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    • Dark matter, infinite statistics, and quantum gravity 

      Ho, C. M.; Minic, D.; Ng, Y. J. (American Physical Society, 2012-05-21)
      We elaborate on our proposal regarding a connection between global physics and local galactic dynamics via quantum gravity. This proposal calls for the concept of MONDian dark matter which behaves like cold dark matter at ...
    • Decalogue for a Planet in Imminent Peril 

      Cairns, John (Virginia Tech, 2014-01-22)
      A Decalogue is defined as a fundamental set of rules having authoritative weight. Cairns offers his own Decalogue for the ethical and moral relationships he aspires to have with the biosphere and all of its components.
    • Delta isobar masses, large N-c relations, and the quark model 

      Capstick, S.; Workman, R. (American Physical Society, 1999-01-01)
      Motivated by recent remarks on the Delta(+) mass and comparisons between the quark model and relations based on large-iri, with perturbative flavor breaking, two sets of Delta masses consistent with these constraints are ...
    • Department of Economics Annual Report Calendar Year 2005 

      College of Science; Department of Economics (Department of Economics, 2005)
    • Department of Economics Annual Report Calendar Year 2006 

      College of Science; Department of Economics (Department of Economics, 2006)
    • Department of Economics Annual Report Calendar Year 2009 

      College of Science; Department of Economics (Department of Economics, 2009)
    • Department of Geosciences Annual Report 2007-2008 

      College of Science; Department of Geosciences (Department of Geosciences, 2008)
    • Detection in Hα of a Supershell Associated with W4 

      Dennison, B.; Topasna, G. A.; Simonetti, J. H. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 1997-01)
      From H I observations, Normandeau, Taylor, & Dewdney have identified a possible Galactic chimney emanating from W4. We observed a 10 degrees diameter field centered on this region in the Her line using a CCD camera sensitive ...
    • Determination of the Axial-Vector Weak Coupling Constant with Ultracold Neutrons 

      Liu, J.; Mendenhall, M. P.; Holley, A. T.; Back, H. O.; Bowles, T. J.; Broussard, L. J.; Carr, R.; Clayton, S.; Currie, S.; Filippone, B. W.; Garcia, A.; Geltenbort, P.; Hickerson, K. P.; Hoagland, J.; Hogan, G. E.; Hona, B.; Ito, T. M.; Liu, C. Y.; Makela, M.; Mammei, R. R.; Martin, J. W.; Melconian, D.; Morris, C. L.; Pattie, R. W.; Galvan, A. P.; Pitt, M. L.; Plaster, B.; Ramsey, J. C.; Rios, R.; Russell, R.; Saunders, A.; Seestrom, S. J.; Sondheim, W. E.; Tatar, E.; Vogelaar, R. B.; VornDick, B.; Wrede, C.; Yan, H.; Young, A. R.; Ucna Collaboration (American Physical Society, 2010-10-29)
      A precise measurement of the neutron decay beta asymmetry A(0) has been carried out using polarized ultracold neutrons from the pulsed spallation ultracold neutron source at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center. Combining ...
    • diagnostics of agn-driven molecular outflows in ulirgs from herschel-pacs observations of oh at 119 mu m 

      Spoon, H. W. W.; Farrah, D.; Lebouteiller, V.; Gonzalez-Alfonso, E.; Bernard-Salas, J.; Urrutia, T.; Rigopoulou, D.; Westmoquette, M. S.; Smith, H. A.; Afonso, J.; Pearson, C.; Cormier, D.; Efstathiou, A.; Borys, C.; Verma, A.; Etxaluze, M.; Clements, D. L. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2013-10)
      We report on our observations of the 79 and 119 mu m doublet transitions of OH for 24 local (z < 0.262) ULIRGs observed with Herschel-PACS as part of the Herschel ULIRG Survey (HERUS). Some OH 119 mu m profiles display a ...
    • Differentially expressed alternatively spliced genes in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma identified using massively parallel transcriptome sequencing 

      Dong, Lingsheng; Jensen, Roderick V; De Rienzo, Assunta; Gordon, Gavin J; Xu, Yanlong; Sugarbaker, David J; Bueno, Raphael (2009-12-31)
      Abstract Background Analyses of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) databases suggest that most human genes have multiple alternative splice variants. The alternative splicing of pre-mRNA is tightly regulated during development ...
    • diffusion of muonic atoms 

      Rusjan, E.; Zweifel, P. F. (American Physical Society, 1988-10)
      Transport of muonic hydrogen and deuterium atoms in gaseous hydrogen and deuterium is studied in the diffusion approximation and by means of the multiple-collision expansion. The diffusion coefficient is derived. Numerical ...
    • Direct evidence for singlet-triplet exciton annihilation in pi-conjugated polymers 

      List, E. J. W.; Scherf, U.; Mullen, K.; Graupner, W.; Kim, C. H.; Shinar, J. (American Physical Society, 2002-12-06)
      A blend of two conjugated polymers with different optical band gaps and different triplet exciton (TE) magnetic resonance features was studied by means of photoinduced absorption (PA) and photoluminescence detected magnetic ...
    • Direct measurement of backgrounds using reactor-off data in Double Chooz 

      Abe, Y.; Aberle, C.; dos Anjos, J. C.; Barriere, J. C.; Bergevin, M.; Bernstein, A.; Bezerra, T. J. C.; Bezrukhov, L.; Blucher, E.; Bowden, N. S.; Buck, C.; Busenitz, J.; Cabrera, A.; Caden, E.; Camilleri, L.; Carr, R.; Cerrada, M.; Chang, P. J.; Chimenti, P.; Classen, T.; Collin, A. P.; Conover, E.; Conrad, J. M.; Crespo-Anadon, J. I.; Crum, K.; Cucoanes, A.; D'Agostino, M. V.; Damon, E.; Dawson, J. V.; Dazeley, S.; Dietrich, D.; Djurcic, Z.; Dracos, M.; Durand, V.; Ebert, J.; Efremenko, Y.; Elnimr, M.; Erickson, A.; Etenko, A.; Fallot, M.; Fechner, M.; von Feilitzsch, F.; Felde, J.; Fernandes, S. M.; Fischer, V.; Franco, D.; Franke, A. J.; Franke, M.; Furuta, H.; Gama, R.; Gil-Botella, I.; Giot, L.; Goger-Neff, M.; Gonzalez, L. F. G.; Goodenough, L.; Goodman, M. C.; Goon, J. T. M.; Greiner, D.; Haag, N.; Habib, S.; Hagner, C.; Hara, T.; Hartmann, F. X.; Haser, J.; Hatzikoutelis, A.; Hayakawa, T.; Hofmann, M.; Horton-Smith, G. A.; Hourlier, A.; Ishitsuka, M.; Jochum, J.; Jollet, C.; Jones, C. L.; Kaether, F.; Kalousis, L. N.; Kamyshkov, Y.; Kaplan, D. M.; Kawasaki, T.; Keefer, G.; Kemp, E.; de Kerret, H.; Kibe, Y.; Konno, T.; Kryn, D.; Kuze, M.; Lachenmaier, T.; Lane, C. E.; Langbrandtner, C.; Lasserre, T.; Letourneau, A.; Lhuillier, D.; Lima, H. P.; Lindner, M.; Lopez-Castano, J. M.; LoSecco, J. M.; Lubsandorzhiev, B. K.; Lucht, S.; McKee, D.; Maeda, J.; Maesano, C. N.; Mariani, C.; Maricic, J.; Martino, J.; Matsubara, T.; Mention, G.; Meregaglia, A.; Meyer, M.; Miletic, T.; Milincic, R.; Miyata, H.; Mueller, T. A.; Nagasaka, Y.; Nakajima, K.; Novella, P.; Obolensky, M.; Oberauer, L.; Onillon, A.; Osborn, A.; Ostrovskiy, I.; Palomares, C.; Pepe, I. M.; Perasso, S.; Perrin, P.; Pfahler, P.; Porta, A.; Potzel, W.; Pronost, G.; Reichenbacher, J.; Reinhold, B.; Remoto, A.; Rohling, M.; Roncin, R.; Roth, S.; Rybolt, B.; Sakamoto, Y.; Santorelli, R.; Sato, F.; Schonert, S.; Schoppmann, S.; Schwetz, T.; Shaevitz, M. H.; Shimojima, S.; Shrestha, D.; Sida, J. L.; Sinev, V.; Skorokhvatov, M.; Smith, E.; Spitz, J.; Stahl, A.; Stancu, I.; Stokes, L. F. F.; Strait, M.; Stuken, A.; Suekane, F.; Sukhotin, S.; Sumiyoshi, T.; Sun, Y.; Svoboda, R.; Terao, K.; Tonazzo, A.; Toups, M.; Thi, H. H. T.; Valdiviesso, G.; Veyssiere, C.; Wagner, S.; Watanabe, H.; White, B.; Wiebusch, C.; Winslow, L.; Worcester, M.; Wurm, M.; Yermia, F.; Zimmer, V.; Double Chooz, Collaboration (American Physical Society, 2013-01-08)
      Double Chooz is unique among modern reactor-based neutrino experiments studying (nu) over bar (e) disappearance in that data can be collected with all reactors off. In this paper, we present data from 7.53 days of reactor-off ...
    • Direct phase determination in crystallography 

      Li, M. C. (American Physical Society, 1976-12)
      It was shown theoretically that through the diffraction of two coherent beams, one is able to measure both the magnitude and phase of the structure factor directly. Here some experimental comments concerning the performance ...
    • Direct sequencing and expression analysis of a large number of miRNAs in Aedes aegypti and a multi-species survey of novel mosquito miRNAs 

      Li, Song; Mead, Edward A; Liang, Shaohui; Tu, Zhijian (2009-12-04)
      Abstract Background MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a novel class of gene regulators whose biogenesis involves hairpin structures called precursor miRNAs, or pre-miRNAs. A pre-miRNA is processed to make a miRNA:miRNA* duplex, which ...
    • The Diseconomies of Environmental Catastrophes 

      Cairns, John (Asian Journal of Experimental Sciences, 2014-01-22)
      Four factors are almost certain to lead to one or more catastrophes unless major remedial measures are taken. (1) China has replaced the United States as the world s leading consumer of resources, except for oil (Brown, ...
    • Dispersion of a single hole in the t-J model 

      Lee, T. K.; Shih, C. T. (American Physical Society, 1997-03-01)
      The dispersion of a single hole in the t-J model obtained by the exact result of 32 sites and the results obtained by self-consistent Born approximation and the Green function Monte Carlo method can be simply derived by a ...
    • dissipation in Wigner-Poisson systems 

      Lange, H.; Zweifel, P. F. (AIP Publishing, 1994-04)
      The Wigner-Poisson (WP) system (or quantum Vlasov-Poisson system) is modified to include dissipative terms in the Hamiltonian. By utilizing the equivalence of the WP system to the Schrodinger-Poisson system, global existence ...
    • Distribution of tick-borne diseases in China 

      Wu, Xian-Bo; Na, Ren-Hua; Wei, Shan-Shan; Zhu, Jinsong; Peng, Hong-Juan (2013-04-23)
      Abstract As an important contributor to vector-borne diseases in China, in recent years, tick-borne diseases have attracted much attention because of their increasing incidence and consequent significant harm to livestock ...