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    • Comparative genomics reveals diversity among xanthomonads infecting tomato and pepper 

      Potnis, Neha; Krasileva, Ksenia; Chow, Virginia; Almeida, Nalvo F; Patil, Prabhu B; Ryan, Robert P; Sharlach, Molly; Behlau, Franklin; Dow, J M; Momol, MT; White, Frank F; Preston, James F; Vinatzer, Boris A; Koebnik, Ralf; Setubal, João C; Norman, David J; Staskawicz, Brian J; Jones, Jeffrey B (2011-03-11)
      Abstract Background Bacterial spot of tomato and pepper is caused by four Xanthomonas species and is a major plant disease in warm humid climates. The four species are distinct ...