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    • DBBL Graduate Class - MFC Presentation 

      Wells, John G.; Doyle, Laura (2013-04-15)
      Presentation delivered as a culminating assignment for the Design Based Biotechnology Learning course (Wells, EDCI 5854). Discussion provided an explanation of the design process, prototype construction, testing, iteration, ...
    • Integrative STEM Education at Virginia Tech: Graduate Preparation for Tomorrow's Leaders 

      Wells, John G. (ITEEA, 2013)
      An brief overview and description of the new Integrative STEM Education (I-STEM ED) graduate program in the School of Education at Virginia Tech. Provided is the historical context supporting the need for a new integrative ...
    • Integrative STEM Education Exemplar: Implementation of the PIRPOSAL Model 

      Wells, John G. (ITEEA, 2016-10)
      Presentation of an I-STEM ED exemplar as a vehicle for discussing how STEM education pedagogies can be used for intentionally teaching discipline specific content and practices integral within the phases of technological ...
    • MFC Report - TSA 

      Wells, John G. (2012-06-15)
      Final report on the Microbial Fuel Cell project submitted for the middle school level Technology Student Association national competition.
    • PIRPOSAL Model of Integrative STEM Education: Conceptual and Pedagogical Framework for Classroom Implementation 

      Wells, John G. (Technology and Engineering Teacher, 2016-03)
      Conceptual and pedagogical framework for classroom implementation of the PIRPOSAL Model
    • Presentation: 6th Grade DBBL 

      Wells, John G. (2010-02-25)
      Day 1 presentation to 6th grade students in preparation for initiating Problem Scenario 4A: Alternative Fuels T/E DBBL design challenge.
    • Research on Teaching and Learning in Science Education: Potentials of Technology Education 

      Wells, John G. (Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education, 2010)
      This chapter will present a discussion around contemporary teaching and learning research in science education that holds promise for informing similar educational research on classroom practices in technology education. ...
    • STEM Education: The Potential of Technology Education 

      Wells, John G. (Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education, 2019)
      Disciplinary perspectives on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education afford an opportunity for insights into how these respective fields of education view their roles in the schooling of America ...
    • STEMbot - Design Based Biotechnical Learning 

      Wells, John G. (2019-04-30)
      Documentation of STEMbot Plant Research Module implementation. Video captures the movement of the STEMbot based on the programmed sequencing for capturing plant images and analyzing pixel counts of the photographs as a ...