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  • Virginia Tech University Libraries’ Data Service Pilot with the College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) 

    Ogier, Andrea; DeBose, Kyrille; Nicholls, Natsuko (2015-07-01)
    This summary will provide the background, objectives, activities, and outcomes of the CNRE data service pilot project. Although the project has different components (training, collaborative research support, and needs ...
  • Transforming Open Publishing Environments: VT Open Access Subvention Fund Awards at the Authors Recognition Event 2015 

    McMillan, Gail (Virginia Tech Libraries, 2015-02-24)
    VT faculty, staff, and students who received support to make their articles open access were acknowledged at the Feb. 24, 2015, annual Authors Recognition Day. Virginia Tech Libraries, in partnership with the Office ...
  • Implementing a Writing Course in an Online RN-BSN Program 

    Stevens, Carol J.; D’Angelo, Barbara; Rennell, Nathalie; Muzyka, Diann; Pannabecker, Virginia; Maid, Barry (Wolters Kluwer, 2014)
    Scholarly writing is an essential skill for nurses to communicate new research and evidence. Written communication directly relates to patient safety and quality of care. However, few online RN-BSN programs integrate writing ...
  • Open Archives Initiative 

    McMillan, Gail (2000-06-01)
    This presentation, which was given at the annual meeting of the Society of Scholarly Publishing on June 1, 2000, describes the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), a protocol for exchanging content between digital repositories. ...
  • Open and Editable: Exploring Library Engagement in Open Educational Resource Adoption, Adaptation and Authoring 

    Walz, Anita R. (Virginia Library Association, 2015)
    Open Educational Resources (OER) have saved students millions of dollars in textbook costs and greatly expanded access to a wide variety of educational materials for countless numbers of students and life-long learners. ...
  • Across the Miles: Engagement Across Distance 

    Walz, Anita R.; Gilbert, Charla; Cash, Debbie (2015-05-08)
    This professional practice session covers expansion and redefinition of student and faculty-focused library services between Virginia Tech’s main campus in Blacksburg and the National Capital Region, located five hours ...
  • The Information Literacy Gap in Scholarly Communications 

    Hall, Nathan (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2015-03)
    In spite of the involvement of academic libraries in the Open Access movement, many university faculty have rather conservative attitudes towards scholarly communication. This paper attempts to identify the knowledge that ...
  • Open Textbooks and Beyond: Access Affordability, and Academic Success 

    Walz, Anita R. (2015-04-08)
    Student success depends in part on student access to learning materials. This presentation showed the impact of decreased state subsidization of tuition in higher education by the number of hours students would need to ...
  • Using Undergraduates to Improve the Library 

    Hall, Monena; Assir, Rashad (2014-06)
    As Virginia Tech University Libraries transition public spaces to more user-focused, service oriented, collaborative spaces, we found it imperative to determine how students use available space, and to develop methods of ...
  • ETD-MARC/Perl Module Design 

    Liao, Yan (Clara); Finn, Mary (Virginia Library Association Meeting 2005, 2005-10-20)
  • The Future of MARC: R.I.P. or Let her Rip? 

    Finn, Mary (Virginia Libraries, 2004-01)
    The 39th Annual Potomac Technical Processing Librarians Meeting—"The Future of MARC: R.I.P. or Let Her Rip?"—took place in Washington D.C. on October 31, 2003, with speakers Roy Tennant and Rebecca Guenther. Tennant ...
  • International Students vs. American Graduate Students: a user study at Virginia Tech 2005 

    Liao, Clara; Finn, Mary; Jun, Lu (Association of Research Libraries, 2006-09)
    This user study is based on empirical data collected from an online survey conducted between April 7 and May 28, 2005 at Virginia Tech. The goal of this comparative study is to investigate how graduate students from diverse ...
  • Batch Editing, Loading, and Authority Control 

    Finn, Mary; Doyle, Jana; Reece, Terry (Innovative Users Group Conference 2011, 2007)
  • Batch-Load Authority Control Cleanup Using MarcEdit and LTI 

    Finn, Mary (Routledge, 2009-01)
    Vendor sets of bibliographic records are readily available and must be loaded into our catalogs to provide patron access to the items used most. However, batch-load authority control can be an arduous process because ...
  • The Hokie Nation Speaks: User Assessment of University Library Facilities, Services, and Resources 

    Walz, Anita R.; Gilbert, Charla (2015-02-13)
    A vast range of resources, services, and facilities are available from University Libraries at Virginia Tech. How do library patrons actually use library resources, services and facilities?  And what else do library users ...
  • Poster Presentation: University Libraries Spring 2014 Survey 

    Walz, Anita R. (2015-01-13)
    The Office of Assessment, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, conducted a libraries usage and satisfaction survey in March & April 2014. The purpose of this study was to collect information about the satisfaction of ...
  • LCA Metadata: Challenges and Opportunities 

    Lohrey, Melissa (National Agricultural Library (U.S.), 2014-10-06)
    Metadata is essential for resource management, discovery, and usability. Descriptive metadata is especially important for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies, which rely on precise measurements, calculations, and contextual ...

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