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    • Can eating fruits and vegetables help people to manage their weight? 

      National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (U.S.). Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity.; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.); United States. Department of Health and Human Services (United States. Department of Health and Human Services; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.); National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (U.S.). Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity., 2012-05-03)
      The research covered in this brief supports the conclusion that replacing foods of high energy density (high calories per weight of food) with foods of lower energy density, such as fruits and vegetables, can be an important ...
    • CHAMPION: Commonwealth's Healthy Approach and Mobilization Plan for Inactivity, Obesity, and Nutrition 

      Virginia. Department of Health. (Virginia. Department of Health., 2012-05-03)
      The document's executive summary states that "this report describes the Division of WIC and Community Nutrition Services (DWCNS) response to the increasing obesity trend through the creation of the Commonwealth’s Healthy ...
    • Changing Perspective by Providing the Unexpected 

      Hall, Tracy Michelle; Hall, Monena (2013-04-05)
      In recent years, much research has been done on the changing roles of the library in the academy, focusing heavily on the revitalization brought about by rapid technological trends, information literacy, and overall changing ...
    • Choices by Design: Finding and Using Openly Licensed Resources 

      Walz, Anita R. (2014-10-20)
      Many people find it difficult to know what they can and cannot use in public or other presentations because of Copyright law. When someone is flexible regarding the exact image or figure they want to use, finding and using ...
    • Collaborative Batch Creation for Open Access E-Books: A Case Study 

      Young, Philip; Culbertson, Rebecca; McGrath, Kelley (Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 2012-09-24)
      When the National Academies Press announced that more than 4,000 electronic books would be made freely available for download, many academic libraries expressed interest in obtaining MARC records for them. Using cataloging ...
    • Collaborative Services of Libraries and Other Campus Units 

      Meyer, Richard; Walters, Tyler (Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), 2006-12)
    • Content Selection, Preparation, and Management 

      McMillan, Gail; Howard, Rachel (Educopia Institute, 2010)
      Here is a set of best practices for policies regarding the selection, preparation, and management of digital content for preservation purposes. Though the authors draw upon PLNs (Private LOCKSS Networks) in their featured ...
    • Copyright in Scholarship 

      McMillan, Gail (2012-11-05)
      You can legitimately use someone else's work in your own when you know about copyright and you understand your rights as well as your responsibilities.
    • Copyright in Scholarship & Instruction and an Open Access Primer 

      McMillan, Gail (Digital Library and Archives, 2012-02-06)
      Increase your understanding of US copyright law, particularly US Code Title 17, Sect. 106-108, and your appreciation of rights and responsibilities with regard to intellectual property issues that faculty and students ...
    • Creating Trust Relationships for Distributed Digital Preservation Federations 

      Walters, Tyler O.; McDonald, Robert H. (iPRES 2008: The Fifth International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, 2008)
      The authors outline a model for digital preservation federation based upon several existing models including the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank regional governance model and its similarities to successful large-scale redundant ...
    • Creative Convergence: Conducting a Systematic Review Project Through Cross-Institutional, Distance Collaboration 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Ching Dennison, Carolyn; Farrell, Alison; Gore, Genevieve; Holyoke, Assako; Machel, Viola; Marton, Christine; O'Brien, Kelly; Swanberg, Stephanie; Thuna, Mindy (2014-10-30)
      Objective: To reflect on a cross-institutional systematic review project: What are effective collaboration methods for geographically dispersed research teams? Methods: Conduct a scoping literature review on effective ...
    • Deconstructing the collaborative impact: Article and author characteristics that influence citation count 

      Hurley, Lori A.; Ogier, Andrea L.; Torvik, Vetle I. (2013-08-16)
      It is well known that collaborative papers tend to receive more citations than solo-authored papers. Here we try to identify the subtle factors of this collaborative effect by analyzing metadata and citation counts for ...
    • Determination Of Unit Costs For Library Services 

      Nachlas, Joel A.; Pierce, A. R. (ACRL Publications, 1979-05-01)
      As with other public service activities, inflationary trends and public opinion provide a clear mandate for attempts to control the increasing costs of providing library services. Cost control necessarily requires knowledge ...
    • Developing a Financially Sustainable Business Model for Library Resources and Technical Services (LRTS), the Official Journal of ALCTS 

      Shorish, Yasmeen; Arnold-Garza, Sara; Gong, Regina; Hall, Nathan (2013-06-19)
      The Board of Directors of the Association of Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) tasked a sub-group of the American Library Association Emerging Leaders 2013 cohort with investigating different pricing and ...
    • Developing Teaching Proficiencies for New Instructors Through a Learning Community 

      Hall, Tracy Michelle; Barb, Christopher; Gilmore, Tracy; Hall, Monena; Henshaw, Neal; Lawrence, Anne; Meier, Carolyn; Miller, Rebecca; Moyo, Lesley; Munson, Jennifer; Ogier, Andi; Thum, Sara (2013-02-06)
    • Development and evaluation of the Healthy Eating Index-2005 

      Guenther, Patricia M.; Reedy, Jill; Krebs-Smith, Susan M.; Reeve, Bryce B.; Basiotis, P. Peter (United States. Department of Agriculture. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, 2007-11)
      The Healthy Eating Index (HEI) was developed to measure compliance with dietary guidelines, and is used by the USDA to monitor change in the Nation's diet. The HEI-2005 was specifically developed to measure compliance ...
    • Diet quality of Americans in 1994-96 and 2001-02 as measured by the Healthy Eating Index-2005 

      Guenther, Patricia M.; Juan, WenYen; Reedy, Jill; Britten, Patricia; Lino, Mark; Carlson, Andrea; Hiza, Hazel H.; Krebs-Smith, Susan M. (United States. Department of Agriculture. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion., 2008-08)
      This publication describes the diet quality of Americans 1994-96 and 2001-02, as measured by the Healthy Eating Index-2005.
    • Dietary Guidelines 2010: selected messages for consumers 

      United States. Department of Agriculture; United States. Department of Health and Human Services (United States. Department of Agriculture; United States. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011-06)
      This one-page document breaks down the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans into three categories: balancing calories, foods to increase, and foods to reduce. Two simple recommendations are made in each category.
    • Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 

      United States. Department of Agriculture; United States. Department of Health and Human Services (United States. Department of Agriculture; United States. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010-12)
      This publication represents the 7th edition of the Dietary Guidelines. The Dietary Guidelines are usually released every five years or so. The Guidelines provide science-based nutrition guidelines for all Americans aged ...
    • Digital Collection Development Policy: From Documenting Content to Documenting Process 

      Hall, Nathan; Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw; Phillips, Mark Edwards (University of North Texas Libraries, 2010)
      This poster discusses collection policies. Drawing from the experience of developing digital collections and a digital library infrastructure, the University of North Texas Libraries is developing a new collection policy ...