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    • Rape in the Courts of Gusiiland, Kenya, 1940s–1960s 

      Shadle, Brett L. (Cambridge University Press, 2003)
      This article examines the history of rape prosecutions in the African courts of Gusiiland, Kenya, from the 1940s through the first years of independence. Drawing on transcripts from African courts, it demonstrates that ...
    • Recent Work on Aristotelian Biology 

      Grene, Marjorie (MIT Press, 2000-12)
    • Reconstructing Iraq: merging discourses of security and development 

      Sovacool, B.; Halfon, S. (Cambridge University Press, 2007-04)
      This article argues that reconstruction is an emerging discourse of international politics that merges security and development discourses in powerful and troubling ways. We focus on Iraq as a site for articulating and ...
    • Rediscovering the King of Woodpeckers: Exploring the Implications 

      Walters, J. R.; Crist, E. L. (Resilience Alliance, 2005-12)
      The Ivory-billed Woodpecker has long held a special place in the psyche of North American conservation, eliciting unusually colorful prose, even from scientists, as an icon of the wild. The reverence in which it was held ...
    • relationship status, health, and health behavior: an examination of cohabiters and commuters 

      Fuller, T. D. (University of California Press, 2010)
      A large amount of literature on relationship status, health, and health behavior indicates that marriage conveys health benefits. This literature, however, devotes relatively little attention to two theoretically interesting ...
    • Repeat what after whom? Exploring variable selectivity in a cross-dialectal shadowing task 

      Walker, Abby; Campbell-Kibler, Kathryn (Frontiers Media, 2015-05-12)
      Twenty women from Christchurch, New Zealand and 16 from Columbus Ohio (dialect region U.S. Midland) participated in a bimodal lexical naming task where they repeated monosyllabic words after four speakers from four regional ...
    • Research Centers as Change Agents: Reshaping Work in Rhetoric and Writing 

      Gogan, B.; Belanger, K.; Patriarca, A.; O'Neill, M. (National Council of Teachers of English, 2010-12)
      This article defines research centers as associative enterprises for solving scholarly and societal problems that cannot be adequately addressed by individuals. We identify more than fifty research centers in rhetoric and ...
    • Resisting & Re-inscribing Gender Norms: See Me/ Hear Me 

      Broyles, Kathryn A. (2014-04)
      Women veterans not infrequently report the forced iconic characterizations of “bitch,” “whore,” or “dike” forced upon them by their fellow service-members, superiors, and the larger culture both during and after their ...
    • Review: Don't Go Up Kettle Creek: Verbal Legacy of the Upper Cumberland 

      Speer, Jean H. (Journal of American Folklore, 1984)
      In Don't Go Up Kettle Creek, Montell reconstructs the history of the Upper Cumberland River region "as it is perceived from the vernacular point of view, relying on personal reminiscences, oral traditions, balladry and ...
    • Review: Traditional American Indian Literatures: Texts and Interpretations 

      Fine, Emily C. (Journal of American Folklore, 1983)
      This book is a welcome addition to studies of American Indian folklore and ethnopoetics. Karl Kroeber has compiled five essays by himself, Jarold Ramsey, Dennis Tedlock, Barre Toelken and Tacheeni Scott, and Dell Hymes to ...
    • Rhetorics of Displacement: Constructing Identities in Forced Relocations 

      Powell, K. M. (National Council of Teachers of English, 2012-03)
      Forced displacement has often involved the use of rhetoric, both by government institutions and by people who struggle not only to survive displacement, but also to resist it. The author analyzes such discourses through ...
    • Rhythm in a Sinuous Stanza: The Anatomy and Acoustic Contour of the Latin Alcaic 

      Becker, Andrew S. (Johns Hopkins Univ Press, 2012)
      This essay explores the metrical as well as rhythmical aspects of the acoustic contour of the Latin Alcaic, focusing on patterns of natural, audible, performed word accents in coincidence and syncopation with the fixed ...
    • The Role of the Doctor in Managing an Abused Child 

      Obilade, Titilola T. (Virginia Tech, 2004-12-28)
      There are different forms of abuse perpetuated against children. The most common forms of abuse are sexual, psychological, physical and child neglect. There are several signs that the doctor should look out for when faced ...
    • Safety at the Margins: A Rhetorical Analysis of Occupational Risk Communication in Construction 

      Patriarca, Ashley S (Virginia Tech, 2013-05-07)
      This dissertation focuses on occupational risk communication created by grantees of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration\'s Susan Harwood Training Grant (SHTG) Program. Although the SHTG program is aimed at ...
    • A Sample of Best Practices to Support Veterans in Attending and Completing Engineering Degree Programs 

      Kasarda, Mary; McCrery, Ennis; DePauw, Karen; Byrd, Carson; Mikel-Stites, Max; Ray, Victor; Pierson, Mark; Brown, Eugene; Hall, Simin; Soldan, David L.; Gruenbacher, Don; Schulz, Noel; Vogt, Blythe; Hageman, William B.; Natarajan, Rekha; Olson, Rick; Kramer, Kathleen; Lord, Susan (Veterans in Society: Changing the Discourse; Virginia Tech, 2013-04-15)
      This paper describes some sample best practices identified by three institutions, Virginia Tech, Kansas State University, and the University of San Diego to support the recruitment, transition, and retention of veterans ...
    • Secularism and the Question of the ‘Judeo-Christian' 

      Britt, Brian (Relegere, 2012)
      This essay comments on the papers in this special issue, paying special attention to "Judaism," "Christianity," and "Judeo-Christian" in relation to discussions of secularism and civil religion. It attempts an explanation ...
    • Segmentation Algorithm 

      Gad, Samah (2014-04-09)
      We developed a dynamic temporal segmentation algorithm that wraps around topic modeling algorithms for the purpose of identifying change points where significant shifts in topics occur. The main task of the segmentation ...
    • Self-Authorship and Women's Career Decision Making 

      Creamer, Elizabeth G.; Laughlin, Anne (Johns Hopkins Univ Press, 2005)
      Current career literature provides little insight into how women interpret career-relevant experiences, advice, or information, particularly when it is contradictory. This paper uses findings from interviews with 40 college ...
    • A Servant of Two Masters 

      Johnson, David (Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts and Cinema, 2011)
      Poster for a production of Carlo Goldoni's "A Servant of Two Masters," directed by David Johnson, and produced at Virginia Tech's Squires Studio Theatre for the 2011-2012 season.
    • Settlers, Africans, and Inter-Personal Violence in Kenya, ca. 1900-1920s. 

      Shadle, Brett (African Studies Center, Boston University, 2012)
      The article discusses interpersonal violence in colonial Kenya enacted by white settlers against African natives. The author begins by charting the gradual acceptance of certain forms of violence by Britons throughout ...