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    • The Effect of Binaural Beats on Visuospatial Working Memory and Cortical Connectivity 

      Beauchene, C.; Abaid, Nicole; Moran, Rosalyn; Diana, Rachel; Leonessa, Alexander (PLOS, 2016-11-28)
    • Extracting Interactions between Flying Bat Pairs Using Model-Free Methods 

      Roy, Subhradeep; Howes, Kayla; Müller, Rolf; Butail, Sachit; Abaid, Nicole (MDPI, 2019-01-09)
      Social animals exhibit collective behavior whereby they negotiate to reach an agreement, such as the coordination of group motion. Bats are unique among most social animals, since they use active sensory echolocation by ...
    • Latent heat of traffic moving from rest 

      Ahmadi, S. Farzad; Berrier, Austin S.; Doty, William M.; Greer, Pat G.; Habibi, Mohammad; Morgan, Hunter A.; Waterman, Josam H.C.; Abaid, Nicole; Boreyko, Jonathan B. (IOP Publishing, 2017-11-22)
      Contrary to traditional thinking and driver intuition, here we show that there is no benefit to ground vehicles increasing their packing density at stoppages. By systematically controlling the packing density of vehicles ...