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    • Ultra-high performance wearable thermoelectric coolers with less materials 

      Kishore, Ravi Anant; Nozariasbmarz, Amin; Poudel, Bed; Sanghadasa, Mohan; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2019-04-16)
      Thermoelectric coolers are attracting significant attention for replacing age-old cooling and refrigeration devices. Localized cooling by wearable thermoelectric coolers will decrease the usage of traditional systems, ...
    • Ultrahigh Durability Perovskite Solar Cells 

      Wu, Congcong; Wang, Kai; Feng, Xu; Jiang, Yuanyuan; Yang, Dong; Hou, Yuchen; Yan, Yongke; Sanghadasa, Mohan; Priya, Shashank (American Chemical Society, 2019-01-29)
      Unprecedented conversion efficiency has been demonstrated for perovskite solar cells (PSCs), however, their stability and reliability continue to be challenge. Here, an effective and practical method is demonstrated to ...
    • Upconverting nanocomposites dispersed in urea-containing acrylics 

      Inglefield, David Lott, Jr.; Merritt, Travis R.; Magill, Brenden A.; Long, Timothy E.; Khodaparast, Giti A. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-05-08)
      Lanthanide-doped upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs) have the ability to convert low energy photons into high energy photons, making this material appealing for a variety of scientific pursuits, from solar energy conversion ...
    • Use of High-Concentrate or High-Forage Diets for Transition Dairy Cows 

      Grummer, Ric R. (Virginia Tech. Department of Dairy Science, 2017-02-16)
      The objective of this presentation, which was given on February 16th during the 71st Annual Convention : 2017 Virginia State Feed Association & Nutritional Management “Cow” College, was to provide a historical review of ...
    • Utilization of Lignin in Biopolymeric Packaging Films 

      Zadeh, Elham Mohammad; O’Keefe, Sean F.; Kim, Young Teck (ACS Publications, 2018-07-06)
      Lignin is a byproduct of agricultural industries and only has limited applications. In this study, lignin was investigated for use in sustainable biopolymeric packaging film. Alkali lignin (AL) and lignosulfonate (LSS) ...
    • Valorization of hemicellulose hydrolyzates into eco-friendly surfactants 

      Liu, Wei; Roman, Maren (AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 2018-03-18)
    • Veterinary Feed Directive: Welcome to 2017 

      Mills, Angela (Virginia Tech. Department of Dairy Science, 2017-02-15)
      The regulatory environment changed January 1, 2017 for producers who wish to continue to use certain antibiotics in feed & water for animals. - Education is key to understanding the rules and how to maintain compliance. - ...
    • Virginia Forest Landowner Update, Fall 2017 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2017)
      A quarterly publication with a list of events, news, and information promoting the stewardship of Virginia's natural resources.
    • Waste not want not: life cycle implications of gold recovery and recycling from nanowaste 

      Pati, Paramjeet; McGinnis, Sean; Vikesland, Peter J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-08-24)
      Commercial-scale applications of nanotechnology are rapidly increasing. Enhanced production of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products and their resultant disposal lead to concomitant increases in the volume of nanomaterial ...
    • Water-Based Electrode Manufacturing and Direct Recycling of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes-A Green and Sustainable Manufacturing System 

      Li, Jianlin; Lu, Yingqi; Yang, Tairan; Ge, Dayang; Wood, David L., III; Li, Zheng (2020-05-22)
      It is critical to develop a low-cost and environmentally friendly system to manufacture and recycle lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) as the demand on LIBs keeps increasing dramatically. Conventional LIB cathodes are manufactured ...
    • Water-Dispersible Cationic Polyurethanes Containing Pendant Trialkylphosphoniums 

      Zhang, Musan; Hemp, Sean T.; Zhang, Mingqiang; Allen, Michael H., Jr.; Carmean, Richard N.; Moore, Robert B.; Long, Timothy E. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014-03-06)
      Novel trialkylphosphonium ionic liquids chain extenders enabled the successful synthesis of poly(ethylene glycol)-based, cationic polyurethanes with pendant phosphoniums in the hard segments (HS). Aqueous size exclusion ...