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    • Faculty appointment guidelines 

      VT University Libraries (University Libraries, 2011-07-22)
    • FERPA and Student Work: Considerations for Electronic Theses and Dissertations 

      Ramirez, Marisa; McMillan, Gail (D-Lib Magazine, 2010-02)
      Information privacy is an important consideration when transitioning university collections from paper to electronic access. Yet the protection of — and limits to — student privacy regulations have rarely been addressed ...
    • FLIP THE MODEL: Strategies for Creating and Delivering Value 

      Mathews, Brian (2013-10-28)
      Academic libraries are encountering a critical inflection point. In our case it isn’t a single technology that is disrupting our established system, but a barrage of advancements in publishing, pedagogy, and user preferences. ...
    • The Flipped Classroom: Student-Driven Library Research Sessions for Nutrition Education 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Barroso, Cristina S.; Lehmann, Jessica (Taylor & Francis Online, 2014-12)
      This article reports on the use of a flipped classroom technique to teach library research skills to upper-level undergraduate nutrition students. A public university Health Sciences librarian and two Nutrition faculty ...
    • Flipping for Health: Hands-On Library Research Sessions 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Barroso, Cristina S.; Lehmann, Jessica (2014-10-30)
      In Spring 2014, a health sciences librarian planned five library research sessions for undergraduate and graduate courses, using the flipped classroom method. This lightning talk will summarize sessions and present example ...
    • [Food groups recipes] 

      United States. Department of Agriculture. (United States. Department of Agriculture., 2012-05-03)
      In 2011, My Plate replaced the Food Pyramid as a visual representation for the USDA Dietary Guidelines. This publication, a group of recipes based on this new division of food groups, reflects the effort of the USDA and ...
    • Foundations of Digital Curation 

      Walters, Tyler (Northeast Document Conservation Center. Digital Directions conference., 2012-06-13)
      This track-opening presentation looks at the evolution of digital curation as an approach and perspective on cultural institutions’ value-added services in information management. In particular, the presenter comments on ...
    • Fourth Test ORCID article 

      French, Amanda (2015)
    • A Framework for Analyzing any U.S. Copyright Problem 

      Walz, Anita R. (2015-08)
      This framework lists five-steps which in order may assist anyone in navigating where to begin regarding a "can I use it?" U.S. Copyright problem. It is adapted (links added) from a guide with the same name © 2014 Kevin ...
    • From Bodleian to Idea Stores: The Evolution of English Library Design 

      Miller, Rebecca K. (Library Student Journal, 2008-01)
      Library architecture, along with planning and design, is a significant consideration for librarians, architects, and city and institutional planners. Meaningful library architecture and planning has a history as old and ...
    • Fundamentals of Business 

      Skripak, Stephen J. (Virginia Tech, 2016-05)
      Fundamentals of Business (2016) is an openly licensed textbook designed for use in Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business introductory level business course, MGT1984 Foundations of Business. This work is a project of ...
    • The Future of Knowledge Creation and Production in University Research Programs and Their Effect on University Libraries 

      Walters, Tyler O. (2014-04-11)
      The dissertation presents possible future directions for research programs at U.S. universities and their effects on the organization of universities and their libraries. The investigator posits four original scenarios ...
    • The Future of MARC: R.I.P. or Let her Rip? 

      Finn, Mary (Virginia Libraries, 2004-01)
      The 39th Annual Potomac Technical Processing Librarians Meeting—"The Future of MARC: R.I.P. or Let Her Rip?"—took place in Washington D.C. on October 31, 2003, with speakers Roy Tennant and Rebecca Guenther. Tennant ...
    • The Future Role of Publishing Services in University Libraries 

      Walters, Tyler O. (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012)
      This study explores possible futures for university-based library publishing services (LPS) and uses scenario planning as its research method. The study posits that the major force in developing LPS is the level of funding ...
    • Gail McMillan's Faculty Activity Report for FY'12 

      McMillan, Gail (2012-06-29)
    • Get Creative (and stay legal): Copyright Compliance with Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources 

      Walz, Anita R. (2014-08-20)
      This presentation provides an overview of open licensing within the context of copyright-related questions, most frequently: "Can I use it?" The presentation reviews copyright basics, introduces faculty to open licensing ...
    • Getting started with MyPlate 

      United States. Department of Agriculture. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (United States. Department of Agriculture. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, 2011-06)
      This three-page document introduces the MyPlate concept as a replacement for Food Pyramid. The document contains an overview of the website, points readers to consumer resources, and offers other basic ...
    • Governor's nutrition and physical activity scorecard 

      Virginia. Governor's Office. (Virginia. Governor's Office., 2012-05-03)
      Research-based “best practices” that support proper nutrition and increased physical activity for K-12 students form the basis of a Web-based Governor’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Scorecard. Schools are encouraged to ...
    • Guidelines for Preparing Your P&CA Dossier 

      Faculty Affairs Committee (University Libraries, 2011)
    • [Healthy People 2020 Objectives] 

      United States. Department of Health and Human Services. (United States. Department of Health and Human Services., 2012-05-03)
      Healthy People provides science-based, 10-year objectives for improving the health of all Americans. Healthy People 2020 launched on December 2, 2010, and focuses on 42 specific topic areas. Topic areas range from access ...