    Zipper, Carl E., 1948-; Reneau, Raymond B., 1941-; Saluta, Michael A. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005)
  • One Time/Occasional Volunteer Application/Enrollment Short Form VA-114S 

    Virginia Cooperative Extension (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2014)
    This is a form to be filled out for volunteering with 4-H events.
  • One-Year Health, Mortality, and Growth in Southeast Virginia of Shortleaf Pine From Three Sources 

    Frey, Gregory; Comer, Marcus M.; Catanzaro, Christopher J. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2013-04-22)
    Restoration of shortleaf pine in Virginia has become a priority of various state and federal agencies. This publication focuses on increasing its viability and potential benefits to Virginia landowners.
  • Onions, Garlic, and Shallots 

    Relf, Diane; McDaniel, Alan, 1948- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    This publication summarizes the environmental preferences, culture, cultural practices, common problems, harvesting and storage of onions, garlic, and shallots.
  • Open space handbook : a decisionmaker's guide for Virginia 

    Virginia Cooperative Extension. Community Design Assistance Center; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. University Outreach and International Programs. Public Service Programs; Mellen, Garnett (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1994)
  • Options for Clearing Land: Pasture Establishment for Horses 

    Porr, C. A. Shea; Childs, Corey; Downing, Adam (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)
    Provides some practical considerations of land clearing including effective methods, costs, and environmental factors. Discusses trees that should be avoided in horse pastures.
  • Oregon Grape Holly (Manhonia) 

    Niemiera, Alexander Xavier, 1951- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    This publication covers the physical and main features, plant needs, functions, care, and additional information for Oregon Grape Holly, Mahonia aquifolium.
  • Organic Acid Preservation of High Moisture Corn 

    Jones, G. M. (Gerald Murray), 1941-; Murley, W. Ray (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1975-07)
  • Organic Feed-grain Markets: Considerations for Potential Virginia Producers 

    Mainville, Denise; Farrell, Megan; Groover, Gordon Eugene, 1956-; Mundy, Karen (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    This publication is intended to help producers make informed decisions on whether to enter organic feed-grain markets by giving an overview of the market for organically produced feed grains, and issues for producers to ...
  • Organic Matter Application -- Can You Apply Too Much? 

    Orzolek, M. D. (Michael D.) (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-07-22)
    A sound, well planned organic matter management program will provide; optimum fertility for maximum crop yields and quality, minimize runoff and leaching of water soluble elements, and reduce total fertilizer costs over time.
  • Organic Production -- Some Thoughts and Considerations 

    Bratsch, Tony (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-07-22)
    Organic production of specialty crops is on the increase, particularly on small farms and direct market operations. This publication considers the future of organic production with links to growers associations.