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    • News2Note, March 2021 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2021-03)
      The March 2021 issue of News2Note, the academic newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, published monthly during the academic year.
    • News2Note, February 2021 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2021-02)
      The February 2021 issue of News2Note, the academic newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, published monthly during the academic year.
    • Multilevel Analysis of Factors Associated with Left Behind Children in China 

      Du, Chenguang; Du, Hongfei (Canadian Center of Science and Education, 2020-09-24)
      With the rapid development of urbanization in China, a growing number of rural workers migrate to urban cities for employment opportunities with leaving their children at home. These children are called left behind children ...
    • Dance on the Brain: Enhancing Intra and Inter-Brain Synchrony 

      Basso, Julia C.; Satyal, Medha K.; Rugh, Rachel (Frontiers Media, 2021-01-07)
      Dance has traditionally been viewed from a Eurocentric perspective as a mode of self-expression that involves the human body moving through space, performed for the purposes of art, and viewed by an audience. In this ...
    • Instructional Readiness in the Inclusive STEM Classroom 

      Williams, Thomas O., Jr.; Ernst, Jeremy V.; Rossi, Louis (2020-12)
      Since the implementation of school inclusion, STEM educators have been tasked with serving an increasing number of students with disabilities in their classrooms. Often this requires that STEM educators and Special educators ...
    • The effectiveness of credibility indicator interventions in a partisan context 

      Duncan, Megan A. (SAGE Publications, 2019-12-01)
      Audiences, who cannot investigate the credibility of most news stories for themselves, rely on noncontent heuristic cues to form credibility judgments. For most media, these heuristics were stable over time. Emerging formats ...
    • What's in a Label? Negative Credibility Labels in Partisan News 

      Duncan, Megan A. (SAGE Publications, 2020-10-13)
      Concern about partisan audiences blindly following partisan news brands while simultaneously being unable to distinguish the credible news from hoax news dominates media criticism and theoretical inquiries. Companies and ...
    • Risk and uncertainty can be analyzed in cyberspace 

      Brantly, Aaron F. (Oxford University Press, 2021-02-23)
      Perceptions of risk and uncertainty are pervasive in all international interactions. How states perceive risk and uncertainty and how they respond to these conditions impacts their policies and diplomatic behaviors. Despite ...
    • Exposing the myths of household water insecurity in the global north: A critical review 

      Meehan, Katie; Jepson, Wendy; Harris, Leila M.; Wutich, Amber; Beresford, Melissa; Fencl, Amanda; London, Jonathan; Pierce, Gregory; Radonic, Lucero; Wells, Christian; Wilson, Nicole J.; Adams, Ellis Adjei; Arsenault, Rachel; Brewis, Alexandra; Harrington, Victoria; Lambrinidou, Yanna; McGregor, Deborah; Patrick, Robert; Pauli, Benjamin; Pearson, Amber L.; Shah, Sameer; Splichalova, Dacotah; Workman, Cassandra; Young, Sera (2020-11)
      Safe and secure water is a cornerstone of modern life in the global North. This article critically examines a set of prevalent myths about household water in high-income countries, with a focus on Canada and the United ...
    • Sociotechnical agendas: Reviewing future directions for energy and climate research 

      Sovacool, Benjamin K.; Hess, David J.; Amir, Sulfikar; Geels, Frank W.; Hirsh, Richard; Medina, Leandro Rodriguez; Miller, Clark; Palavicino, Carla Alvial; Phadke, Roopali; Ryghaug, Marianne; Schot, Johan; Silvast, Antti; Stephens, Jennie; Stirling, Andy; Turnheim, Bruno; Vleuten, Erik van der; Lente, Harro van; Yearley, Steven (2020-12)
      The field of science and technology studies (STS) has introduced and developed a "sociotechnical" perspective that has been taken up by many disciplines and areas of inquiry. The aims and objectives of this study are ...
    • Center for Humanities Spring 2021 newsletter 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2021)
      This newsletter promotes humanities research and upcoming programming at the Center for Humanities.
    • Measuring Walsh’s Family Resilience Framework: Reliability and Validity of the Family Resilience Assessment Among Women with a History of Breast Cancer 

      Duncan Lane, C.; Meszaros, Peggy S.; Savla, Jyoti (Informa UK Limited, 2017-10-03)
      Walsh’s family resilience framework presents a comprehensive and inclusive lens of family process that may assist clinicians, family service professionals, and health care providers with understanding the functioning of ...
    • Using Timeline Methodology to Visualize Treatment Trajectories of Youth and Young Adults Following Inpatient Opioid Treatment 

      Monico, Laura B.; Ludwig, Ariel; Lertch, Elizabeth; Mitchell, Shannon Gwin (2020-10-28)
      While the use of visual methods in qualitative research is gaining recognition, there has been less attention to timelines. This paper addresses this gap and contributes to the overall literature on qualitative research ...
    • The Impacts of the Neighborhood Built Environment on Social Capital for Middle-Aged and Elderly Koreans 

      Hwang, Eunju; Brossoie, Nancy; Jeong, Jin Wook; Song, Kimin (MDPI, 2021-01-14)
      The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the neighborhood built environment (NBE) aspects of age-friendly cities and communities (AFCCs) and social capital in the Korean context. We described ...
    • Collocational Development during a Stay Abroad 

      Edmonds, Amanda; Gudmestad, Aarnes (MDPI, 2021-01-12)
      The purpose of the current study was to explore if and how additional-language learners may show changes in phraseological patterns over the course of a stay in a target-language environment. In particular, we focused on ...
    • “Lots of Prayer, Lots of Emotional Coaching, and Pray it Works out the Best”: Tuning in to Kids in a Rural Appalachian Community 

      Hernandez, Erika; Carmichael, Katie; Satterwhite, Emily; Yanuaria, Chelsea; Dunsmore, Julie (2020-07)
      Rural Americans face barriers in access to services such as psychoeducation programs. The purpose of this study was to describe how participants in a rural Appalachian community, a geographic location that has been largely ...
    • Writing the New World: The Politics of Natural History in the Early Spanish Empire 

      Caraccioli, Mauro José (University of Florida Press, 2021-01-11)
      In Writing the New World, Mauro Caraccioli examines the natural history writings of early Spanish missionaries, using these texts to argue that colonial Latin America was fundamental in the development of modern political ...
    • Corps Review, Spring 2020 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2020)
      This is the spring 2020 issue of Corps Review, which is published two times a year by the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Alumni Inc. (VTCCA).
    • Corps Review, Fall 2020 

      Unknown author (2020)
      This is the fall 2020 issue of Corps Review, which is published two times a year by the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Alumni Inc. (VTCCA).
    • Understanding pandemic pedagogy: Differences between emergency remote, remote, and online teaching 

      Barbour, Michael K.; LaBonte, Randy; Hodges, Charles; Moore, Stephanie; Lockee, Barbara; Trust, Torrey; Bond, Aaron; Hill, Phil; Kelly, Kevin (2020-12-21)
      In the spring of 2020, the term ‘emergency remote teaching’ began to emerge to describe what was occurring in education at all levels, despite the more commonly used term “online learning” dominating media descriptions of ...