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    • Safety at the Margins: A Rhetorical Analysis of Occupational Risk Communication in Construction 

      Patriarca, Ashley S (Virginia Tech, 2013-05-07)
      This dissertation focuses on occupational risk communication created by grantees of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration\'s Susan Harwood Training Grant (SHTG) Program. Although the SHTG program is aimed at ...
    • A Sample of Best Practices to Support Veterans in Attending and Completing Engineering Degree Programs 

      Kasarda, Mary; McCrery, Ennis; DePauw, Karen; Byrd, Carson; Mikel-Stites, Max; Ray, Victor; Pierson, Mark; Brown, Eugene; Hall, Simin; Soldan, David L.; Gruenbacher, Don; Schulz, Noel; Vogt, Blythe; Hageman, William B.; Natarajan, Rekha; Olson, Rick; Kramer, Kathleen; Lord, Susan (Veterans in Society: Changing the Discourse; Virginia Tech, 2013-04-15)
      This paper describes some sample best practices identified by three institutions, Virginia Tech, Kansas State University, and the University of San Diego to support the recruitment, transition, and retention of veterans ...
    • Science and Technology: A New Alliance 

      Sanders, Mark E. (Science Scope, 1993)
      "The Technology/Science/Math (T/S/M) Integration Project is an attempt to bring these areas together by better coordinating instruction. In doing so, content is more relevant and therefore better internalized by students." ...
    • Secularism and the Question of the ‘Judeo-Christian' 

      Britt, Brian (Relegere, 2012)
      This essay comments on the papers in this special issue, paying special attention to "Judaism," "Christianity," and "Judeo-Christian" in relation to discussions of secularism and civil religion. It attempts an explanation ...
    • Segmentation Algorithm 

      Gad, Samah (2014-04-09)
      We developed a dynamic temporal segmentation algorithm that wraps around topic modeling algorithms for the purpose of identifying change points where significant shifts in topics occur. The main task of the segmentation ...
    • Self-Authorship and Women's Career Decision Making 

      Creamer, Elizabeth G.; Laughlin, Anne (Johns Hopkins Univ Press, 2005)
      Current career literature provides little insight into how women interpret career-relevant experiences, advice, or information, particularly when it is contradictory. This paper uses findings from interviews with 40 college ...
    • A Servant of Two Masters 

      Johnson, David (Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts and Cinema, 2011)
      Poster for a production of Carlo Goldoni's "A Servant of Two Masters," directed by David Johnson, and produced at Virginia Tech's Squires Studio Theatre for the 2011-2012 season.
    • Settlers, Africans, and Inter-Personal Violence in Kenya, ca. 1900-1920s. 

      Shadle, Brett (African Studies Center, Boston University, 2012)
      The article discusses interpersonal violence in colonial Kenya enacted by white settlers against African natives. The author begins by charting the gradual acceptance of certain forms of violence by Britons throughout ...
    • Sexual Offences in Kenya Courts, 1960S-2008 

      Shadle, Brett (National Council for Law Reporting, 2010)
    • Should Women Vote? 

      Ewing, E. Thomas; Gumbert, Heather L.; Hicks, David; Lehr, Jane L.; Nelson, Amy; Stephens, Robert, P. (Johns Hopkins Univ Press, 2008)
    • Similarities in Instructional Design, Learner Interface Design and User Interface Design: Implications for Developing a Successful Online Module 

      Obilade, Titilola T. (2015)
      The success of a user-friendly online module depends on the inputs, the processes and the outcome. It depends on the learner attributes, the user environment and other attributes. The research questions that guided the ...
    • Sinfonia Sacra, Opus 56 

      Krol, Bernhard; Crone, William J.; Bryant, James (2011-09-05)
      This recording is a faculty performance by Jay Crone and James Bryant of Bernhard Krol's Sinfonia Sacra, Opus 56, performed Sunday, March 24, 2002, 3:00pm at Blacksburg Presbyterian Church in Blacksburg, VA
    • Situated Learning as a Constructivist Learning Theory 

      Obilade, Titilola (Virginia Tech, 2012-11-30)
      The students are undergraduate students from different continents and have contrasting interpretations of plagiarism. They have similarities in that they are all taking the class on plagiarism. They would need computers ...
    • Snapshots of Tradition: Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Georgia 

      Britt, Brian (University of California Press, 1998-10)
      On the thirteenth of each month, from October 1990 until May 1994, Nancy Fowler appeared on the porch of a farmhouse in Conyers, Georgia, to deliver the message she had received from an apparition of the Virgin Mary. On ...
    • Some were free born. Some were fugitives. Some were slaves. Now they were all veterans. 

      Hepburn, Sharon A. Roger (Virginia Tech, 2015-11)
      This essay centers on the soldiers of the 102nd United States Colored Infantry (USCI), originally organized in August 1863 as the First Michigan Colored Infantry, the only all-black regiment organized in the state and one ...
    • Standards-based mathematics curricula and the promotion of quantitative literacy in elementary school 

      Wilkins, Jesse L. M. (2015)
      Background: Prior research has shown that students taught using Standards-based mathematics curricula tend to outperform students on measures of mathematics achievement. However, little research has focused particularly ...
    • Standing Up To Be Counted: Female Military Personnel and Online Mentoring 

      Hart, D. Alexis (2014-04)
      Women working in male-dominated fields such as science and the military often encounter challenges fitting into their workplace communities, feeling themselves to be cast as less intelligent and less powerful (physically ...
    • STEM, STEM Education, STEMmania 

      Sanders, Mark E. (Technology Teacher, 2008)
      A series of circumstances has once more created an opportunity for technology educators to develop and implement new integrative approaches to STEM education championed by STEM education reform doctrine over the past two decades.
    • Stolen Valor: Supporting and Defending Another's Right to Lie 

      Slater-Chandler, Neysa M. (Virginia Tech; Veterans in Society: Changing the Discourse, 2013-04-15)
      The United States Supreme Court's recent decision (plurality) in U.S. v. Alvarez (567 U.S. __, 132 S.Ct. 2537) has met with derision in some circles and support in others. The Court stated, "content-based restrictions on ...
    • Strategies and Challenges Involved in the Eradication of Rubella; Justification for Inclusion of Rubella Vaccine in Nigeria’s National Program on Immunization 

      Obilade, Titilola T. (Virginia Tech, 2002-03-08)
      Rubella is also known as German measles. Rubella is caused by a togavirus which spreads by droplet infection. One attack confers a high degree of immunity. It tends to infect older children, adolescents and young adults ...