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    • Resist diabetes: A randomized clinical trial for resistance training maintenance in adults with prediabetes 

      Davy, Brenda M.; Winett, Richard A.; Savla, Jyoti S.; Marinik, Elaina L.; Baugh, Mary Elizabeth; Flack, Kyle D.; Halliday, Tanya M.; Kelleher, Sarah A.; Winett, Sheila G.; Williams, David M.; Boshra, Soheir (PLOS, 2017-02-23)
      Objective To determine whether a social cognitive theory (SCT)-based intervention improves resistance training (RT) maintenance and strength, and reduces prediabetes prevalence. Research design and methods Sedentary, ...
    • Skeletal muscle autophagy and mitophagy in endurance-trained runners before and after a high-fat meal 

      Tarpey, Michael D.; Davy, Kevin P.; McMillan, Ryan P.; Bowser, Suzanne M.; Halliday, Tanya M.; Boutagy, Nabil E.; Davy, Brenda M.; Frisard, Madlyn I.; Hulver, Matthew W. (Elsevier, 2017-10-24)
      Objective: We tested the hypothesis that skeletal muscle of endurance-trained male runners would exhibit elevated autophagy and mitophagy markers, which would be associated with greater metabolic flexibility following a ...