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    • a 10 kpc scale seyfert galaxy outflow: hst/cos observations of iras f22456-5125 

      Borguet, B. C. J.; Edmonds, D.; Arav, N.; Dunn, J.; Kriss, G. A. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2012-06)
      We present analysis of the UV spectrum of the low-z AGN IRAS F22456-5125 obtained with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph on board the Hubble Space Telescope. The spectrum reveals six main kinematic components, spanning a ...
    • A behavioral perspective on the biophysics of the light-dependent magnetic compass: a link between directional and spatial perception? 

      Phillips, J. B.; Muheim, R.; Jorge, P. E. (Company of Biologists Ltd., 2010-10)
      In terrestrial organisms, sensitivity to the Earth's magnetic field is mediated by at least two different magnetoreception mechanisms, one involving biogenic ferromagnetic crystals (magnetite/maghemite) and the second ...
    • A comparison of viscoelastic stress wakes for two-dimensional and three-dimensional Newtonian drop deformations in a viscoelastic matrix under shear 

      S. Afkhami; P. Yue; Y. Renardy (American Institute of Physics, 2009-07)
      A recent experimental study of a Newtonian drop suspended in a viscoelastic matrix undergoing simple shear displays a transient overshoot in drop deformation which is qualitatively similar to two-dimensional (2D) numerical ...
    • A discrete-velocity, stationary Wigner equation 

      Arnold, A.; Lange, H.; Zweifel, P. F. (AIP Publishing, 2000-11)
      This paper is concerned with the one-dimensional stationary linear Wigner equation, a kinetic formulation of quantum mechanics. Specifically, we analyze the well-posedness of the boundary value problem on a slab of the ...
    • A Dual PET/MR Imaging Nanoprobe: 124I Labeled Gd3N@C80 

      Luo, Jianqiao; Wilson, John D.; Zhang, Jianyuan; Hirsch, Jerry I.; Dorn, Harry C.; Fatouros, Panos P.; Shultz, Michael D. (MDPI, 2012-05-10)
      The current report describes the development of a dual modality tomographic agent for both positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (PET/MRI). The dual-modality agent in this study was based on a 124I ...
    • A finite element splitting extrapolation for second order hyperbolic equations 

      He, X. M.; Lu, T. (Siam Publications, 2009)
      Splitting extrapolation is an efficient technique for solving large scale scientific and engineering problems in parallel. This article discusses a finite element splitting extrapolation for second order hyperbolic equations ...
    • A general convergence analysis of some Newton-type methods for nonlinear inverse problems 

      Jin, Q. N. (Siam Publications, 2011)
      We consider the methods x(n+1)(delta) - x(n)(delta) - g(alpha n) (F'(x(n)(delta))* F'(x(n)(delta)))F'(x(n)(delta))*(F(x(n)(delta)) - y(delta)) for solving nonlinear ill-posed inverse problems F(x) = y using the only available ...
    • A high-field adiabatic fast passage ultracold neutron spin flipper for the UCNA experiment 

      Holley, A. T.; Broussard, L. J.; Davis, J. L.; Hickerson, K.; Ito, T. M.; Liu, C. Y.; Lyles, J. T. M.; Makela, M.; Mammei, R. R.; Mendenhall, M. P.; Morris, C. L.; Mortensen, R.; Pattie, R. W.; Rios, R.; Saunders, A.; Young, A. R. (AIP Publishing, 2012-07)
      The UCNA collaboration is making a precision measurement of the beta asymmetry (A) in free neutron decay using polarized ultracold neutrons (UCN). A critical component of this experiment is an adiabatic fast passage neutron ...
    • A hybrid collocation method for volterra integral equations with weakly singular kernels 

      Cao, Y. Z.; Herdman, T.; Xu, Y. H. (Siam Publications, 2003)
      The commonly used graded piecewise polynomial collocation method for weakly singular Volterra integral equations may cause serious round-off error problems due to its use of extremely nonuniform partitions and the sensitivity ...
    • A low-frequency radio array for space 

      Weiler, K. W.; Dennison, B. K.; Johnston, K. J.; Simon, R. S.; Erickson, W. C.; Kaiser, M. L.; Cane, H. V.; Desch, M. D.; Hammarstrom, L. M. (EDP SCIENCES, 1988-04)
      At the lowest radio frequencies (<30 MHz), the Earth's ionosphere transmits poorly or not at all. This relatively unexplored region of the electromagnetic spectrum is thus an area where high resolution, high sensitivity ...
    • A Model to Predict the Impact of Specification Changes on Chloride-Induced Corrosion Service Life of Virginia Bridge Decks 

      Trevor J. Kirkpatrick; Richard E. Weyers; Christine Anderson-Cook; Michael M. Sprinkel; Michael C. Brown (Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, 2002-10), FHWA/VTRC 03-CR4
      A model to determine the time to first repair and subsequent rehabilitation of concrete bridge decks exposed to chloride deicer salts that recognizes and incorporates the statistical nature of factors affecting the corrosion ...
    • A Network Biology Approach to Denitrification in Pseudomonas aeruginosa 

      Arat, Seda; Bullerjahn, George S.; Laubenbacher, Reinhard (2015-02-23)
      Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a metabolically flexible member of the Gammaproteobacteria. Under anaerobic conditions and the presence of nitrate, P. aeruginosa can perform (complete) denitrification, a respiratory process of ...
    • a new method of surface-resistance measurement with a niobium triaxial cavity working at 2-K 

      Liang, C. N.; Phillips, L.; Sundelin, R. (AIP Publishing, 1993-07)
      A 1.5-GHz superconducting niobium triaxial cavity has been fabricated to study residual surface resistance of superconducting materials at 2 K. Unlike many other structures where the entire test samples have to be placed ...
    • A New Population of High-z, Dusty Lyα Emitters and Blobs Discovered by WISE: Feedback Caught in the Act? 

      Bridge, C. R.; Blain, A.; Borys, C. J. K.; Petty, S.; Benford, D.; Eisenhardt, P.; Farrah, D.; Griffith, R. L.; Jarrett, T.; Lonsdale, C.; Stanford, S. A.; Stern, D.; Tsai, C. W.; Wright, E. L.; Wu, J. W. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2013-06)
      By combining data from the NASA Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission with optical spectroscopy from the W. M. Keck telescope, we discover a mid-IR color criterion that yields a 78% success rate in identifying ...
    • a note on the general likelihood measure of overlap 

      Smith, E. P. (Ecological Society of America, 1984)
    • A note on the iteration of the Chandrasekhar non-linear H-equation 

      Bowden, R. L. (AIP Publishing, 1979-04)
      An iteration scheme to solve the Chandrasekhar H equation in the form H (_) ={1___F_ 1 0[_ (s) H (s)]/(s +_) d s}_1 is shown to converge monotonically and uniformly.
    • A note on the switching adiabatic theorem 

      Elgart, Alexander; Hagedorn, George A. (AIP Publishing, 2012-10)
      We derive a nearly optimal upper bound on the running time in the adiabatic theorem for a switching family of Hamiltonians. We assume the switching Hamiltonian is in the Gevrey class G(alpha) as a function of time, and we ...
    • a numerical study of periodic disturbances on two-layer Couette flaw 

      Li, J.; Renardy, Y. Y.; Renardy, M. (AIP Publishing, 1998-12)
      The flow of two viscous liquids is investigated numerically with a volume of fluid scheme. The scheme incorporates a semi-implicit Stokes solver to enable computations at low Reynolds numbers, and a second-order velocity ...
    • a population of z > 2 far-infrared herschel-spire-selected starbursts 

      Casey, C. M.; Berta, S.; Bethermin, M.; Bock, J.; Bridge, C.; Burgarella, D.; Chapin, E.; Chapman, S. C.; Clements, D. L.; Conley, A.; Conselice, C. J.; Cooray, A.; Farrah, D.; Hatziminaoglou, E.; Ivison, R. J.; le Floc'h, E.; Lutz, D.; Magdis, G.; Magnelli, B.; Oliver, S. J.; Page, M. J.; Pozzi, F.; Rigopoulou, D.; Riguccini, L.; Roseboom, I. G.; Sanders, D. B.; Scott, D.; Seymour, N.; Valtchanov, I.; Vieira, J. D.; Viero, M.; Wardlow, J. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2012-12)
      We present spectroscopic observations for a sample of 36 Herschel-Spire 250-500 mu m selected galaxies (HSGs) at 2 < z < 5 from the Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey. Redshifts are confirmed as part of a large ...
    • a precision test for an extra spatial dimension using black-hole-pulsar binaries 

      Simonetti, J. H.; Kavic, M.; Minic, D.; Surani, U.; Vijayan, V. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2011-08)
      We discuss the observable effects of enhanced black hole mass loss in a black hole-neutron star (BH-NS) binary, due to the presence of a warped extra spatial dimension of curvature radius L in the braneworld scenario. For ...