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  • Rabies: Its Ecology, Control, and Treatment 

    Signor, Kari; Parkhurst, James A. (James Albert) (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
    Rabies is a disease caused by a virus in the Rhabdoviridae family that affects the central nervous system of the infected host. All mammals, including domestic and non-domestic animals and humans, can be infected with the virus.
  • Raccoon biology and management 

    Bromley, Peter T.; Lochmiller, R. L.|q(Robert Lee), 1954-; Chapman, David Lyle, 1953- (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1984-05)
    Discusses raccoon biology, habitat, and management in Virginia.
  • Radio/Public Address Score Sheet 

    Elmer, Billie Jean (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2014)
    A scoring aid for 4-H radio/public address projects.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems 

    Ling, Erin; Benham, Brian Leslie, 1960- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2014-05-09)
    A properly designed, constructed, and maintained rainwater harvesting system can provide supplemental water in water-stressed areas and reduce downstream management and treatment. This publication reviews what rainwater ...
  • Raising Fowl and Small Animals in Urban Areas 

    Clauer, Phillip J. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)
    Provides some guidelines for owners of birds and small animals in urban areas.
  • Raising Veal Calves 

    Jones, G. M. (Gerald Murray), 1941- (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1980-01)
  • Rancidity and Foaming of Milk 

    Jones, G. M. (Gerald Murray), 1941- (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1976-01)
  • Rape : not by strangers only 

    McAlister, J. Douglas (James Douglas), 1944- (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1989)
    A discussion guide on acquaintance rape.
  • Raspberry Crown Borer 

    Day, Eric R.; Spring, Alexandra, 1961- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2011)
    Describes the larva and adult of Raspberry Crown Borer Moth (Pennisetia marginata), its damage to blackberry, dewberry and raspberry plants, and methods of control.
  • Ratite Nutrition and Feeding 

    Brake, Julian David, 1954- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)
    There is limited quality research concerning the nutritional requirements of Ratites. However, some dependable guidelines have been established because of work completed in Australia and Africa.
  • Rearing Yearling Heifers 

    Hartman, D. A. (Dennis A.); Jones, G. M. (Gerald Murray), 1941-; Murley, W. Ray (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1982-02)
  • Reclaiming Mined Lands as Industrial Sites 

    Zipper, Carl E., 1948-; Yates, Charles S. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-12-02)
    Provides guidelines for use by the Virginia coal-mining industry in reclaiming mined land to support industrial development which can benefit both the landowner and the community.
  • Reclamation Guidelines for Surface-Mined Land: Revegetation Species and Practices 

    Skousen, Jeffrey G. (Jeffrey Grant), 1956-; Zipper, Carl E., 1948- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2010)
    This publication summarizes procedures for establishing herbaceous vegetation (grasses and legumes) on mined areas.
  • Reclamation of Coal Refuse Disposal Areas 

    Daniels, W. Lee (Walter Lee), 1956-; Stewart, Barry Robert, 1963-; Zipper, Carl E., 1948- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2010-10-21)
    This publication reviews problems associated with stabilization and revegetation of coal refuse disposal areas and suggests strategies for their successful long-term reclamation and closure.
  • Recognition and Treatment of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex 

    Currin, John F.; Whittier, W. Dee (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005-09-01)
    The recognition and treatment of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex is vital to the economic well-being of the stocker cattle producer.
  • Recommended Milking Procedures -- What, How, Why 

    Baldwin, V. L.; Sandy, Raleigh Albert; Graf, G. C. (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1966-09)
  • Recovery of Native Plant Communities After Mining 

    Holl, Karen Davis.; Zipper, Carl E., 1948-; Burger, James Anthony, 1945- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2010-02-25)
    This publication summarizes research on the impacts of reclamation practices on re-establishment of native Appalachian forest ecosystems and describes practices that may be used during reclamation to encourage re-establishment ...
  • Recovery of native plant communities after mining 

    Holl, Karen Davis.; Zipper, Carl E., 1948-; Burger, James Anthony, 1945- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2001)
  • Recreating human resource development systems to balance individual and organization needs : a report on the Human Resource Planning and Development Project 

    Virginia Cooperative Extension Service. Planning, Evaluation and Professional Development Unit (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1989-06)
  • Recycling programs : attitudes, costs, and designs 

    Novak, David C.; Alwang, Jeffrey R.; Shabman, Leonard A. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1996)