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  • News2Note, August 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, 2020-08)
    The August 2020 issue of News2Note, the academic newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, published monthly during the academic year.
  • Technologies, Ethics and Journalism’s Relationship with the Public 

    Duncan, Megan; Culver, Kathleen Bartzen (Cogitatio Press, 2020-07-27)
    Drones can provide a bird’s eye view of breaking news and events that can be streamed live or used in edited news coverage. Past research has focused on the training and ethics of journalists and drone operators. Little ...
  • Neural correlates of working memory training: Evidence for plasticity in older adults 

    Iordan, Alexandru D.; Cooke, Katherine A.; Moored, Kyle D.; Katz, Benjamin; Buschkuehl, Martin; Jaeggi, Susanne M.; Polk, Thad A.; Peltier, Scott J.; Jonides, John; Reuter-Lorenz, Patricia A. (2020-08-15)
    Brain activity typically increases with increasing working memory (WM) load, regardless of age, before reaching an apparent ceiling. However, older adults exhibit greater brain activity and reach ceiling at lower loads ...
  • Envisioning Resilience through The Ume Group’s Inaugural Online Playback Theatre Event 

    Rosin, Jordan (2020-07-24)
    Theatre across the globe faces difficult choices for how to best connect with their audience while staying safe. Some academic theatre programs produced Zoom performances and/or radio plays in the last few months, professional ...
  • Gender, Bodies and Technology Conference 2010 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2010-04)
    A program for the conference, held April 22-24, 2010, at the historic Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, Virginia. This conference showcased scholarship that explored the role of technologies, broadly defined, in constructing, ...
  • Making effective participatory environmental health science through collaborative data analysis 

    Allen, Barbara L. (Manchester University Press, 2020-07-14)
  • Eat to Live, Don’t Live to Eat: Black Men, Masculinity, Faith and Food 

    Brown, Letisha Engracia Cardoso (MDPI, 2020-06-15)
    Men often have poorer health outcomes than women. In the United States, Black men in particular tend to have worse health than not only Black women but other racial/ethnic groups of men. One factor that contributes to ...
  • The Death of Neoliberal Realism? 

    Wheeler, Zachariah (2020-06)
  • Engaging Second Language Learners Using the MUSIC Model of Motivation 

    Jones, Brett D. (Frontiers, 2020-06)
    The overall aim of this article is to explain how the MUSIC Model of Motivation can be applied to L2 instruction in a manner that is consistent with positive psychology, which emphasizes individuals’ strengths and the ...
  • Center for Humanities, Spring 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, 2020)
    This newsletter promotes humanities research and looks ahead to upcoming programming at the Center for Humanities.
  • illumiNation, Volume Three, 2019-2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. College of Liberal arts and Human Sciences, 2020)
    This is the third volume of illumiNation, the annual magazine for the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. The theme for this issue is Technology + Creativity. Emerging technologies are forcing us to grapple with ...
  • On market concentration and cybersecurity risk 

    Geer, Dan; Jardine, Eric; Leverett, Eireann (Taylor & Francis, 2020-02-24)
    Market concentration affects each component of the cybersecurity risk equation (i.e. threat, vulnerability and impact). As the Internet ecosystem becomes more concentrated across a number of vectors from users and incoming ...
  • The Decline in Intrinsic Connectivity Between the Salience Network and Locus Coeruleus in Older Adults: Implications for Distractibility 

    Lee, Tae-Ho; Kim, Sun Hyung; Katz, Benjamin; Mather, Mara (2020-01-31)
    We examined functional connectivity between the locus coeruleus (LC) and the salience network in healthy young and older adults to investigate why people become more prone to distraction with age. Recent findings suggest ...
  • News2Note, May 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, 2020-05)
    The May 2020 issue of News2Note, the academic newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, published monthly during the academic year.
  • Cost-Effectiveness of Risk-Stratified Colorectal Cancer Screening Based on Polygenic Risk: Current Status and Future Potential 

    Naber, Steffie K.; Kundu, Suman; Kuntz, Karen M.; Dotson, W. David; Williams, Marc S.; Zauber, Ann G.; Calonge, Ned; Zallen, Doris T.; Ganiats, Theodore G.; Webber, Elizabeth M.; Goddard, Katrina A. B.; Henrikson, Nora B.; van Ballegooijen, Marjolein; Janssens, A. Cecile J. W.; Lansdorp-Vogelaar, Iris (2020-02)
    Background: Although uniform colonoscopy screening reduces colorectal cancer (CRC) mortality, risk-based screening may be more efficient. We investigated whether CRC screening based on polygenic risk is a cost-effective ...
  • Adolescent Interventions to Manage Self-Regulation in Type 1 Diabetes (AIMS-T1D): randomized control trial study protocol 

    Miller, Alison L.; Lo, Sharon L.; Albright, Dana; Lee, Joyce M.; Hunter, Christine M.; Bauer, Katherine W.; King, Rosalind; Clark, Katy M.; Chaudhry, Kiren; Kaciroti, Niko; Katz, Benjamin; Fredericks, Emily M. (2020-03-07)
    Background Self-regulation (SR), or the capacity to control one's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to achieve a desired goal, shapes health outcomes through many pathways, including supporting adherence to medical ...
  • ASPECT Books, Spring 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech ASPECT, 2020-02-14)
    A flier for ASPECT faculty authors’ book presentations held in Shanks Hall on February 14, 2020.
  • Building Interdisciplinary Partnerships for Community-Engaged Environmental Health Research in Appalachian Virginia 

    Satterwhite, Emily; Bell, Shannon Elizabeth; Marr, Linsey C.; Thompson, Christopher K.; Prussin, Aaron J.; Buttling, Lauren; Pan, Jin; Gohlke, Julia M. (MDPI, 2020-03-05)
    This article describes a collaboration among a group of university faculty, undergraduate students, local governments, local residents, and U.S. Army staff to address long-standing concerns about the environmental health ...
  • Integrating science and engineering practices: outcomes from a collaborative professional development 

    Brand, Brenda R. (2020-03-13)
    Abstract Background The Next Generation Science Standards accentuate engineering design along with scientific inquiry, emphasizing the relationship between scientific ...
  • News2Note, March 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, 2020-03)
    The March 2020 issue of News2Note, the academic newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, published monthly during the academic year.

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