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    • Implementing a Writing Course in an Online RN-BSN Program 

      Stevens, Carol J.; D’Angelo, Barbara; Rennell, Nathalie; Muzyka, Diann; Pannabecker, Virginia; Maid, Barry (Wolters Kluwer, 2014)
      Scholarly writing is an essential skill for nurses to communicate new research and evidence. Written communication directly relates to patient safety and quality of care. However, few online RN-BSN programs integrate writing ...
    • In Search of GeoBlacklight 

      Coleman, R. Shane; Ogier, Andrea L; Magdy, Mohamed (2015-11-02)
      Geospatial data are widely used by many institutions, governments, and corporations; given the diversity of organizations concerned with geospatial data, preserving and curating these important digital files presents unique ...
    • In the Highways and the Hedges: Library Support for OER Adoption Efforts at Higher Education Institutions Across Virginia 

      Walz, Anita R.; Cassidy, Tara; Reinauer, Olivia (2015-11-06)
      This presentation, given at the Charleston Library Conference, highlighed examples of innovative library approaches to supporting and leading Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption efforts at institutions of higher ...
    • The Information Literacy Gap in Scholarly Communications 

      Hall, Nathan (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2015-03)
      In spite of the involvement of academic libraries in the Open Access movement, many university faculty have rather conservative attitudes towards scholarly communication. This paper attempts to identify the knowledge that ...
    • Information-seeking Behavior of International Graduate Students vs. American Graduate Students: A User Study at Virginia Tech 2005 

      Liao, Yan; Finn, Mary; Lu, Jun (ACRL Publications, 2007-01)
      This is a comparative study on information needs and information-seeking behavior of international graduate students and American graduate students. This user study is based on empirical data collected from an online survey ...
    • Integrating the Library into Online and Distance Learning Environments 

      Pannabecker, Virginia (2014-10-30)
      An overview of library roles in distance and online education based on examples from two higher education universities.
    • International Students vs. American Graduate Students: a user study at Virginia Tech 2005 

      Liao, Clara; Finn, Mary; Jun, Lu (Association of Research Libraries, 2006-09)
      This user study is based on empirical data collected from an online survey conducted between April 7 and May 28, 2005 at Virginia Tech. The goal of this comparative study is to investigate how graduate students from diverse ...
    • Introduction to Open Access 

      Young, Philip (2012-10-16)
      This is a general introduction to open access that describes the two roads to OA, self-archiving and publishing in an OA journal. Also covered are predatory publishers and the importance of open licensing. Library services ...
    • Introduction to Open Access & Copyright 

      Young, Philip; McMillan, Gail (2013-02-18)
      In this FDI (Faculty Development Institute) class at Virginia Tech, the goal is for attendees to gain a better understanding of Open Access--unrestricted access to scholarship, increase their mastery of their copyrights, ...
    • Introduction to Open Access and Copyright 

      Young, Philip; McMillan, Gail (2013-10-21)
      This presentation introduces open access and copyright and was given as part of Open Access Week 2013 at Virginia Tech.
    • Introduction: Rethinking Reference and Instruction with Tablets 

      Miller, Rebecca K.; Meier, Carolyn; Moorefield-Lang, Heather (American Library Association/ALA TechSource, 2012-11)
      When Apple’s Steve Jobs introduced the first generation iPad in March 2010, library and information professionals immediately began imagining ways that the iPad, and the tablet devices that would quickly follow, could be ...
    • An Investigation of ETDs as Prior Publications: Findings from the 2011 NDLTD Publishers' Survey 

      McMillan, Gail; Ramirez, Marisa L.; Dalton, Joan; Read, Max; Seamans, Nancy H. (14th International Symposium on ETDs, 2011-09)
      Do publishers and editors of scholarly journals view theses and dissertations that are readily available on the Internet and through convenient Web browsers as prior publications? This has been a topic of discussion for ...
    • LCA Metadata: Challenges and Opportunities 

      Lohrey, Melissa (National Agricultural Library (U.S.), 2014-10-06)
      Metadata is essential for resource management, discovery, and usability. Descriptive metadata is especially important for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies, which rely on precise measurements, calculations, and contextual ...
    • A Learning Platform: 2nd Floor, Newman Library, Virginia Tech, Conceptual Draft #2 

      Mathews, Brian (2012-10-01)
      Over the Spring 2012 semester the Library published a conceptual draft for second floor renovations to the Newman Library. After working over the summer with students, faculty, and library employees a new draft emerged ...
    • Learning the language of information literacy: Takeaways from ACRL's Immersion Program 

      Miller, Rebecca K.; Paulo, Jonathan (Virginia Library Association, 2012-04)
    • Let's eat: for the health of it 

      United States. Department of Health and Human Services.; United States. Department of Agriculture. (United States. Department of Health and Human Services; United States. Department of Agriculture., 2011-06)
      The MyPlate brochure is a consumer resource that offers four recommendations for becoming healthier: building a healthy plate, cutting back on foods high in solid fats, added sugars, and sat, eating the right amount of ...
    • Library Class Sessions for Research Methods in Building Construction: Evaluating Sources 

      Mathews, Leslie (Virginia Tech, 2016-02-11)
      Using source evaluation as the theme, discussed different article types such as government reports, case studies, literature reviews, peer-reviewed scholarly articles, law reviews, self-published articles, and the value ...
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