The Feiertag Hospitality Academy-to-Industry Research Collection brings together research from the academic world with articles written for industry so all can benefit from those insights. The collection includes peer-reviewed academic research in the area of Hospitality Sales and it translates research recommendations and best practices models into a language useful to the hospitality practitioner. This collection aims to bridge the gap between the academy and the hospitality industry.

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  • Hospitality and COVID-19: How long until ‘no vacancy’ for US hotels? 

    Krishnan, Vik; Mann, Ryan; Seitzman, Nathan; Wittkamp, Nina (McKinsey & Company, 2020-06-10)
    The hospitality industry has taken a huge hit with the explosion of Covid-19 cases. Research suggests that it could take until 2023 or later to recover. This article addresses the recovery scenarios for US hotels, what ...
  • Hospitality ‘making progress’ on diversity 

    Doggrell, Katherine (Hotel Management, 2020-02-05)
    The Hospitality Industry is making progress towards improving gender diversity within the workplace, but the industry has fallen behind in ethnic diversity in senior positions.
  • 7 Strategies To Improve Recruitment For Diversity In Hospitality 

    Greaves, Rosie (harver, 2019-07-22)
    If you are looking to boost productivity within your company, you need to be proactive about diversity. Along with a larger talent pool, diversity within a team offers many other perks such as a better representation of ...
  • Diversity in Hospitality: How Gen-Y Is Transforming The Industry 

    Goad, Gracie (TalentEgg, 2016-06-05)
    Companies are looking for diversity and a range of work experience to better serve today’s communities. The meaning behind diversity has changed because it no longer just refers to cultural and religious background. Today ...
  • Trivago,, KLM and others unite to create COVID-19 information service 

    May, Kevin (PhocusWire, 2020-06-04)
    A group of travel brands have joined to create a service that provides a single data source with current global news as it relates to the coronavirus outbreak and recovery. The initiative behind this idea is to aggregate ...
  • Hospitality and travel companies sign workplace diversity pledge 

    Fox, Linda (PhocusWire, 2020-07-07)
    Hospitality and travel companies are creating a diversity pledge by committing to five actions to promote workplace equality, such as, appointing an executive sponsor for race, capturing ethnicity data, and ensuring all ...
  • Do Events Really Include LGBTQ+ Attendees? 

    Tupper, Angela (EventMB, 2020-07-01)
    The events industry has made slow progress in terms of diversity and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community. However, many events are still lacking initiative and many other areas of the hospitality industry are not as ...
  • Are Virtual Events Killing FOMO? 

    Solaris, Julius (EventMB, 2020-06-15)
    With the switch into a primarily virtual world, we are entering a seismic shift in the industry. FOMO is fading due to the great accessibility of virtual events and it is exposing the flaws of live events to event owners, ...
  • Event Technology As We Know It Is Over: Here’s What’s Next 

    Solaris, Julius (2020-07-01)
    Now that events are only happening online, we are witnessing a seismic market shake-up. Evidence shows it is unlikely to switch back to normal anytime soon. Virtual event platforms have harnessed more investor attention ...
  • New CEIR Report: Pandemic Caused 15 Percent Decline in Exhibition Performance in Early 2020 

    Monorchio, Dylan (EventMB, 2020-06-10)
    The results are in, but they are not looking good. CEIR reports show that about three-quarters of the US events in March were canceled. Some were postponed and many of those may be canceled later. CEIR measures the performance ...
  • Event Tech Aventri Will Deploy New Funding to Drive Innovations in Virtual Events 

    Monorchio, Dylan (EventMB, 2020-06-24)
    Virtual events are represented as the safest way to stay connected to audiences. Many event tech suppliers are investing resources in developing virtual event solutions. Aventri closes a successful round of fundraising to ...
  • Would You Sign a Liability Waiver to Attend an Event? 

    Monorchio, Dylan (EventMB, 2020-06-26)
    Evolving and inconsistent advice from medical professionals and the government have left event organizers stranded. Economic pressures are pushing for many regions to reopen venues and borders for events. However, it is ...
  • New Coronavirus Fears Risk Delaying Event Industry Comeback 

    Julius, Solaris (EVENTMB, 2020-06-15)
    Although the event industry is occupied with reopening plans, professionals should reconsider delaying their comeback. With the increase in hospitalizations and lack of social distancing, event professionals need to review ...
  • Black Event Industry Leaders Call for Action 

    Dunn Sr., Jason; Williams, Keneisha; Roby, Andrew; Blalock, Tamela; Solaris, Julius (EventMB, 2020-06-08)
    The event industry is hindering from inaction and lack of representation. With the guidance of four black leaders, Jason Dunn Sr., Keneisha Williams, Andrew Roby, and Tamela Blalock, there are concrete steps that the ...
  • What the Meetings Industry Gets Wrong About Diversity—and How to Fix It 

    Ogletree, Kelsey (TSNN, 2020-06-05)
    The death of George Floyd has caused the Meetings Industry to reevaluate how they are approaching diversity in meetings and events. Due to the exploitation of the word “diversity,” organizations should strive for inclusion ...
  • Preparedness and Lessons Learned from the Novel Coronavirus Disease [Summary] 

    Honerkamp, Yasine (Virginia Tech, 2020-05-17)
    In a short span, a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has captured global consciousness by significantly affecting the day-to-day life of humans and emerged as a public health emergency. Undoubtedly, it indicates that lessons ...
  • The Hospitality Industry - Anamnesis, Diagnosis and Directions in Pandemic Context [Summary] 

    Honerkamp, Yasine (Virginia Tech, 2020-05-17)
    As a component with high sensitivity, tourism is a sector of consequence, sensitive to the imbalances of the socio-economic metasystem that includes it. In the context of establishing the state of emergency on the Romanian ...
  • The epidemiologist and the pandemic [Summary] 

    Honerkamp, Yasine (Virginia Tech, 2020-05-17)
    Like the Cholera outbreak of London in 1854, Spanish flu in 1920 or many other pandemic and epidemics thereafter including the current pandemic of COVID 19, it has again reminded to the world about the role of epidemiologist ...
  • Straining the System: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Preparedness for Concomitant Disasters [Summary] 

    Honerkamp, Yasine (Virginia Tech, 2020-05-17)
    An editorial on the COVID-19 pandemic is presented. It mentions the work of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in dealing with this epidemic as well as future events, the international collaboration on research ...
  • Novel coronavirus epidemic: new dimension for disaster management and health resilience [Summary] 

    Honerkamp, Yasine (Virginia Tech, 2020-05-17)
    The article offers information on the challenges faced by the coronavirus pandemic. It discusses that coronavirus epidemic as a new dimension for disaster management and health resilience. It mentions that coronavirus ...

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