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    • Intra-Ring Compression Strength of Low Density Hardwoods 

      Zink-Sharp, Audrey G.; Price, Carlile (Universidad del Bío-Bío, 2006)
      Engineered wood composites are being crafted with increasingly smaller and smaller components, yet a search of the literature indicates a lack of intra-ring mechanical property data for almost all commercial wood types, ...
    • Multimodal system for harvesting magnetic and mechanical energy 

      Dong, Shuxiang; Zhai, Junyi; Li, Jiefang; Viehland, Dwight D.; Priya, Shashank (AIP Publishing, 2008-09-01)
      In this letter, we investigate a multimodal system for simultaneous energy harvesting from stray magnetic and mechanical energies by combining magnetoelectric and piezoelectric effects. The system consists of a cantilever ...
    • Network structure and thermal stability study of high temperature seal glass 

      Lu, Kathy; Mahapatra, Manoj K. (American Institute of Physics, 2008-10-01)
      High temperature seal glass has stringent requirement on glass thermal stability, which is dictated by glass network structures. In this study, a SrO-La2O3-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2 based glass system was studied using nuclear ...
    • MAPSustain: Visualising biomass and biofuel research 

      Zoss, Angela; Kong, Chin Hua; Ma, Nianli; Börner, Katy (University of Huddersfield, 2010-03-11)
      This paper discusses the visual and interaction design of an online website that supports the interactive exploration of research on biomass and biofuel research. The dataset used covers 13,506 publication records from ...
    • Global Climate Niche Estimates for Bioenergy Crops and Invasive Species of Agronomic Origin: Potential Problems and Opportunities 

      Barney, Jacob; DiTomaso, Joseph M. (PLOS, 2011-03-09)
      The global push towards a more biomass-based energy sector is ramping up efforts to adopt regionally appropriate high-yielding crops. As potential bioenergy crops are being moved around the world an assessment of the ...
    • Magnetoelectric Interactions in Lead-Based and Lead-Free Composites 

      Bichurin, Mirza I.; Petrov, Vladimir M.; Zakharov, Anatoly; Kovalenko, Denis; Yang, Su Chul; Maurya, Deepam; Bedekar, Vishwas; Priya, Shashank (MDPI, 2011-04-06)
      Magnetoelectric (ME) composites that simultaneously exhibit ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism have recently gained significant attention as evident by the increasing number of publications. These research activities are ...
    • Energy Efficiency Analysis: Biomass-to-Wheel Efficiency Related with Biofuels Production, Fuel Distribution, and Powertrain Systems 

      Huang, Wei-Dong; Zhang, Y. H. Percival (PLOS, 2011-07-13)
      Background Energy efficiency analysis for different biomass-utilization scenarios would help make more informed decisions for developing future biomass-based transportation systems. Diverse biofuels produced from biomass ...
    • Food Digest : 2012 

      Virginia Tech. Food Science and Technology Department (Virginia Tech. Food Science and Technology Department, 2012)
      In December, Virginia Tech broke ground for the first building in the new Biosciences Precinct at the corner of Duck Pond Drive and Washington Street. The 93,860-square-foot building will incorporate laboratory and support ...
    • Sustainable Biomaterials Newsletter, v.7 (July/August 2012) 

      Sustainable Biomaterials (Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, 2012)
    • Sustainable Biomaterials Newsletter, v.7 (May/June 2012) 

      Sustainable Biomaterials (Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, 2012)
    • Sustainable Biomaterials Newsletter, v.7 (Fall 2012) 

      Sustainable Biomaterials (Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, 2012)
    • Progress in Dual (Piezoelectric-Magnetostrictive) Phase Magnetoelectric Sintered Composites 

      Adnan Islam, Rashed; Priya, Shashank (Hindawi, 2012-04-04)
      The primary aims of this review article are (a) to develop the fundamental understanding of ME behavior in perovskite piezoelectric-spinel magnetostrictive composite systems, (b) to identify the role of composition, ...
    • Broadband/Wideband Magnetoelectric Response 

      Park, Chee-Sung; Priya, Shashank (Hindawi, 2012-04-08)
      A broadband/wideband magnetoelectric (ME) composite offers new opportunities for sensing wide ranges of both DC and AC magnetic fields. The broadband/wideband behavior is characterized by flat ME response over a given AC ...
    • Membranes in Lithium Ion Batteries 

      Yang, Min; Hou, Junbo (MDPI, 2012-07-04)
      Lithium ion batteries have proven themselves the main choice of power sources for portable electronics. Besides consumer electronics, lithium ion batteries are also growing in popularity for military, electric vehicle, and ...
    • Harvesting Energy from the Counterbalancing (Weaving) Movement in Bicycle Riding 

      Yang, Yoonseok; Yeo, Jeongjin; Priya, Shashank (MDPI, 2012-07-30)
      Bicycles are known to be rich source of kinetic energy, some of which is available for harvesting during speedy and balanced maneuvers by the user. A conventional dynamo attached to the rim can generate a large amount of ...
    • Cytotoxicity and Cellular Uptake of Cellulose Nanocrystals 

      Dong, Shuping; Hirani, Anjali A.; Colacino, Katelyn R.; Lee, Yong Woo; Roman, Maren (2012-09-21)
      There is growing evidence that filamentous nanoparticles offer advantages over spherical ones in drug delivery applications. The purpose of this study was to assess the potential of rod-like, plant-derived cellulose ...
    • Controlling Morphological Parameters of Anodized Titania Nanotubes for Optimized Solar Energy Applications 

      Haring, Andrew; Morris, Amanda; Hu, Michael (MDPI, 2012-10-19)
      Anodized TiO2 nanotubes have received much attention for their use in solar energy applications including water oxidation cells and hybrid solar cells [dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) and bulk heterojuntion solar cells ...
    • Piezoelectric MEMS for energy harvesting 

      Kim, S. G.; Priya, Shashank; Kanno, I. (Cambridge University Press, 2012-11)
      Piezoelectric microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have been proven to be an attractive technology for harvesting small magnitudes of energy from ambient vibrations. This technology promises to eliminate the need for ...
    • Food Digest : 2013 

      Virginia Tech. Food Science and Technology Department (Virginia Tech. Food Science and Technology Department, 2013)
      Message from the Department Head: Greetings. A lot has happened since our last newsletter. I hope as you take the time to read these stories, they will help you reconnect and remind you of the many friendships formed at ...
    • Sustainable Biomaterials Newsletter, v.8 (Fall 2013) 

      Sustainable Biomaterials (Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, 2013)