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    • Global estimates of CO sources with high resolution by adjoint inversion of multiple satellite datasets (MOPITT, AIRS, SCIAMACHY, TES) 

      Kopacz, M.; Jacob, D. J.; Fisher, J. A.; Logan, J. A.; Zhang, L.; Megretskaia, I. A.; Yantosca, R. M.; Singh, K.; Henze, D. K.; Burrows, J. P.; Buchwitz, M.; Khlystova, I.; McMillan, W. W.; Gille, J. C.; Edwards, D. P.; Eldering, A.; Thouret, V.; Nedelec, P. (Copernicus Publications, 2010)
      We combine CO column measurements from the MOPITT, AIRS, SCIAMACHY, and TES satellite instruments in a full-year (May 2004-April 2005) global inversion of CO sources at 4 degrees x 5 degrees spatial resolution and monthly ...
    • Grape powder attenuates the negative effects of GLP-1 receptor antagonism by exendin-3 (9–39) in a normoglycemic mouse model 

      Haufe, Thomas C.; Gilley, Andrew D.; Goodrich, Katie M.; Ryan, C. M.; Smithson, Andrew Todd; Hulver, Matthew W.; Liu, D.; Neilson, Andrew P. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-05-12)
      Prediabetes is a condition affecting 35% of US adults and about 50% of US adults age 65+. Foods rich in polyphenols, including flavanols and other flavonoids, have been studied for their putative beneficial effects on many ...
    • GrOup based physical Activity for oLder adults (GOAL) randomized controlled trial: study protocol 

      Beauchamp, Mark R.; Harden, Samantha M.; Wolf, Svenja A.; Rhodes, Ryan E.; Liu, Yan; Dunlop, William L.; Schmader, Toni; Sheel, Andrew W.; Zumbo, Bruno D.; Estabrooks, Paul A. (2015-06-27)
      Background Physical activity has health benefits across the lifespan, yet only 13 % of Canadian older adults are sufficiently active. Results from a number of observational studies indicate that adults display positive ...
    • Health beliefs as a key determinant of intent to use anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) among high-school football players: implications for prevention 

      Halliburton, Amanda E.; Fritz, Matthew S. (Taylor & Francis, 2017-07-05)
      The use of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) is problematic for youth because of negative effects such as reduced fertility, increased aggression and exposure to toxic chemicals. An effective programme for addressing this ...
    • Healthcare data analytics 

      Reddy, C. K.; Aggarwal, C. C. (Chapman And Hall/Crc, 2015)
    • High Resolution Discovery Proteomics Reveals Candidate Disease Progression Markers of Alzheimer’s Disease in Human Cerebrospinal Fluid 

      Hendrickson, Ronald C.; Lee, Anita Y.H.; Song, Qinghua; Liaw, Andy; Winer, Matt; Paweletz, Cloud P.; Seeburger, Jeffrey L.; Li, Jenny; Meng, Fanyu; Deyanova, Ekaterina G.; Mazur, Matthew T.; Settlage, Robert E.; Zhao, Xuemei; Southwick, Katie; Du, Yi; Holder, Dan; Sachs, Jeffrey R.; Laterza, Omar F.; Dallob, Aimee; Chappell, Derek L.; Snyder, Karen; Modur, Vijay; King, Elizabeth; Joachim, Catharine; Bondarenko, Andrey Y.; Shearman, Mark; Soper, Keith A.; Smith, A. David; Potter, William Z.; Koblan, Ken S.; Sachs, Alan B.; Yates, Nathan A. (PLOS, 2015-08-13)
      Disease modifying treatments for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) constitute a major goal in medicine. Current trends suggest that biomarkers reflective of AD neuropathology and modifiable by treatment would provide supportive ...
    • A higher effort-based paradigm in physical activity and exercise for public health: making the case for a greater emphasis on resistance training 

      Steele, James; Fisher, James; Skivington, Martin; Dunn, Chris; Arnold, Josh; Tew, Garry; Batterham, Alan M.; Nunan, David; O'Driscoll, Jamie M.; Mann, Steven; Beedie, Chris; Jobson, Simon; Smith, David; Vigotsky, Andrew; Phillips, Stuart; Estabrooks, Paul A.; Winett, Richard A. (Biomed Central Ltd, 2017-04-05)
    • Human Initiated Cascading Failures in Societal Infrastructures 

      Barrett, Christopher L.; Channakeshava, Karthik; Huang, Fei; Marathe, Achla; Marathe, Madhav V.; Pei, Guanhong; Saha, Sudip; Vullikanti, Anil Kumar S.; Kim, Junwhan; Subbiah, Balaaji S. P. (Public Library of Science, 2012-10-31)
      In this paper, we conduct a systematic study of human-initiated cascading failures in three critical inter-dependent societal infrastructures due to behavioral adaptations in response to a crisis. We focus on three closely ...
    • Immersive Analytics: Theory and Research Agenda 

      Skarbez, Richard; Polys, Nicholas F.; Ogle, J. Todd; North, Chris; Bowman, Doug A. (Frontiers, 2019-09-10)
      Advances in a variety of computing fields, including "big data," machine learning, visualization, and augmented/mixed/virtual reality, have combined to give rise to the emerging field of immersive analytics, which investigates ...
    • The Impact of Health Literacy Status on the Comparative Validity and Sensitivity of an Interactive Multimedia Beverage Intake Questionnaire 

      Hooper, Lucy P.; Myers, Emily A.; Zoellner, Jamie M.; Davy, Brenda M.; Hedrick, Valisa E. (MDPI, 2016-12-23)
      Self-reported dietary assessment methods can be challenging to validate, and reporting errors for those with lower health literacy (HL) may be augmented. Interactive multimedia (IMM) based questionnaires could help overcome ...
    • Improvements to PATRIC, the all-bacterial Bioinformatics Database and Analysis Resource Center 

      Wattam, Alice R.; Davis, James J.; Assaf, Rida; Boisvert, Sebastien; Brettin, Thomas; Bun, Christopher; Conrad, Neal; Dietrich, Emily M.; Disz, Terry; Gabbard, Joseph L.; Gerdes, Svetlana; Henry, Christopher S.; Kenyon, Ronald W.; Machi, Dustin; Mao, Chunhong; Nordberg, Eric K.; Olsen, Gary J.; Murphy-Olson, Daniel E.; Olson, Robert; Overbeek, Ross; Parrello, Bruce; Pusch, Gordon D.; Shukla, Maulik; Vonstein, Veronika; Warren, Andrew S.; Xia, Fangfang; Yoo, Hyunseung; Stevens, Rick L. (2017-01-04)
      The Pathosystems Resource Integration Center (PATRIC) is the bacterial Bioinformatics Resource Center ( Recent changes to PATRIC include a redesign of the web interface and some new services that ...
    • Improving somatic variant identification through integration of genome and exome data 

      Vijayan, Vinaya; Yiu, Siu-Ming; Zhang, Liqing (2017-10-16)
    • Interventions for the prevention of falls in older adults: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials 

      Chang, John T.; Morton, Sally C.; Rubenstein, Laurence Z.; Mojica,Walter A.; Maglione, Margaret; Suttorp, Marika J.; Roth, Elizabeth A.; Shekelle, Paul G. (BMJ Publishing Group Ltd, 2004-03-20)
      Objective: To assess the relative effectiveness of interventions to prevent falls in older adults to either a usual care group or control group. Design: Systematic review and meta-analyses. Data sources Medline, ...
    • The iPlant collaborative: cyberinfrastructure for plant biology 

      Goff, Stephen A.; Vaughn, Matthew; McKay, Sheldon; Lyons, Eric; Stapleton, Ann E.; Gessler, Damian; Matasci, Naim; Wang, Liya; Hanlon, Matthew; Lenards, Andrew; Muir, Andy; Merchant, Nirav; Lowry, Sonya; Mock, Stephen; Helmke, Matthew; Kubach, Adam; Narro, Martha; Hopkins, Nicole; Micklos, David; Hilgert, Uwe; Gonzales, Michael; Jordan, Chris; Skidmore, Edwin; Dooley, Rion; Cazes, John; McLay, Robert; Lu, Zhenyuan; Pasternak, Shiran; Koesterke, Lars; Piel, William H.; Grene, Ruth; Noutsos, Christos; Gendler, Karla; Feng, Xin; Tang, Chunlao; Lent, Monica; Kim, Seung-Jin; Kvilekval, Kristian; Manjunath, B. S.; Tannen, Val; Stamatakis, Alexandros; Sanderson, Michael; Welch, Stephen M.; Cranston, Karen A.; Soltis, Pamela; Soltis, Doug; O'Meara, Brian; Ane, Cecile; Brutnell, Tom; Kleibenstein, Daniel J.; White, Jeffery W.; Leebens-Mack, James; Donoghue, Michael J.; Spalding, Edgar P.; Vision, Todd J.; Myers, Christopher R.; Lowenthal, David; Enquist, Brian J.; Boyle, Brad; Akoglu, Ali; Andrews, Greg; Ram, Sudha; Ware, Doreen; Stein, Lincoln; Stanzione, Dan (Frontiers, 2011)
      The iPlant Collaborative (iPlant) is a United States National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project that aims to create an innovative, comprehensive, and foundational cyberinfrastructure in support of plant biology ...
    • Is increased water consumption among older adults associated with improvements in glucose homeostasis? 

      Clark, Adrienne G.; Dennis Parker, Elizabeth A.; Savla, Jyoti S.; Davy, Kevin P. (Scientific Research, 2013-08)
      Obesity and impaired glucose homeostasis in older adults place these individuals at risk for diabetes. Dehydration, glucose homeostasis, and insulin resistance are related; while aging and dehydration are associated with ...
    • Learning probabilistic models of connectivity from multiple spike train data 

      Patnaik, Debprakash; Laxman, Srivatsan; Ramakrishnan, Naren (2010-07-20)
      Neuronal circuits or cell assemblies carry out brain function through complex coordinated firing patterns [1]. Inferring topology of neuronal circuits from simultaneously recorded spike train data is a challenging problem ...
    • LiDAR: Another Potential Data Source 

      Harwood, Leslie C.; Doerzaph, Zachary R. (2014-08-25)
      LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a valuable tool for evaluating line of sight. Though setup is time-intensive, it can to be used as an automated process. It is more objective and efficient than video reduction or ...
    • Mass fatality preparedness among medical examiners/coroners in the United States: a cross-sectional study 

      Gershon, Robyn R.M.; Orr, Mark G.; Zhi, Qi; Merrill, Jacqueline A. (BMC, 2014)
      Background: In the United States (US), Medical Examiners and Coroners (ME/Cs) have the legal authority for the management of mass fatality incidents (MFI). Yet, preparedness and operational capabilities in this sector ...
    • Mathematical Models of E-Antigen Mediated Immune Tolerance and Activation following Prenatal HBV Infection 

      Ciupe, Mihaela Stanca; Hews, Sarah (PLOS, 2012-07-02)
      We develop mathematical models for the role of hepatitis B e-antigen in creating immunological tolerance during hepatitis B virus infection and propose mechanisms for hepatitis B e-antigen clearance, subsequent emergence ...
    • Mining Novellas from PubMed Abstracts using a Storytelling Algorithm 

      Gresock, Joseph; Kumar, Deept; Helm, Richard F.; Potts, Malcolm; Ramakrishnan, Naren (Department of Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 2007), TR-07-08
      Motivation: There are now a multitude of articles published in a diversity of journals providing information about genes, proteins, pathways, and entire processes. Each article investigates particular subsets of a biological ...